Kagome couldn't help but ruffle her brother's hair as she giggled happily. Toby pulled away with a scowl, hating being treated like a small boy. "'Ey, cut it out!" he barked, his cheeks turning a light pink. "What's wrong, Toby? Don't like being babied in front of a few girls?" the gir- er...young lady teased, a grin working its way onto her pretty little face.

"No, its jus' tha' you know mum hates it when we dilly dally," he grumble. Kagome just laughed aloud and shook her head. Her brother was getting more and more interested in girls than she was with boys by a mile. The small group of middle class ladies giggled as Toby bent down and picked of the groceries that he had dropped.

"Try to trip me again an' I'm tellin' mum!" he threatened angrily, his face turning a deep red as he avoided eyes contact with the girls.

Kagome just blew the dark bangs of hair that hung in her face in a mocking way. "What? You gonna be a baby and tell mummy?" she mocked, her lower lip trembling."

Toby growled, "Say wot ya will, bu' you know you'll ge' in trouble!". The young lady just laughed and skipped along side him as he made his way home. The two walked in silence until the bell on the pie shop door rang. Mrs. Lovett whipped her head around form her place at the counter, pounding pie dough, to greet her two adopted children.

"Oh, loves, I though' ya got lost, ya been gone so long'!" the baker gasped as she rushed over and hugged them both. Kagome just shook her head slightly and sighed. "Mom, must you make such a fuss when we're a tad late from an outing?" she asked breathless.

Mrs. Lovett just smiled sadly at her adopted daughter as she ran her fingers through her long, midnight locks. " 'M sorry, dear, 'M just no' used to ya bein' so grown up,", "C'mon, mum, I turned 13 four years ago an' Kagome turned 14 only-","last year." she smiled.

Mrs. Lovett just smiled and gave them each another hug. "Don' matter 'ow old ya are, yer always gonna be me little dears."

Both teens just sighed and laughed quietly as they made their way to the counter, helping their adopted mother with making pies.

"Its been a slow day, loves," the baker sighed. "Maybe we should all jus' go to the park an' relax." The two looked at her, confused. She never seemed one to relax, whenever the teens had insisted so, she would always make a fuss about how she would need to get things ready for the next day.

There was a short pause until Kagome asked innocently, "Is Mr. T coming with us?"

Another short pause. Sweeney had never really hated the two children, but he didn't really like spending a lot of time with the three. Kagome had broken most of the barber's cold exterior, but Toby was still a little frightened of the man. The barber and the baker had grown quite close after settling with Kagome, not biting her head off every time she tried to talk to him or threatening her life as often.

Mrs. Lovett looked up at the ceiling and shrugged. "No' very sure, love, you know 'ow 'e is." she said with a sigh.

Kagome looked at the ceiling, then back at the baker. "Could we maybe...try? Like, maybe if I go with you..." she asked, biting her lip nervously.

She looked at the girl a moment. "I guess it couldn't 'urt." said Lovett, walking out the door as the teen smiled cheerfully and followed. Toby waited until he heard the door shut to grab a bottle of gin off the very top shelf his mum thought he couldn't reach.

He looked out the window at the miserable persons below. " We all deserve to die," Sweeney muttered to himself as he continued sharpening his 'friends'.
It may have been five years, but the barber was as deadly as ever. Sure, he might feel like exposing his softer side to the baker or the girl at rare times, but he was still Sweeney Todd, and he couldn't change that.

It had five years and the judge still didn't come. He sneered to himself at the thought of more years down the road he might have to wait to slit the damned man's throat.

Just when he was about to throw his razor against the window in an attempt to release some frustration, the barber heard a loud knock on his shop's door.

"Come in," he grunted, turning from the chair to stare out the window. He heard two pairs of feet take a few steps into the room. "Mr. T..." he heard Mrs. Lovett's soft voice call. "We were jus'-","We were wondering if you would want to accompany us for a day at the park to relax." Kagome interrupted, her cheerful voice ringing through the room..

