The music was pumping loudly through the club as the lights flashed numerous colors having it cascade over the dance floor. Ichigo sat on a stool watching as his friends got their groove on on the dance floor. Ichigo was ready to leave due to boredom since he didn't have enough alcohol to intoxicate him to have fun and be all happy go lucky. So instead of sticking around Ichigo got up and went over to Shinji, Nnoi, Ulquiorra, Orihime and Starrk.

"I'm leaving!" Ichigo yelled.

"Why?" yelled Nnoitra.

"I'm bored!" Ichigo yelled," I gotta do shit tomorrow too!"

"Your more of a buzz kill then Ulquiorra!" said Nnoitra.

"Tch," said Ulquiorra," you are all trash."

Nnoitra fingered Ulquiorra.

"See ya," Ichigo said.

Leaving the club Ichigo felt the fresh fall air hit his skin and inhaled the scent. The air around this time was ultimately his favorite of all smells besides the smell of the forrest after it rained. He was about twenty one years old living in America. In Los Angelas the city of Angels. ichigo looked up into the sky where he noticed the stars in the sky which weren't much since the smog of the city attacked teh sky clouded up the majority of the stars. Ichigo wasn't much for the outdoors but he didn't mind a chance to go camping ever now and then in the outdoors. For work Ichigo currently worked at a few shops doing part time. It paid the rent and the bills and there wasn't a night where he went hungry so it did not bug him so much. Ichigo decided to take a short cut where he cut down an alleyway. There were dangers but Ichigo didn't care because this one alley was typically unoccupied and there were occasionally the few homeless people that lived there. Though as Ichigo walked through the alleyway he felt the sense of unease and looked around paranoid only to see that no one was there but still feared that there was someone there. A trash can was struck with something and Ichigo quickly turned around to see it tipped over and a the lid now open with trash spilled out. There was a sewer rat there and looked up at him with those eyed. Sighing out a breath of relief Ichigo continued on and began to walk forward. Truely he was loosing his sanity. Ichigo was not afriad of the dark so why should walking alone home in the dark scare him.

"Maybe did drink a little too much," Ichigo whispered.

A whisp of crips air passed Ichigo making him shiver and he looked at his arms to have the goosebumps appear. Rubbing his hands against his arms to cause friction Ichigo felt his arms slightly warm up but feel the warmth leave his system. For the first time Ichigo noticed that he was walking in the alley way that had no lights and it was almost like walking in complete darkness. Ichigo had walked through here during the day so he knew how to get back but as he was nearing the T in the road the right side leading to a dead end nad the right leading to another path to lead to his house he was pulled to the right side. Large hands around his mouth dragging Ichigo further to the dead end. Ichigo was pinned against the brick wall with brute force and had a small piece of rubble landing on his head. Biting down on the hand there was a rough grunt.

"Ow!" yelled a masculine voice," listen here ya little fucker. I got a proposition for ya. I'll let ya live but here's the deal. Gotta let me fuck ya."

"What?" Ichigo said in a muffled voice.

"Yeah you heard me," said the man," you wanna live or die?"

"Live!" Ichigo yelled.

"Good," said the man," names Grimmjow."

Ichigo couldn't believe he was reduced to this. He wasn't even gay for the matter so doing this to a man made him nervous. So nervous that he could barely hear Grimmjow and the words that escaped his lips were soundless but Ichigo found himself kissing the man. Occasionally Grimmjow would suck in Ichigo's bottom lip and nibble on it like a mouse would to cheese. Although Grimmjow gave no warning as he shoved his tongue inside the young bleached haired man's mouth. Grasping Ichigo's body in a iron tight grip Grimmjow pushed Ichigo harder into the wall and made a low growl. Grimmjow moved his body forward having Ichigo feel Grimmjow's hard erection bump against his own. What surprised Ichigo was that he was getting a hard on from something that was not heterosexual.

"Hope you like it rough," Grimmjow said agaisnt Ichigo's lips.

Ichigo felt the studded belt he wore loosen and the buttons of his pants be released. Ichigo didn't know what to do so he did the same thing to Grimmjow and when Grimmjow grasped Ichigo's cock it made Ichigo stop for an instant. Unable to comprehend the feeling that struck him. Ichigo tilted his head back and his hips bucked. The rough hands against Ichigo's cock felt nice and was disappointed when Grimmjow removed his hand from Ichigos' pants. Grimmjow chuckled and dropped the pants he wore kicking them out of his legs. The mans erection pressed against Ichigo.

