Well. I've decided after a bit of a struggle to take a much needed break from this story. I haven't given up on it… I'm just hoping some time away from it will help me to find inspiration I need to continue it.

Just wanted to give a big thanx to those who've stuck by this slowly dying fic. Hopefully my muse will come back.

But… until then… insert shameless plug here Go read my newest fic "A Mis- Match Made in Heaven?" !!! please? It's an alt-u fic… but I still think it's worth the read… (which I usually don't say about my work) Definite M/R stuff… and N/V is always thrown in for good measure…

but yes… have no fear loyal readers (if I forgot to mention it… I luv ya'll!) …in the words of the Terminator… I'LL BE BACK! :)