She took my brother away.

How could she do that?

She's not human.

Therefore she must be rid of.

"Woah," muttered Ichimoku Ren to himself as he peered at Ai's computer screen, reading the new Hell Correspondence message. "Is that even possible?"

"Is what?" asked Hone Onna.

"Some person just sent Ai an email to send Ai to tell."


"Like dividing by zero."

"Never happen."

Erika, the young adult who sent Ai the impossible email, was waiting patiently with her straw doll in her room.

Man, is she in for it! It seems impossible, like dividing by zero, but it's worth a shot!

Erika gracefully pulled the thread on the straw doll.

"Your grudge has been heard." echoed through her room.

"Has it really?" She cried out happily. "Yes!"

Suddenly, without warning, a hole appeared in the air and began sucking everything in the room into it, turning the hole into a type of vortex.

"OH MY GOD! DID I DIVIDE BY ZERO?" She hollered, dropping the straw doll, getting sucked into the hole. Once everything in the room was gone, the hole disappeared, leaving nothing but the straw doll. A small, pale hand then picked the straw doll up and brushed the dust off.

"Miss, where did she go?" Asked Ichimoku.

"Where things that attempt to divide by zero go." She said, clutching the doll. "Infinite nothingness."


"Naw, she'll probably just get thrown into some random lake. It's really wherever the vortex feels like throwing people into."


The vortex appeared once again over a large lake and proceeded to throw everything it sucked into a very random lake. Erika struggled to get back to the surface. She took a minute to catch her break. She looked around with a blank face and muttered stupid impossible dividing by zero…