The dorm room was silent, save for the quiet (yet quite audible) sound of a pencil tapping against a wooden desk. It was evening and the frilly pink drapes on one side of the room had been drawn closed. The plain university-provided drapes on the other, were not. The pencil tapping increased in pace, yet its rhythm was slightly off. Had you been there, you would have been severely annoyed.

"Stop it." Elphaba spoke clearly, although she didn't bother herself with looking up from her current book. A page turned. The pencil tapping progressed.

"Stop it, now." The green-skinned girl continued to read as if she had never issued her command. The thwapping of the pencil, however, continued on as though blissfully unaware, although its tapper was quite conscious of the other girl's plight, mild as it was. The book slammed shut with a satisfying clack, and the pencil fell to the floor as Galinda jumped in her chair with a surprised gasp. Glowering eyes came from across the room, and as sensing them, the blond turned.

"What, in the name of Lurline, has ever possessed you?" The blonde stood up from her desk chair indignantly. Elphaba unbent herself from her hinged position, and now sat on the bed crossed-legged.

"Ah, it speaks!" She said sarcastically. "Well, pretty, according to you, we already have established that the possession, so to speak, is the spirit, that of an extremely overly-steamed vegetable…an artichoke, I do believe, if you want specifics." Elphaba smirked not so nicely.

"Miss Elphaba, you know fully well that this is not the possession of which I speak!" Galinda was starting to flush.

"Ah…you must be referring to the book then, that I possess. My possession, it is." Elphaba couldn't help but bait the silly girl, it was a favorite…pass-time, call it, if you will. Galinda would have blown a gasket, had she known what one was.

"I'm not in the mood for a word game with a green bean." Galinda looked fairly pleased with herself at the insult. Elphaba, however, was not impressed.

"It's going to take more than ridiculous vegetable insults, pretty, to get under this skin." At some point Elphaba had gotten off the bed, and now both girls were standing in fairly close proximity of one another; the green one glaring down at the pink.

"Well then, it seems my work is done. As no one could ever get close enough to you, or have want to touch your skin, let alone get underneath you." Elphaba flinched, it was barely visible, but it was there. It seemed Galinda had hit upon a button, and won a point. Though, she was not so sure it was a point she had wanted to win after all. Galinda felt the pains of regret. Outwardly, the blow had seemed to barely hit; a small annoyance to the green girl. But as Elphaba kept her composure, she felt the hurt swirl inside for a small moment, before she tucked it away in a little room, with all the previous ones.

There was a short silence then, filled with tension. And the fight, in tacit agreement, ceased. Elphaba continued on in a normal voice as if the previous comment was never uttered.

"I merely wanted you to stop that incessant noise. It would have been unwise for your health, as had it continued much longer you might have found that pencil in a bodily orifice." Galinda, for her part, blushed to the tip of her roots, and appeared quite flustered. Elphaba had expected a retort, not…this.

Intrigued now, she said, "Not that this isn't an interesting look for you, but what on earth did I say to yield that response?" Galinda couldn't seem to meet her roommate's eyes, and was now biting her lip. An eyebrow rose very high as Elphaba realized how exactly her roommate had construed her comment. She cackled, and the blonde's blush deepened. It seemed that it had now spread to her neck and ears.

With amused glee, Elphaba circled her roommate now. "Well, who'd have thought that Miss Galinda, Galinda the good, the innocent," Elphaba moved her arms about mockingly, "the…pure, would have jumped to the conclusion that I meant that particular orifice?" If it were possible, at the word orifice Galinda seemed to blush even more. Elphaba leaned in close to the blonde and twirled a golden curl between her fingers teasingly.

Galinda shivered despite herself at the hot breath that caressed her ear. "My dear girl, I simply meant that I would shove the pencil up your…nose," That throaty voice washed over her and Galinda felt…odd.

Elphaba pulled away and resumed her normal height. She walked back to the bed picked up her book and appeared to resume reading. Galinda, however, thoroughly confused about the recent events and her reactions, remained standing in the room with a stunned look on her slightly-lessening pink face.

Elphaba too, was perplexed at the turn of events. She had gained unexpected insight into her blonde roommate, who apparently had a dirty mind, and a quick tongue…She cackled in her head at the last thought, and smirked. Perhaps she would tell the pretty thing that tomorrow, and see what color her roommate turned then. Innuendos, it seemed were a great bit of fun.