Naruto Uchiha: The Prodigal Son


Twelve years ago:

It was late at night in the middle of the forest outside of the Leaf Village. The wind was blowing and the moon was out. It seemed just like any other night, however the roars of a demon fox and shouts of misery and pain that echoed through the night clearly showed the difference between this night and a normal night.

A chuunin was dragging a boy towards the village. "We have to get you to one of the safe places in the Hokage's monument!" said the chunin that was dragging the boy, who was also in charge of escorting the people that were too weak to fight the Kyuubi to safety.

The boy he was dragging wrestled desperately against the chuunin's grip. "No, my mom and dad are still fighting back there!" screamed a young Iruka Umino frantically, as said chunin was practically dragging him away from the massacre. Screams of torment and sorrow were heard all over the leaf village while the glow of fire enacted an eerie glow upon the village. Blood splattered against the earth as a tree branch impaled a random civilian. The buildings that were close by were now in shambles. The ninja of the leaf were fighting as hard as they could against the gigantic fox.

Meanwhile, in a huge puff of smoke, the Fourth Hokage appeared right between the fighting ninja and the Kyuubi, standing on Gamabunta, the chief toad's head. The Fourth had thick blonde spiky hair; it hung loosely down the sides of his face. He was wearing his Hokage jacket that hung down to his knees. It said "Fourth Hokage" on the back in kanji. Other than that he had the standard jonin flak jacket and blue cargo pants on. He quickly told Gamabunta to hold the fox off until he got back, while he summoned Gamaken and Gamahiro to help him out. He vanished in a flash of light using his signature move, the Hiraishin. The toads started their long and intense battle with the fox. The ninja around could only watch in awe until a random jonin shouted, "give them all the support we can, hit that damned fox with everything you've got!" The ninja started to fire off all sorts of elemental jutsu at the fox to little or no avail.

The Fourth reappeared a couple seconds later next to his two best friends, Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, and Mikoto was giving birth for the second time in less than an hour. Sweat dripped down her face as she strained against the pain of childbirth. Minato looked at Fugaku guiltily, "I'm so sorry that it has come to this you two. I wasn't able to stop the Kyuubi from being reborn after mine and Kushina's child was born." Minato's wife had given birth six hours ago to a stillborn blonde child. "Minato, It's okay, we're giving our second son to you because we know what's at stake, and when you return him to us we will raise him as a normal boy just like we did with Itachi and will do with his twin, Sasuke." Fugaku said gently, knowing the pain his friend must be going through despite how he was keeping it together. "We know that you did everything in your power to keep this from happening, it's okay we don't blame you."

Minato, who was visibly shaking calmed down when he heard his friend's words and finally spoke, "I'm still sorry for doing this to you, my friend, how is your wi—" he was cut short when Mikoto screamed out, "OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS IS KILLING ME!" Minato and Fugaku rushed over her and Fugaku tried calming her with soothing words. "It's going to be okay, honey. You're doing great", but Mikoto only responded by screaming even more. Her coal black hair was soaked in sweat and so were most of her clothes. She had her fully developed sharingan active the entire time without knowing it. She gripped the sheets and yelled, "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR DOING THIS TO ME FUGAKU!" The Uchiha paled and started to worry for his own safety.

Then they heard it. "Waaaah, Waaah" It was the unmistakable sound of a newborn baby crying. They all smiled knowingly. "Can we see him?" Mikoto and Fugaku asked the nurse of the Uchiha clan. "Of course you can", she said. The Uchiha nurse brought the baby up to Mikoto and laid him into her arms. That was when she noticed that he had a full head of spiky black hair, unlike her other two boys, who had hardly any when they were born. He also had dark deep emerald green eyes, which was unheard of for an Uchiha. She looked at him in wonder and amazement as she noticed this and wondered how in the world her son had those eyes. 'He will be very unique and strong, I can already tell', she thought to herself proudly. Fugaku was looking at the raven haired boy in wonder as well before Minato looked at them both sadly. They noticed this and looked back at him with solemn looks in their coal black eyes.

Mikoto nodded slightly at her blonde best friend at the other side of the room, who nodded back, as she passed out of exhaustion. She had no idea how the decision she was making would impact the world. She only hoped it would be for the best. Minato picked the boy up tenderly and disappeared in the same flash of golden light that he appeared in.

Minato took the small boy to the already prepared tent, looked at him smiling. He laid him down gently in the small baby bed that was already there and stepped outside. The baby boy started crying softly wanting to feel the warmth of someone. He looked at the ANBU and told him to look after the young raven haired boy. He then used Hiraishin to transport himself back to the battle in that familiar flash of light. When Minato arrived at the battle he saw that only Gamabunta was the only toad left fighting the fox and was barely holding his own. Minato guessed that the other toads were desummoned back to Mount Myōboku.

