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Set after Nightmare

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I have felt strange for months and my dress is tight. Kari says I should visit the medical droid. But I am afraid that it will tell me that I am dying.

Ever since I dreamed of the frightened young man I have been plagued with dreams of a dark future.

The only piece of light I had were visits from a man and woman. The woman would leave me to care for a baby for hours.

Then in one dream they asked me if I would like to have him as my own. Without thinking I said yes.

The dreams have stopped but I was unwell for some time afterwards.

When I was about to break and see the medical droid the illness went away.


Rumor has it that I am going to be sold to Gardulla the Hutt.

I thought that I had shed all of my tears long ago but it turns out that I had more.

I sit with other slaves waiting to be examined to determine if we are healthy or if something else is wrong with us.

Finally the medical droid comes to me.

I watch as it stops in front of me and draws a sample of my blood. I have never been so afraid.

"Please stand so that I can examine you properly." It says.

I stand and it scans me.

"I must report this at once." It says and leaves us standing there.

Minutes drag by.

Finally two guards appear and escort me to our Master.

I shiver in fear as we get closer.

Finally the guards rap on a door. "Enter," a man's gruff voice says.

The guards open the door and escort me inside.

My Master looks at me for a long moment.

"Sell her and the brat to Gardulla. They will fetch a hefty sum." He says.

I glance quickly around the room for the 'brat' but see only my Master and the guards.

"Take her back for a proper medical examination then put her with the rest of the slaves that I am selling to Gardulla."


The medical droid examines me and to my surprise asks all sorts of questions. One of them is when was my last moon cycle.

I blush and tell the droid that it stopped about four months ago.

"That would support the scans." it says.

"What scans?" I ask it.

"You are pregnant." It tells me.

I faint.