Well guess i shall give y'all a warning. Sex scene so i guess its a rated M for mature chapter.

Ichigo woke up to a warm feeling surrounding him and when he opened his eyes he noticed the color of skin in his face. Ichigo's head snuggled closer and he heard Grimmjow chuckle.

"Morning," said Grimmjow.

"Morning," said Ichigo.

"So do ya still hate me?" asked Grimmjow.

"I should say yes to make you sweat," began Ichigo," but no not really. When you're an asshole yeah I guess. But for the most part I guess you're pretty chill."

"Thanks...I think," said Grimmjow.

They stayed cuddled up until there was a faint knock on the door.

"Anyone home?" asked Shinji.

"Yeah just wait a minute okay!" replied Ichigo," hurry put on yer cloths."

The last part was a whisper and Ichigo was already placing his cloths on.

"What don't want your buddy to know about us," teased Grimmjow.

"No," growled Ichigo," I'd just rather not have him see us naked."

"You okay in there?" asked Shinji.

"Yeah," said Ichigo," just stubbed my toe."

"Okay," said Shinji," can you hurry up."

"working on it!" said Ichigo," hurry up Grimmjow."

Grimmjow rolled his eyes and placed his cloths on. Finally when he zipped up the zipper Ichigo went to the door to let in Shinji. When Shinji walked in his eyes widened slightly.

"Hey," said Shinji.

"Hey," said Grimmjow.

Shinji turned to Ichigo," sorry I didn't know you already had a guest over."

"It's okay," said Ichigo," pop a seat over there."

Ichigo pointed to the furniture that was not used for last nights extraciricular activity.

"So..." said an awkward Shinji," you bang?"

Ichigo almost choked on his salavia.

"I mean it's cool if ya did," said Shinji," just never that ya swung that way Ichi."

Ichigo looked at his best friend awe struck and then Grimmjow began to laugh like it was the funniest joke he ever heard.

"Guess we're busted," said Grimmjow.

"I knew it!" exclaimed Shinji.

"What?" said a shocked Ichigo.

"I could tell when you and him were together with me and Nnoitra yesterday," said Shinji," waas written on your face."

Ichigo blushed a deep red. He thought that he made it look like he dispized Grimmjow yesterday and just wasn't in the mood to hang out with him. Guess he wasn't in control of his own emotions.

"Hey man it ain't nothing to be ashamed of," said Shinji," you remember the first time I found out I liked it up the butt instead of women."

"Yeah," said Ichigo.

Shinji had been drunk at the time and went to some club and some guy was hitting on Shinji and Shinji was excepting that invatation. Ichigo hadn't seen Shinji until the next day when he told Ichigo and said he began to make out with some girl after banging that one guy and well...it didn't work. It was early in the night when that guy banged him so it gave him more time to look around for others.

"Hey if you don't want Nnoitra to know I won't tell him," said Shinji.

"No it's cool," said Ichigo and sighed," just don't go around telling everyone."

"Kay," said Shinji," just wanted to see if you wanted to chill today but I'll just let that information settle into your brain."

Shinji left and Ichigo walked over to his pulled him close to him and Grimmjow began to kiss his neck.

"Grimmjow," complained Ichigo.

"What?" asked Grimmjow," I haven't had my daily servings of fruit for breakfast. And you know as well as I do that breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

Ichigo chuckled," weirdo."

"The best kind," said Grimmjow and winked.

"Pft," said Ichigo and rolled his eyes,"come here then."

Ichigo pulled ichigo to him and began to kiss the man. The pleasure boiling and stiring in his stomach. Grimmjow growled low in his throat and he was also shocked by how Ichigo reacted. He thought Ichigo would of kicked him out first thing this morning. Clearly Grimmjow was wrong since he could feel his own erection growing and hitting his pants. Along with the fact that he could feel Ichigo's. Ichigo leaned more forward into Grimmjow and he was now straddling Grimmjow. Ichigo pressed his centre against Grimmjows which made him moan.

"Oh God," whispered Ichigo.

Grimmjow flipped the positions now having Ichigo on the bottom. Turning Ichigo around Grimmjow smirked. He rubbed himself against Ichigo having Ichigo shiver and moan once more.

"I love this feeling," whispered Ichigo.

"Me too," replied Grimmjow.

