Chapter 1 - Introduction

A/N: I've never done a challenge before, so I thought I'd try one... I think the hundred word limit is going to kill me though. Enjoy and review!

Aqua peeked around Master Eraqus' leg, frowning at the boy before her. He was bigger than her, holding a large wooden keyblade, easily as tall as him, and certainly taller than her... though that was not why she was hiding. No, it was because he was soaked, and mud-splattered, with detritus in his hair. He looked like a goblin... albeit an odd goblin, with his curious lapis eyes, and sheepishly apologetic expression.

When Master Eraqus laughed, she wondered what was funny. He smiled at the boy, shaking his head, "Terra, when I told you to dress for an introduction today, I did not mean like this!"

A/N: Yeah... this is WAY harder than I thought it would be. What I thought was about the right length, was like 250 and I had to cut down from there. Final word count is 105, but I don't think anyone will begrudge me those five words.

As I'm sure you noticed, I'm verbose as hell, so this challenge is like torture, heh.