Sweeney froze for a moment. "Wot day is it?" he asked in a low voice. The baker and teen looked at each other before the girl said disappointingly with a sigh, "Its Tuesday."

It was an unspoken rule for the barber: No leaving the shop on work days, should the judge come by asking for a 'shave'.

"But I know for sure that he'll be at a meeting or something of other importance!" Kagome said loudly. "And how would you know that?" the barber asked calmly. She took a deep breathe.

"Because...John only went to meetings when it was a beautiful day like this, and when he came home he'd always rant about how the judge was so amazing, him being present at every meeting."

There was a short pause that Mrs. Lovett gasped silently and Sweeney tensed, hoping the girl wouldn't go into tears. "I remember it was only on nice, sunny and bright days because I'd always him to take me out to play and I'd get hit for asking, knowing well that he went out on meetings in days like this." she finished, her voice emotionless.

There was a long pause in the room before the barber cleared his throat, Kagome looking up at him hopefully. "I... suppose, under the circumstances, it wouldn't do much damage if I participate."

The teen girl gasped with delight and ran over and hugged him tightly, muttering a quick 'thank you' before running down to tell her brother.

Mrs. Lovett waited until she heard the door shut before she turned her attention to the demon barber, who remained unmoved. "That was awful nice, Mt. T, wot ya did," she said quietly. "What else could I say?" he grunted in low voice.

"A lot," she said casually, "A lot o' real 'hurtful things. You've come a long' way from wot ya were five years ago." the baker continued with a small smile.

Sweeney continued to ignore her as he stared at his razors shining in the light. "You've gotten real soft." she whispered quietly. In a flash, the barber whipped around and grabbed her throat lightly.

"Don't ever say that again." he sneered in her face. Lovett stared back, fear flashing in them for a moment before she just stared blankly at him, savoring the closeness of their bodies.

There was a pause between the two for a moment, then he whipped back around and went back to staring out the window. " Don't you need to be getting ready?" he said in a low voice.

Lovett snapped out of her trance-like state and walked to the door, smiling sweetly at the barber before closing it behind her.

Taking two steps at a time, Kagome hummed cheerfully to herself as she made her way to the pie shop. "Toby!" she called out, swinging the door open. "Mr. Todd said he would come with us! I know you don't like him, but come on!" the teen shouted as she searched for her brother.

After checking the shop and parlor and hearing no response whatsoever, her brow furrowed in confusion. How many places can that boy hide!she thought to herself as she looked behind the couch in the parlor.

Then, when she crossed the bathroom, Kagome heard snoring from the room across it. Turning her heard in the direction of the source of the sound, the teen found herself looking at the door to her mother's room. Now why would he sleep in there? Hes always such a gentleman about these things,she thought curiously.

Another snore erupted from the room and Kagome decided to slowly push the ajar door open. Sure enough, Toby was laying sprawled across the bed, three empty bottles of what she was certain of was gin around him.

Rolling her eyes, the girl thought it funnier to just leave him there and have their mother nag at him about all day. She always nagged at her brother about drinking, especially during the day and always warned her to never turn into an alcoholic like him.

Kagome closed the door silently as she shook her head in distaste, she was sure if she were to ever drink, which she was sure she never would, even she would be able to hold down her liquor.

Upon hearing the fastening foot steps of her mother on the outside stair case, the young teen quickly ran outside to greet her.

Pushing the door open at the same time, the two bumped each others' head on the door's hard glass.

Mrs. Lovett groaned as she grabbed her throbbing head in pain. The hand that had rested on the doorknob was also holding onto her bruised cranium. Fluttering her eyes open, the baker thought for sure she was looking in a mirror for a quick moment before she was her daughter, doing the very same gesture.

After all but 5 seconds, the two laughed at each others' clumsiness Kagome stepped back to let her mother in as they both went to the ice box for their heads.

"Wot do ya think ya were doin'?" Mrs. Lovett inquired as the pair held giant chunks of ice to the sides of their noggins.

