Max heard the pattering of rain. The occasional rumble of thunder startled Nudge and lightning lit up the sky.

"Everyone off to bed!" Max ordered, clapping her hands. The rest of the flock got off the couches and stretched their limbs (and wings) before heading off to their rooms. Just as Iggy had reached the top of the stairs, the lights went out. Nudge screamed and Gazzy let out a yelp. Max felt her way along the wall until she reached the stairs.

"Is everyone ok?" she asked.




"What happened?" Iggy, being blind, didn't know what was going on.

"The lights went out Ig." Explained Max.

"Oh." Iggy continued on his way to the room he shared with Gazzy. The rest of the flock made their way to their rooms. Max carefully climbed the stairs. She knocked on the door to Angel and Nudge's room.

"You guys ok?"

"Yes! We found a flashlight and makes everything look kinda spooky but cool at the same time! It changes colours and-"

"That's great Nudge." Max interrupted.

She walked along the hall to Iggy and Gazzy's room.

"You guys all right?"

"We're fine!" they answered together.

"Don't blow the house up!" Max warned before heading to Fang's room. She knocked on the door and waited until he opened it.

"You have flashlight?"

"Yes." Fang answered quietly.

"Ok, well, good night!" Max said and returned to her room. She rummaged around in her drawers until she found a flashlight. She propped it up so she could see as she was changing. After donning her pyjamas, she made one last round to make sure that Iggy and Gazzy weren't going to blow anything up. Nudge and Angel were all ready asleep. Max opened the door to Fang's room and saw him pulling off his shirt. Oops! She closed the door then knocked. He answered the door shirtless. Max was aware of her very warm cheeks as she stared at Fang.

"Uhhh- I- ummm…" Max was at a loss for words. Fang smirked as she tried to untie her tongue. He reached out and brushed a strand of hair from her face, making her blush a deep pink. He leaned down and paused, his face inches from hers.

"Good-night Max." he breathed and brushed his lips against hers before turning around and closing his door.