Clouds obscured the stars from view as Ivypool entered the warrior's den for what felt like the first time. It was the night after her warrior's vigil with Dovewing, her sister, and she was exausted. Brambleclaw hadn't been kind enough to spare her from an afternoon patrol after guarding the camp the whole night beside her sister. 'I never get any breaks, unlike Dovewing. Everyone practically worships her.' Ivypool thought. 'Just once I want to be treated with the respect I deserve.'

As her eyes ajusted to the darkness of the den, the sound of all the warriors snoring nearly deafened her. 'How can they all sleep when they make such a racket?' She turned to see Dovewing comfortably curled up in her own newly-made nest. There was another empty nest beside her, but Ivypool opted for the one farthest away from everyone else. It may not be as comfortable as the one by her sister, but it would save her the trouble if she accidentally lashed out at one of her clanmates while she slept. Or rather, trained in the Dark Forest.

Things were getting progressively worse in the forest as each of the dead cats bore new wounds each day, while the living ones endured increasingly rigorous training. It was becoming more and more apparent that Tigerstar would tolerate only the best. For Ivypool, coping with exaustion was becoming harder with each visit. Also, she went nearly every night weather she wished to or not nowadays.

Pushing thoughts of the Dark Forest away for now, she settled into the cool nest and closed her deep blue eyes. Setting mental barriers up, she made one last wish to just sleep tonight. She welcomed the blackness that enveloped her and hoped it would stay as she drifted off.

Ivypool first felt as though she were floating before a scent tickled her nose. 'What is that? Is it' She thought curiously. Soon, she felt something spring up from beneath her, something soft. Ivypool dared to open her eyes. She ...she was in a field. One with many varieties of beautiful flowers. Hold on. She knew this place. This ...this was where she first met Hawkfrost in her dreams. Her tail tip twitched as she thought about the tom and all he'd taught her. Was she in the Dark Forest right now? And for another matter what was she doing here?

"Well, hello there Ivypaw." A smooth voice startled Ivypool. She spun around to reveal the handsome dark brown tabby tom who'd spoken those words. Wait, handsome? Regaining her composure, Ivypool returned his greeting. "Hi Hawkfrost. I'm Ivypool now."

Hawkfrost smiled, and Ivypool saw something unknown glint in his eyes. It made her uncomfortable. "My, my, a warrior already?" His voice calmed her once more, Ivypool couldn't sense the dangerous edge to it behind the calm assertiveness. "Yes." She mewed happily. Hawkfrost was her second mentor, the one who'd helped her prove herself as an apprentice. She trusted him more than any of the other Dark Forest cats.

Ivypool began to feel like a new apprentice again as Hawkfrost circled her, examining her. "Your frame had definetly changed since you first came here," He commented. "You've become stronger and more sleek, if I do say so myself." The remark made her ear tips burn with embarrasment. Or was it really that? "T-thanks." She stammered.

When he didn't reply, Ivypool turned once again to face Hawkfrost who was behind her again. His eyes reflected the emotion she couldn't understand in them once again. Uncertainty rose within Ivypool. She'd seen a look similar to that one before, but only when a cat was creeping up on prey.

Without warning, Hawkfrost was suddenly upon her. All of Ivypool's training suddenly became useless as surprise blanked her mind. He had her pinned against the grass so that she could only flail her paws uselessly. She was no match for him. "W-what are y-you doing?" Ivypool managed after several heartbeats.

She felt Hawkfrost's hot breath by her ear. "I've been wanting this for so long..." He whispered. Then without another word he grabbed her scruff in his teeth and released some weight off of her. Ivypool's mind was reeling. What did he want? What was happening? As much as she wanted to run right now, she couldn't. It wasn't just his hold on her scruff that was keeping her, something in her mind was preventing her as well.

