I don't own Sailor Moon. Sigh. Another idea that came to mind. Just had to get this out, but it's going to be only seven chapters (see my little sonnet below).

A string of nightmares trapped in this girl's head
Impossible to escape mounting fear
Eternally filling her with such dread.
The chance of losing everyone held dear,
Losing their lives for the princess they lost.
If they knew the truth, they would isolate
The one they know at nearly any cost
To protect her from the dark that they hate.
In a dreamt world, she is trapped silently,
Waiting for her prince to come and save her.
But he does not know to save her quickly,
For she is weak from the battles that were.
The princess found and saved in one cold week
From destiny, so cold, so strong, so meek.
-Sailor Moon Sonnet #1 created by Squirrel Holding a Bazooka


It was eight in the morning.

She hadn't gotten any sleep that night.

She had forced herself to stay awake.

To escape the nightmares.

The ones that came whenever she fell asleep.

The ones that stayed fresh in her mind, renewing every time she shut her eyes.

But that didn't matter. Not now. Now she was going to fight the youma in the park. Why they always chose the park, she would never know- actually, it was probably because of the large amount of people there- but she silently cursed her parents for living so far away from said park.

She was tired, she was sleepy, she was cold. But none of it mattered when she saw the blood bath before her. Bodies strewn everywhere, some bleeding, some wounded, some missing limbs, some unconscious, some with their eyes frozen open with fear. Wait- that wasn't fear. It was something she had hoped to never see outside of the nightmares she had been having. Their eyes, frozen open, because they did not have the strength to close them. Did not have the strength to close them because they were dead.

Even the senshi were down. Mercury was lying unconscious, having been taken down while using her computer to seek out the youma's weakness. The next to fall had been Jupiter. She had tried to use her powers to completely fry the youma, but it had acted as a mirror, sending the attack right back to Jupiter, leaving her to be one of the ones with their eyes frozen open with death. After her was Venus. She had been knocked into a tree, the least injured of the four senshi, but still unconscious. The last was Mars, ever-powerful, ever-bossy, ever-caring Mars. She had a spike from the youma's body stuck through her heart. She had managed to close her eyes before dying.

Sailor Moon was frozen in shock. She did the only thing she could think to do at the moment. She screamed.

Her breathing increased. Her mind blew away. She... felt a migraine forming?

She clutched her head in pain and fell to her knees, screaming again, but this time from the pain in her head. She wasn't quite sure how, but she wound up on her back, eyes open wide as she panted heavily, fear and adrenaline coursing through her body. There was a silver light over her heart, one that spread outwards from her body. Everything in the park was shrouded in the light. The youma was incinerated, limbs reformed for the people who had lost them in the attack, bruises, cuts, and scratches were healed, brain damage was reversed, even things that were lodged in people's bodies, forbidding the healing originally, disintegrated, allowing for any and all wounds to disappear.

And the strangest thing of all: the dead came back to life.

And Sailor Moon was unconscious. As people started to awaken from the nightmare attack, the blonde heroine fell into a long-overdue sleep.

As Tuxedo Kamen arrived, he saw that people were beginning to wake up, the only remnants of the youma and the attack being the people waking up afterwards and Sailor Moon lying there, unconscious. Why was she just lying there, not moving, not getting up and reassuring the citizens before running away?

He jumped down to the blonde and moved her head so he could see her face. She was cold, for one, and her skin was paler than usual, even in the light of the day. Her hair was limp, and her lips and eyelids held a tint of blue. He checked her pulse and found it weak, but there, and there was a slight rise and fall of her chest.

Tuxedo Kamen looked around before picking Sailor Moon up bridal-style and leaping away towards his apartment. There were too many people there.

They got to the apartment about fifteen minutes later, and Tuxedo Kamen transformed back into Mamoru and laid Sailor Moon down on her bed. He adjusted her so that she was under the sheets, and he tucked them in tightly under her body to keep her warm.

He then went into the bathroom and got medical supplies to repair any injuries that she had sustained. He returned to the bedroom and pulled her out of the covers, having the decency to blush as he removed her clothing so he could inspect her injuries. First he removed her shoes and socks, then her jewelry, then her cape, and after that her skirt, and finally the bodice of the suit. What he didn't expect, however, was to see what was left of the uniform flutter into ribbons before turning into the school uniform of one Tsukino Usagi.

