AN: This was an assignment from High School. I found it, and am rather proud of it because I remember how upset I was when I read this play. Macbeth never acted rationally; and to this day, I can't believe violence was the best answer in his case.

Dear Macbeth,

I feel compelled to inform you that you are a damned pushover. In a world where men rule through title and rank, you allow your wife to be your equal. This is your first mistake. You may believe that the two of you are equal; however, it is she that has the advantage. You are so easy to be swayed by her. Lady Macbeth bullied you into killing Duncan, and the worst part is that you let her berate you until you agreed to do it.

Putting your ambition and avarice aside, you believed you came up with good reasons for not killing Duncan. You were just named Thane of Cawdor and greatly favored by all of Court. The glory should be basked in, not thrown aside for larger robes that you cannot fill. Besides that, you were his countryman and his host when he was murdered. You idiot! How can you live with yourself, knowing that you betrayed his great trust?

How do you know your wife really would kill the babe at her breast if only she promised she would? Has she ever shown heinous intent? She goaded your ego to force you to kill Duncan from embarrassment if nothing else. Why then were you so gullible to believe she to be invincible while you seemed weak? Pushover.

Then, you continue to kill to get what you desire. Your train of thought is unstable. Just because you have already committed the heinous act of murder does not mean you should continue because the consequences will be the same if you were to get caught. Think of the lives you will be destroying; how can they be your allies if they are always wondering if there is someone behind them to murder them?

I dare not wish you good luck on your now much-shortened life. You're too stupid to support.


Lady Stina

AN: I promise, I don't hate Macbeth; I just wish he reacted differently. I felt like he needed a slap in the face to bring him to his senses. But if you know the ending, then you're aware he didn't receive my letter in time. Oh well...