The king and queen of Mertopia, An underwater city located underneath Mobius Hill Lake, stared over their child. The queen, Rosalie was born human, so the daughter gained her legs. Marcus, their older son, gained most of his traits from his merman father. The five year old Marcus looked strangely at the daughter. He pointed at her waist. "Why does she have weird fins?" He exclaimed. Rosalie and Richard laughed at their son.

"Relax, son," Richard said calmly. "She will gain her fins soon. Right now she has feet, like mommy used to have." Marcus was surprised his mother had feet once. His eyes widened and went from his sister to Rosalie. Rosalie shrugged calmly, adding a little bit of humor to the already funny conversation.

They were sitting by the shore on a rock formation. The rocks were both on land and in the water. They let the little girl go onto land to get used to her legs. Richard let power rise in his hands; it was a special thing called magix.

Magix was something only royalty received. The magix would slowly or quickly evolve over time; usually maxing out at age 16. Having magix was a privilege as why only royalty received it. If it fell into the wrong hands, havoc would break loose.

Richard and Rosalie looked in horror; but couldn't grab the child and get her to safety because of their tails. There was a man that had a large mustache, glasses too small for his face, and a large red shirt with tight black pants. He was holding a syringe full of a blue chemical. He slowly walked towards the baby.

"Do something," Rosalie whispered frantically. Richard nodded and let the powdery yellow dust flow from his hands towards the baby. The girl then jumped up and attacked the man, causing relief to the mother and father. Marcus had swum home, as he was instructed to. The little girl jumped into the water, revealing a blue-tinted tail and joined her mother and father.

"Kendra!" The baby cooed. Rosalie and Richard knew what that name meant and thought it suited her. It meant "Magical Water Baby." They swam home with their child.

Marcus and Kendra chased each other through the gold columns. It often leads to crashes and bumps. Rosalie and Richard sat on their thrones, talking to each other.

"I never seen any- and I mean any baby, with or without magix act that powerful. That could help Mobius a lot," Rosalie stated. Richard looked at her. He knew how bad times were tough there. After a while of thinking, the two came to realize that man went by the name Eggman. Rosalie knew him right on the spot; evil no-gooder that only wanted to destroy Mobius.

"I understand that, but we can't have her remember anything. If she does, she would go straight for Eggman and that could just hurt her." He never wanted to say anything worse than that. He didn't even want to think of it.

"We don't need to worry about that now dear," Rosalie said with a hand on her husband's shoulder. He leaned over and kissed his wife. He hoped she would help him.

Eggman grabbed every book about mythology he had and threw them on the mahogany table. He looked in the index for mermaids. He knew that that girl was not a human; she was an ultimate life form on her own! He quickly skimmed the page until he saw the word 'mermaid'

"Mermaids are magical creatures found mostly on the coast of Mobius Hill. If they are to be out of water for three months, all power drains and they die. This is the only way Royal mermaids die on land," he read aloud to himself. He continued reading. What else was special about royal mermaids? "Royal mermaids contain a chemical called magix. Magix is a maturing formula, usually maxing at the age of 16. In some cases, Magix can be stronger than others." He kept re-reading that last sentence. This was some useful information.

"Baby Kendra; princess of Mertopia," Richard roared. Rosalie smiled and waved into the crowd of merfolk. Kendra swam atop her father's head and put her hands in an expression that yelled, 'ta-da! I'm the princess' She giggled as she floated down itno her father's arms. He smiled at his little bundle of joy. He looked at his other bundles of joy; his family and his kingdom. He thought as all the noises disappeared. One day she'll know…One day.

The fate of Mobius was in the hands of many people, and they had to follow their prophecy. If the prophecy was broke, the future of Mobius and Mertopia could unravel in a horrible mess. Sonic the hedgehog, a small hedgehog at the time, would grow up and realize his destiny; to protect this princess. The princess had her own destiny as well; to serve her home.