"Not lookin' up at the door when yer opening' it," she muttered humorously "that's down right' preposterous"

Kagome giggled, drawing the woman's attention to the teen. "Oh, ya fin' tha' both o' us may 'ave bruised noggins funny?" Lovett asked in a playful tone.

The girl shook her head, "No, its just," another giggle, "I could say the very same for you, mom."

There was a silence before the baker laughed along. She wrapped her arm around her daughter's shoulders. "I know, darling', I was only teasing'." she snickered in her ear as she shook her gently.

"I know," Kagome sighed happily. Mrs. Lovett then suddenly whipped her head up and looked around. "What?' Kagome questioned "Did ya 'ear tha'?"

probably Toby, the teen thought. "No, and I don't know what it could be," she answered innocently.

She trailed behind her mother as the baker made her way to her bedroom. The moment she swung the door open, Kagome burst out in a fit of uncontrollable laughter at the trouble she knew her brother was going to get into.

She always loved watching Toby get in trouble, but she didn't really know why, it was just entertaining.

Figuring he holding this off like Kagome had held off taking a bath so many times like a child was not going to make this thing pass any quicker. Sweeney sighed as he grabbed his brown leather vest and Grey jacket. He made his way down stairs way he heard Mrs. Lovett shouted angrily, "TOBBIAS RAGG! WOT 'AVE I TOLD YA 'BOUT DRINKIN' TIL YA PASS OU'!"

The demon barber smirked to himself. He also enjoyed when the boy got in trouble. "AN' IN THE DAY TIME, NO LESS! YER GONA 'AVE ONE BLOODY 'ELL O' A TIME GETTIN' TA SLEEP WIT THE 'ANGOVER YER GONNA 'AVE!" the baker below continued to roar.

Hearing how angry she was, Sweeney almost felt sorry for the lad. Boys always getting' himself in hells worth trouble with her, he thought fondly. Wait, fondly? He found the baker...amusing? Certainly not!

Though even he must admit to himself, he did enjoy hearing her accent thicken whenever she was angry. Enjoy? He actually enjoyed something the baker did that wasn't for him? Whats wrong with him? As Lovett gave a final yell of anger, Sweeney did the same, yelling out his frustrations.

After he had cooled down, he stomped down the stairs to see the baker angrily put on her dark brown jacket, Kagome giggling loudly behind her as she watched Toby rub his reddening ear painfully.

He smirked, but it soon vanished as Lovett's eyes settled on him. "You ready ta go?" she asked quietly. He gave her a nod as he continued his way down the steps. Kagome smiled up at him while Toby glared slightly.

As he reached the bottom of the staircase, Sweeney noticed how the baker's fiery red hair seemed to glow in the dark London air, how her skin wasn't as sickly pale as it was when he first returned, how her corset barely covered her natural curves as well as her well endowed breasts. Shaking his head as he growled silently, the barber scolded himself for noticing such things.

How can I think such things while I'm supposed to be mourning over my wife?

Haven't you mourned enough over her, Sweeney?

A voice in his head replied with a sad sigh.

His eyes widened momentarily in surprise.

Who said that? he asked mentally, he didn't want the three catching him talking to himself.

Its me, Benjamin Barker, Benjamin replied smartly.

It can't be! Y-You're dead! I left you back in that hell hole!

That doesn't matter, we're the one and the same, no matter what you say.

B-But why haven't you said anything before? And why do you say I've mourned enough, YOU of all people!

Because its at this time that you need to hear a voice of sense of reason. And because You have mourned enough, You need to move on.

Before he could get in another mental word, Sweeney found himself being dragged by the arm by the baker. He couldn't help but give the world's smallest smiled at the way she mumbled to herself, only catching a few words here and there.

"Can't believe...drunk...girl...day...bedroom...bloody...mess."

So Yeah, I went with the whole sequel idea. But like I 've said plenty of times already. I'll only keep it going if you guys still like it, which I hope you do! ^-^