Dangerous Wishes


"Jesus Vegeta!" shouted Bulma Briefs who at last was fed up with her so-called husband's ineptitude at romance and with all her strength chucked her pillow at him as he rustled into slumber, "I wish you would go screw guys since you don't seem to have any attraction to women!"

Elsewhere, in a different home, a woman named Chi Chi shouted at exactly the same time, "GOKU! You need to be more assertive with women. I wish for once you would take love-making seriously, it's not often Gohan's out of the house!"

And in a field somewhere the two boys, Goten and Trunks, had collected all seven Dragonballs. They were using them without their parent's permission or even awareness. Trunks had learned how to activate the Dragonballs from watching old tapes that his grandparents had lying about and from their verbal accounts as well. Just moments ago they'd summoned the Eternal Dragon Shenron.

And as it was, Shenron's eyes had glowed twice. And he uttered to them, "You have one remaining wish left..."

"BWHAA!" the boys cried, "But we didn't make any wishes yet!"

The next day

Bulma woke up again. With a hangover.

She rubbed her sore temples and her rested shoulders, rested because like for so many nights she barely saw any action other than the most recent action flick on TV the night before. Her long-smoldered cigarette called to her near her bed stand but as she went to reach for it, she noticed that Vegeta wasn't sleeping in as usual. Unusually, he was actually standing near the window and was putting on his clothes while she lazily slithered out of bed in spite for the unloving "Saiyan Prince". Ever since Trunks was born, Vegeta had almost never complimented her or said so much as one simple, sweet thing to her and none of her mornings were pleasant enough to offer some friendly, wifely greeting to her belligerent husband.

But what was most shocking was that Vegeta wasn't grumbling or demanding food. In fact, he didn't even look at her as he put on his boots. This urged her to ask him, "Hey, Vegeta. Where are you going so early?"

"Out." was all he said as he non-threateningly padded out of the bedroom and shut the door.

This was definitely unlike him.

At the Son house, there was an equally strange morning phenomenon. Chi-Chi woke up feeling extremely satisfied, so satisfied that if she were a smoker she might have lit up a cigarette. She sat up from her bed and stretched with a loud yawn, letting several vibes and pleasant rings slip out of her nightgown. She paused then, gasping at the realization that she wasn't WEARING her nightgown and that her nipples had been kindled and her tastefully tame breasts were sensitive like they'd been massaged vigorously until they were as soft as dough. And her nightgown was leisurely resting next to the bed and her brassiere was ripped in half over the covers near her feet. And her underwear was in no better condition.

Had Goku done this while she was... no. When her memories of the previous night returned, she recalled being extremely dissatisfied with her husband. She'd had a little too much to drink and so had Goku, probably, since he joined her in an unusual dance shortly before knocking her over onto the bed. And then... and then...

"Oh my..." Chi Chi's blushing face reddened up like a candle and she covered her mouth. The unique taste burdened her lips when she considered that she and Goku had... when they rarely ever did such things after Gohan and Goten were born.

Gathering up the bedsheets since her undergarments were destroyed, Chi-Chi actively explored the bedroom for any sign of Goku. There were condoms on the floor, a moist red staff which only made her blush even more, and the door was left open while all of Goku's clothes were gone. "Goku...? Goku are you home?"

Of course, around that time was when she discovered the huge, person-sized hole in their ceiling. At least it looked person-sized except for the massive rod-like crack that extended from the middle of the hole. That idiot husband of hers had raced off early probably to fetch some fish or firewood, or go back to training like he always did.