Ichigo removed his shirt and Grimmjow smirked once more. He was liking how Ichigo was thinking. Grimmjow removed his shirt as well along with his pants and well everything. Grimmjow now nude he made sure the lube was handy. Grimmjow was above Ichigo who was now naked. His eyes ranking over Ichigo's body that was visible. Turning around to face Grimmjow blue sapphire eyes met chocolate brown eyes. Hooking his legs around Grimmjow Ichigo began to kiss Grimmjow in a manner that was one of a lovers. He knew it wouldn't hurt anyone. Grimmjow leaned over to grab the lube and it didn't bother him since Ichigo began to kiss his chest leaving a path of fire. Placing the lube in his hand he squirted a good amount and slathered it all around his hand, on his fingers and the web between his fingers. Ichigo turned around for Grimmjow and Grimmjow moved towards him placing the lube on the floor beside the couch so it would be there for later use. Ichigo spread open his cheeks and felt Grimmjow as he pushed past the ring of nerves. Moaning wantonly Ichigo closed his eyes. Grimmjow moved his single digit in and our and using his other hand to occasionally fondale Ichigo's balls or to have his fingers slide down Ichigo's hard length. His cock twitching at the noises escaping Ichigos' lips. Grimmjow added in a second finger and scissored them in to strech Ichigo's tight hole.

"O fgn," moaned Ichigo.

The feeling of being stretch made Ichigo's pleasure rise along with the feeling of anxiety of what was soon to come. As Grimmjow fingered Ichigo he moved his mouth to Ichigo's mouth where he kissed and bit him. Ichigo began a slow rythm to match the one Grimmjow had. A jab of pleasure struck Ichigo's chest.

"More," moaned Ichigo," harder."

Grimmjow complied to what Ichigo asked for and for what he did lead Ichigo to moan some more.

"Just fuck me," Ichigo begged.

Grimmjow contemplated about that for a few minutes just to tease Ichigo and it did work. Ichigo was begging for Grimmjow and that was what he had wanted most. Grimmjow didn't think of Ichigo as a sex slave or a toy. He actually had a liking for the orange haired boy since he first laid eyes on him in the club.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" Grimmjow whispered in Ichigo's ear.

"Yes!" exclaimed Ichigo.

"But why of why should I stop doing this?" asked Grimmjow and then stabbed Ichigo's prostate over and over again.

"So both you and I can cum," said Ichigo in ragged breathes.

Grimmjow rubbed his finger over Ichigo's prostate before hitting it repeadatly.

"Please," begged Ichigo.

"Now that you've asken so nicely," said Grimmjow.

Grimmjow grabbed the lube and placed it on his cock and rubbed it in. His cock throbbing at the thought of entering Ichigo. Grimmjow felt that he wasn't just teasing Ichigo. He was teasing himself by not entering him. Grimmjow positioned himself and then slide in slowly. Before he could snap his hips forward Ichigo leaned into his cock having his shaft go deeper. The two moaned in unison at the feeling. Grabbing Ichigo's hips for support he began to piston his hips forward. Ichigo had his head on the arm of the chair and his head on the side. His face was flushed a little red. His breathing sharp and shallow. His breath would hitch everytime Grimmjow struck his prostate and his eyes would occasionally roll to the back of his head. He made sure his rhythm matched Grimmjows and he felt dizzy from pleasure that his head might explode or he might even go blind.

"Mmmm," moaned Grimmjow.

"Harder," breathed Ichigo.

The two slammed into each other harder and Grimmjow couldl feel his cock as it was looming over releasing into Ichigo. Grimmjow removed a hand off of Ichigo's hip to put it on his erect member. He began to jerk Ichigo's penis and once he did Ichigo sucked in a shallow breath. Ichigo tilted his head back as he came. Moaning more louder than the first time. Grimmjow quickened the pace and soon after Ichigo Grimmjow came. His seed went inside Ichigo. He collasped on top on Ichigo but removed his hand licking some of his fingers clean until Ichigo grabbed his hand nibbling on the tip before he began to have his tongue swirl around his finger and then he took one suck before he moved onto the other. Grimmjow enjoyed the treatment. It was like having his cock sucked.

"Yer mine," Grimmjow whispered in his ear.

Ichigo turned around so he could face Grimmjow.

"It's the other way around bucko," said Ichigo," yer mine."

Grimmjow chuckled," yes I suppose I am your lover."

Ichigo stopped the smart ass remark he was going to say. Grimmjow his lover. That meant they would be dating. He looked at Grimmjow hoping fear wasn't showing.

"As in boyfriend right?" asked Ichigo.

"If you wanna call it that then yeah," said Grimmjow," I'm your boyfriend."

"Boyfriend," said Ichigo.

The word felt foreign on his tongue though he had said the word before. It was different since his brain knew that it was directed at him having one. Grimmjow kissed his temple.

"I'm not that bad," said Grimmjow," I've liked ya since the very start and I know you've liked me."

Ichigo nodded his head in agreement.

"C'mon it ain't that bad," said Grimmjow," imagine how Shinji felt. Mighta been hard for him to find someone and here you are freshly gay and you got someone. Not like you have to search while living in loneliness while watching Shinji and Nnoitra be all lovey dovey."