Minato shunshined back on top of Gamabunta's head and said to him, "You ready Chief Toad?" The toad nodded and Minato jumped high into the air. In the air the fourth and two shadow clones readied his most powerful jutsu. The Kyuubi was still thrashing at the land below Minato thanked Kushina for helping him perfect it and hurled a giant wind shuriken at the fox. The only sound that could be heard for miles when it hit was high and piercing, just like millions of needles stabbing into flesh, going faster than the wind. Minato wasn't done yet though, "You're done for Kyuubi!" Minato shouted as he finished the hand signs for the jutsu that would end his life. "Sealing Art: Death God Seal," the blonde murmured and a ghoulish figure with a scythe phased into existence, from out of the abyss.

"Who or what do you wish to seal?", it asked in a deep and resonating voice. Minato pointed to the Kyuubi, who was lying on the ground below too tired to fight anymore. "You know the consequences, correct?" Minato nodded solemnly. "Bring me to the vessel, then."

Minato nodded again and led it to the tent in which the boy was sound asleep. He stopped right outside the tent and told the ANBU stationed there to give Fugaku a letter when he delivered the boy. The fourth walked and the Shinigami floated into the tent. The Shinigami then proceeded with the sealing. Minato put up a sound suppressing barrier, so that the people outside would not hear the boy's loud wailing. The essence, chakra, and soul of the Kyuubi were all sealed into the raven haired boy in a short time.

When the sealing was finished, the Shinigami asked if Minato was ready and Minato only nodded. The Shinigami raised his scythe and pierced the Fourth right through the heart. The toads on mount Myōboku had tears in their eyes as they felt their student and friend's essence leave the world of the living.

When Mikoto woke up she noticed that there was an ANBU at the door holding a small baby cradle. Fugaku was standing with him, and he had a grim look on his face. Mikoto could hear the faint crying of the small boy. She motioned for him to give the cradle to her and the ANBU walked to her and held it out for her to take it. She gingerly took her son in her arms as the man spoke.

"The Fourth asked me to give you this letter, Fugaku, but I believe he wanted you both to read it together. I have other duties to attend to so I bid you farewell", The ANBU said and vanished in a swirl of leaves. They both looked at their naked son's stomach, noticing the complex seal on his small stomach.

Mikoto and Fugaku slowly opened the letter. Mikoto read it aloud quietly:

Dear Mikoto and Fugaku,

If you are reading this letter then I am dead and the Kyuubi has been sealed inside your son. I am so sorry it has come to this. My reasons for writing this letter are that I have three requests for you, and I also have something to tell you. I wish to tell you how sorry I am, I know that I've told you many times but it still doesn't help. I am so sorry that this has happened.

The first request is that you name the boy Naruto for me, the name Naruto comes from a book that my sensei Jiraiya wrote about a man that never gives up and works to bring true peace to the world. I believe that Naruto will grow into the name and fulfill the legacy that the name has left unto him. He will be a great man someday.

The second request is that you tell him about what's inside of him at a young age so that he will know why the villagers give him such harsh looks, which I have no doubt that they will, but also tell him that he is keeping the village safe from the demon, and that he should be proud of it. I will tell Sarutobi to tell the villagers as such but I don't think that it will be as anyone hopes.

My third and final request is that you teach him my favorite jutsu, the Rasengan. I would like you to let my sensei train him in this jutsu and maybe more if he learns it well. I know what every woman thinks of Jiraiya, Mikoto, but if you warn Naruto about him before hand, I don't think that he will be able to influence your son like that.

Now to what I have to tell you, I have received word from Jiraiya that Madara is still alive and I can confirm it, as I fought him right before the Kyuubi attacked and I have reason to believe that he is the cause for it. It seems that he is gathering followers, so be on lookout for him. I know it is hard to believe and we may both be wrong but I ask that you watch your backs and make sure that he is taken care of.

Your Friend,

Minato Namikaze

Mikoto looked at Fugaku with her eyes wide. 'What the hell? How can he still be alive?' She thought to herself. He looked back and she knew he was thinking the same thing. "Get some rest honey; I'm sure that both you and Naruto need it. She nodded and slowly fell asleep with her son in her arms. Fugaku smiled gently and picked his son up, holding him close as he sat in the chair next to the hospital bed that had been prepared in the compound for his wife. The boy slowly stopped whimpering and his father knew that he was asleep. 'This boy is going to have a long and hard life', he thought grimly.

Mikoto and Fugaku fell asleep with their sons sleeping soundly next to them in the baby cradles that the Uchiha nurses had prepared for the birth. The two of them held each other tightly as they slept. They had various dreams between the four of them. The room was completely silent until the next morning as the sun rose into the sky. The two adults woke up due to Naruto and Sasuke crying. They tried to calm them down. Fugaku picked up Naruto and Mikoto picked up Sasuke. They cradled their boys until they both stopped crying. They looked over to each other smiling, knowing that they would have an amazing time raising these two boys in the ninja way.

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