Anakin and Shmi reunite in the Afterlife.


I wait for my son to enter this Realm and then come to stand before the Force.

I don't know what is going to be said but I know that Anakin will be ashamed of what he's done.

"He will be fine," Qui-Gon tells me. "They won't Curse him like they Cursed Anak and Mikayla."

I shiver when he says their names. They, my fore-bearers, in their grief and anger asked the Force to Curse the Jedi, Sith and the Republic for the murders and the captivity of their people. In turn they were made something that roughly translates to 'living dead'. A closer translation would be 'unkillable'. They must see the results of the words they spoke in such rage.

The Force admitted that the Sith were meant to sow pain and misery in the Galaxy but it was the choices of others if the rest was to happen.

I Feel Anakin die and I nearly let out a wail that my Mother made when my Grandmother died.

After a moment I feel that I am wanted.

I turn and head for the place that the Force greeted me years before.

When I enter the Force is standing in a manner that I can't read. They gesture at me and I move behind them.

Anakin enters a few moments later and slowly makes his way to the Force and kneels at their feet.

"Stand my child." The Force says calmly.

Anakin stands and radiates uncertainty.

"You did well, better than many thought you would." The Force says then stands aside so that he could see me.

Anakin freezes the moment he sees me and he takes a few steps back. I see shame burn in his eyes before he averts his gaze.

I walk towards him calmly; I know he will try to bolt if he feels threatened.

"There is very little that you could do that would cause me to hate you Ani." I whisper.

He looks at me and slowly the shame melts and a small smile comes to his face.

"I love you." I tell him.

"And so do I." A female voice that I know well announce calmly.

Anakin jerks as he turns towards the source of the voice: Padme.

He tries shrinks away from her but he is surrounded with no escape. A wall is behind him, the Force's on his left, Padme's on his right and I am in front of him.

Padme gently puts her hands on his face and kisses him; a kiss that he returns.

He breaks down and cries.

My son is back to stay.


Now I believe that this is the end. :)