"Good point," said Ichigo.

"Wanna shower?" asked Grimmjow.

"Sure," said Ichigo and chuckled," I don't feel like laying here all day."

"Awwwww," said Grimmjow," don't wanna hang out with me all day."

Ichigo shoved Grimmjow playfully," not what I meant."

The two walked to the shower. Turning the knobs Ichigo made sure that teh temperature was just right so it wasn't scalding hot or freezing cold. The two stepped in and Grimmjow felt the spray of water pelt his back. Ichigo got the spongue and washed Grimmjow and occasionally looking at Grimmjow's well built body. Ichigo wasn't really that jealosu since he had a well built body himself so there really wasn't a differnce if he thought about it.

"Switch," said Ichigo.

The two switched spots and Grimmjow washed his hair as Ichigo got his body wet. Ready for when he was going to shampoo his hair. Grimmjow grabbed Ichigo by the shoulders so that they could switch positions. The heat left Ichigo's body from the water making him want to whine but he kept his mouth shut. Taking the hsampoo bottle Ichigo placed it in his hair along with using the sponge to cleanse himself. Once Ichigo knew that Grimmjow was finished Ichigo moved him so that he could get the suds out of his hair and off his body. Grimmjow moved willingly and smiled as he watched Ichigo. Ichigo noticed Grimmjow looking at him.

"What?" Ichigo aske confused.

"Nothing," said Grimmjow and smiled.

This was probably one of the times Grimmjow had truely been his happiest. Besides some moments in childhood like the Christmas he woke up and got a puppy or the birthday where he got exactly what he wanted and more. The water began to run cold and Ichigo jumped and quickily turned around to turn off the water. When he was turning of the water Grimmjow playfully slapped his ass.

"Hey!" protested Ichigo.

"What?" asked Grimmjow," it was a love tap jeez."

"Mhmmm sure," said Ichigo.

The water turned off and Ichigo got out on the mat drying off his feet before he wrappeed a towel around his waist. Grimmjow did the same and the two walked out into the living room.

"I'll get you a robe if you don't want to wear your dirty cloths," said Ichigo.

"That would be nice," said Grimmjow.

Ichigo got their cloths and went to his laundry room and began to start the load of laundry. He noticed a clean load folded on the counter top and placed on the new clothes. He placed the towel in the hamper and took a robe from the clean pile and went to the living room handing it to Grimmjow who thanked Ichigo in return. Ichigo was about to clean up the mess that ws on the couch when he noticed that it was gone.

"You're welcome," teased Grimmjow.

"Thanks," said Ichigo," you didn't have to do that you know."

"Twas the least I could do," said Grimmjow and laughed.

Ichigo rolled his eyes," you are so old fashion you know that."

"Yeah I know," said Grimmjow," i gotta work today so I'll see you later. My shift starts in about two hours."

"Oh," said Ichigo," good thing laundry doesn't take long."

"Yeah," said Grimmjow.

"What do you do?" askerd Ichigo.

"Construction worker," said Grimmjow.

"Cool," said Ichigo.

Ichigo sat on the other couch. The one that they had not just had sex on and Grimmjow sat beside him. Grimmjow pulled Ichigo towards him and had him in between his legs.

"You know having a relationship is no different than with a women," said Grimmjow," only a few technicallaties that's all."

Ichigo nodded his head," I'm cool with liking you and all."

"Good," said Grimmjow," cause it would hurt the ego to hear you were embarressed of me."

Ichigo rolled his eyes," you can be so blunt at times that I'll adapt so there wouldn't be times for me to be embarressed."

Grimmjow kissed him on the lips. Ichigo returned the kiss and leaned back into Grimmjow. The two stayed like that for a while until the washer demanded Ichigo's attention. Then he moved to place the cloths in the dryer. Ichigo and Grimmjow went back to their position for fourty five more minutes. Kissing each other every so often and sometimes having a heavy make out session that left them breathless. When the dryer went off the two got up and Grimmjow found his cloths. Grimmjow placed them on and kissed Ichigo good bye. Grimmjow left the house and Ichigo went to the living room and leaned against the wall and slide was turned on by a man. The realization fulling slamming into him but for some reason it didn't set fear into him...It just felt natural. And one single night had changed his life forever.

Well that was the end. Grimmjow got what he wanted a relationship with Ichi. I think it ended well. If any of you are gonna whine about me not putting more into their relationship please save yourself the effort. I think I'm gonna lay of the yaoi for a while. I'm thinking of writing one of a feminine Ichigo and Grimmjow. Got the idea just haven't typed it out. So until next time.