"On yer knees," said Grimmjow.

Grimmjow's hand was on Ichigo's shoulder and shoved him down. Ichigo mumbled a groan and a quiet and short "fuck!". The pain that was in Ichigos' knees stung. Grimmjow's pride and joy was in front of Ichigo's face and Grimmjow's hand was on the back of Ichigo's head and forced him forward.

"Suck it," said Grimmjow.

Ichigo made a noise of discomfort but opened his mouth slightly and pressed his lips against the surprisingly soft skin. Flicking his tongue out Ichigo had his tongue swirl around the head. Steadily Ichigo sucked the head in sucking harder. Grimmjow's searing blue eyes watched in interested as a man who was supposably straight could do so well. Grimmjow smirked when he noticed that the young man in front of his had got a stiffy from all of this. Grimmjow pulled the young man up since Grimmkow desired more. They were now face to face. Grimmjow throwing Ichigo into the wall and forcing Ichigo's back to face Grimmjow. Grimmjow wasted no time on the man since he was itching to get this started since he had first laid eyes on the orange haired man since he saw him dancing on the dance floor with a frw of his friends. Roughly jabbing a finger inside Ichigo the youth yelped and moved forward at the sudden invasion. Grimmjow waited only a few minutes before he placed in a second finger and then after that a third. Ichigo already lost in the sensation had giving up and was moaning when Grimmjow had his fingers so deep that he could rub them against his prostate before fiercly stabbing the set of nerves. Ichigo clentch around the fingers when Grimmjow hit the spot numerous times.

"Please," whinned Ichigo.

"Please what?" asked Grimmjow," want me to fuck ya. Fuck ya till ya can't see or walk straight. Fuck ya so bad that you'll come crawling back fer more."

Ichigo's brown milky eyes met the deep sapphire ones both containing extreme passion. Grimmjow could get used to topping men like this with a sexual experience like this since it was like being on cloud nine. Like laying in the hot sun on a field where all you wanted to do was absorb the suns ray and sleep. Grimmjow grabbed a hold of his erection positioning it and placed it in Ichigo's entrance slowly entering but then snapping his hips forward. Again and again he would slowly enter but come in deep and hard. Kissing Ichigo's neck a few times he bit down on the shoulder and placed his hands on Ichigo's hip for a better position and to gain more force. Grimmjow was quiet satisfied with the results since he had Ichigo moaning and mewing beneath him. Truely this man was meant to be a uke even though he was somewhat not that feminine. Though the sounds Ichigo made had him loose some of his masculinity. Though Ichigo still had his man hood in tack since when he met Grimmjow's thrusts it was with just as much possibly more force than Grimmjow's. They used no lube so Grimmjow figured the young man would probably not be walking for a while and he was kind of sad about it since he wouldn't mind pounding his cock into the mans ass. Grimmjow didn't know much about him besides his name was Ichigo. He had heard one of Ichigo's friends say the name but he did not care for names that much.

"You wanna come?" Grimmjow whispered in Ichigo's ear.

Ichigo whinned but nodded his head.

"How bad?" Grimmjow asked.

Ichigo's mouth was moist and hot but had issues being able to answer; however he wanted to release and have the sensation explode so he could rest. Though he did not want it to end either.

"Bad," Ichigo whispered.

Grimmjow took a hand off Ichigo's hip and placed it on Ichigo's penis. After a few strokes Ichigo game gurgling out a strangled moan all on Grimmjows' fingers triggering Grimmjows orgasm. When it ended Grimmjow moved away from Ichigo in a professional manner.

"Well it was fun Ichigo," sadi Grimmjow," maybe we should do this next time."

Ichigo watched as Grimmjow left in awe. Wondering how the man knew his name. Shaking his head Ichigo waited a few minutes before he leaned over grabbing his cloths and placing them over his body. The cold of his cloths hitting his warm skin. Ichigo was embarrassed on what he had just experience but in the end came to the conclusion that it was not all that bad. Maybe he would take the blue haired mans offer the next time the met. Or maybe next time he would never acknowledge the man. This one time being being the last chance for him to experience this.

Got bored wrote a one shot Yayoi however ya spell it. well im pree sure ima keep it a one shot since I wouldn't really know how to progress it at all lol. third FF i've ever done. 2nd homosexual one. So yeah don't judge.