Mamoru only let the shock last a few seconds before her went about removing her clothes again. He would have time to freak out about just who her secret identity was later, but for now he had to help her. He was pretty sure he wouldn't have much of a problem unless when he tried to take off her shirt, she transformed into Bowling for Soup or something. Then there would be a problem.

He removed all of Usagi's clothes without any other random transformations, but only when her clothes were removed could he see the truth: her body was free of blood, scratches, bruises, and so on. Her skin was creamy and pale, broken up only by the blue veins he could see in some places due to her current abnormal lack of color. She was practically albino at that point.

He laid her back in his bed, tucking the covers in once again, not bothering to put her clothes back on. If he had her clothes, she would have a reason not to leave, and he doubted she could make herself invisible. He hid her clothes in the linen closet in his bathroom before heading into the living room to call his professors and inform them that there was an emergency he had to attend to and if they'd please send him a recording of the lecture for that day. While most college professors would laugh at the idiotic student who requested that, Mamoru was a straight-A-plus student, and all the teachers loved him.

Just as expected, they all allowed it, saying they'd e-mail the lectures to him. When asked when he'd be in class again, he said it was impossible to tell, and immediately, all the professors offered to send him the lectures every day until he got back. He thanked them and said that it would be wonderful before hanging up the phone and heading into the kitchen. He was in desperate need of some coffee.

He made the coffee in record time, keeping an ear out for his sleeping beauty- wait, where did that come from?- in case she woke up. He also managed to down the coffee in about one gulp before returning to keep an eye on Usagi. Though she often irritated him, she was his responsibility now. She always had been, but he refused to admit it.

But now she needed him. He had to help her or face the consequences of his actions, namely the high chance of Usagi dying. He couldn't allow that, not now, not ever.

Usagi took in a sudden, shaky breath, snapping Mamoru out of his trance. He could only watch as her breathing sped up and she began thrashing. He grabbed her arms and pinned them to the bed, moving so he was on top of her on the bed. Strangely enough, that actually calmed her down. She stopped thrashing, and her breathing returned to normal.

Mamoru slowly moved off of the bed to sit down in the chair he had placed beside the bed.

The next problem didn't occur for a decent amount of time- two hours to be precise. Then Usagi started thrashing again, this time screaming in her sleep.

"ENDYMION!" she yelled desperately, tears falling down her cheeks. She hadn't gained any color back, and she was as cold as ever. Looking at her small figure under the covers, Mamoru couldn't help but wonder how she had enough energy to keep screaming and thrashing like that.

But now wasn't the time to be thinking about that. Now was the time to calm her down before she hurt herself, and knowing Usagi, that whole 'hurting herself' thing wouldn't take too long.

So he restrained her arms again, but it did no good. Not to mention the girl was strong. Really strong.

Thinking quickly, Mamoru got on top of her once again, effectively calming her down. It was then that it occurred to him that his link with Sailor Moon probably wasn't a one-way street. Being with her calmed him down, and being with him likely calmed her down. This time, however, Mamoru decided to keep lying with her. Keeping her calm was better than calming her intermittently with panicked thrashing in between.

He stayed like that with her for hours, even falling asleep himself at one point. By the time he got around to checking the clock, it was six p.m. And during that time, he devoted all his power to healing Usagi. Though she had no injuries visible to the naked eye, something clearly happened to make her pass out and have these thrashing fits.

Well, there was the youma... But that didn't count. No mere youma could do this.

And then... the angel awoke. She looked up at Mamoru and instantly knew. No words were spoken between the two. Their eyes said it all. He was Tuxedo Kamen, and she was Sailor Moon.

She slowly moved out from under him, not even seeming to care that she was butt naked and Mamoru could see her. However, the second she put weight on her legs, they collapsed from under her, leaving Mamoru to catch her and lay her back in bed.

He then left, returning only seconds later with a bowl of cereal with a spoon. He handed it to her, and she weakly sat up, now using the sheets to cover her body. She slowly ate the cereal, her hands trembling as she held the bowl and spoon. Noticing this, Mamoru took the bowl and spoon from her and began feeding her. She gave him a soft smile of gratitude, but said nothing. Nothing needed to be said. Not yet. They would enjoy their moment of peace before the world came crashing down around them.

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