Hawkfrost shifted into position, smirking before pressing his unsheathed member up against Ivypool's enterance. The new feeling made her gasp in surprise. Suddenly she knew what was happening though. She'd easdropped on Ferncloud and Daisy's nursery gossip enough times to conclude that she would soon be mating. 'But I don't want to! Do I..?' She protested in her mind. She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. "Stop, Hawkfrost! Please, I ...I don't want this!" There was the slightest hesitation in her voice that Hawkfrost easily detected. Smiling a little, he reveled in the fact that some part of her actually did want him.

"It'll feel good. Trust me." Hawkfrost said through her scruff clamped in his jaws. He began to slowly rub his length along her opening, teasing her. As Ivypaw's body responded, the friction became less and soon her vagina was dripping with her juices. Hawkfrost inhaled the sweet aroma wafting from it before preparing to enter her. "Brace yourself." He mewed.

Two heartbeats later, Hawkfrost had pushed into Ivypool up to her barrier. He drew out for a moment before smashing through it and getting halfway inside. He didn't bother to quiet the sheer cry of agony from her as she felt him tear away her virginity. Ivypool's claws sprang out, burying into the soil as their surroudings faded from the bright field into dank forest.

Slowly, Hawkfrost pushed the rest of himself in until he was hilted against her. Meanwhile, Ivypool was grinding her teeth together. It hurt so badly! He said it would feel good! She found nothing but the feeling of being split apart at the moment. Though the enterance had been slicked by her arousal, Hawkfrost was just a bit too large for her. Regardless, he waited a moment for her to ajust.

When he felt that he'd waited enough, Hawkfrost began to pull out, barbs scraping against Ivypool's walls and causing even more pain. He got into a steady rhythm of pounding into her, and just happened to hit the right spot. The prod sent a spark of pleasure up her spine, and she arched upward giving him better access while letting out a cry. "Ah!"

Feeling her respond, he pounded harder, aiming for her pleasurable spot. Though the barbs continued to scrape her, Ivypool began to moan as both pleasure and pain mingled and sent her over the edge. Yowling out, Ivypool rode out her first orgasm as Hawkfrost took the opprotunity to speed up even more. "Hngh! You feel so good... Best I've ever had..." He murmured in her ear as he grunted in pure bliss. Her walls clamped around him as he drove himself as deep as he could.

Both began to lose control. Hawkfrost making sounds ranging from grunts to low moans, while Ivypool was moaning and screeching with each thrust. Hawkfrost felt his member clench up, and sped his thrusts to the maximum, hitting her sweet spot rapidly. Without warning, both cats came together. Hawkfrost released his seed deep inside of Ivypool. Once the pleasure began to fade, he pulled out. Padding around to her other side, he placed a quick lick on her cheek. "If you ever want to do this again, you know where to find me." With that, he left her behind in a frazzled, exausted ball. "Don't go..." She whispered uselessly. Everything faded to black once more.

Something was prodding Ivypool's side. 'Go away...' She thought groggily. But the thing insisted. Then she heard a voice. "Ivypool? Ivypool, wake up please?" Reluctantly, she opened her eyes to see Dovewing looking down on her. "Oh thank Starclan!" She mewed. "Are you ok? You were crying out in your sleep!" Concern shone deep in Dovewing's eyes. Suddenly everything came flooding back, and Ivypool was left breathless for a moment. Hot shame rose within her, but with it came a longing to feel Hawkfrost's pelt against hers. She realized that she loved him despite everything he'd done. A sick, twisted love probably brought upon by lust, but love none the less. She wanted him. "Yeah," She said plainly. "I'm fine." Dovewing didn't seem satisfied with just that, because she knew what normally went on in the Dark Forest. Worry was still in her voice. "What happened?" Ivypool lowered her gaze from her sister's. "I don't want to talk about it." The endlessly blue gaze of Hawkfrost filled her mind, and she closed her eyes and lay down again, imagining him curled up beside her. Even after everything, she found no hatred towards the dark brown tabby. She was trapped in an impossible tangled web of love, never to escape.

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