Usagi groaned tiredly, holding her head in pain. What the heck had happened to her?

"Why is that little brat wearing his shirt?" an annoying voice came through Usagi's ears. Usagi's eyes opened slightly, trying to see what was going on, only to see two figures, one in grey, one in purple, talking.

"Your majesty, we believe that the girl was in his care after she passed out, but we can only speculate on what went on in that time," a calm, patient voice replied, the voice of the figure in grey.

The figure of purple let out an irritated sound, like she was trying to decide something. "Don't kill her yet. She might have information."

At that moment, Usagi's voice box betrayed her, and she let out a slightly louder groan, revealing that she was awake.

"Hello, Sailor Moon," the man in grey said, approaching her and kneeling down to her level. "Do you know who I am?"

Usagi shook her head weakly.

"I'm Kunzite, the man who is going to kill you," he explained, an evil smirk on his face. With that, he got up and walked away, laughing as Usagi's eyes closed again from weakness.

"Usagi-chan, wake up you dumb bunny," Rei hissed hours later, reaching out to poke Usagi with her foot. However, her legs were not quite long enough, Usagi being on the other side of the room and the senshi having their arms chained to the wall.

Mamoru was missing all together, making the senshi wonder where he was.

"Go 'way, Mama," Usagi mumbled, swatting lightly at the air.

"Usagi-chan!" Minako yelled desperately, trying to wake her.

"Huh?" Usagi asked, her eyes flittering open. "Wh-what's going on? Where's Mamo-chan?"

"We don't know," Ami confessed.

"We're in the Dark Kingdom's base," Makoto continued. "You're the only one who isn't chained. You think you can get us out of here?"

"I can try, but I don't have my brooch."

"Yeah, we figured that out," Rei replied sarcastically as Usagi crawled over to them. Licking her lips nervously, Usagi grabbed one of the cuffs around Rei's wrists and pulled hard, the cuff breaking with surprising ease. Usagi repeated the process, then moving on to help her next senshi, Rei joining her. For some reason, though, only Usagi was the only one capable of accessing enough strength to break the cuffs in her human form, and the Dark Kingdom had stolen their henshin pens.

"Come on," Usagi said, rushing to the door, pulling it open with surprising ease. She rushed through, but the senshi were stopped by some sort of force field.

"Usagi-chan! We can't get through!" Minako exclaimed.

"It's gotta be a trap," Makoto agreed. "They keep you unchained and make it so only you can go through the door?"

"Usagi-chan, get back he-" Ami was cut off by the door shutting, not from Usagi or one of the girls, but with magic.

Usagi turned around slowly and saw none other than Beryl and Kunzite.

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