Hey, everybody. I've decided I'm going to start a chapter summary at the beginning of every chapter. So this is what's happened in 1-4. A young mermaid who is a royal princess has a power called Magix. This is a special power only royalty has. On her 15th birthday, she sees Sonic the Hedgehog celebrating his birthday. A hurricane comes and causes Kendra to wash on shore…As a human. Tails and Cream find her and the gang try to find out who she is and where she is from. Rosalie and Richard use Magix to contact the gang, and they see who she is. Knuckles recognizes her from somewhere or at least thinks so. Marcus, her brother, is upset and tries to find her. He gets help by a girl named Monica and trades his crown for legs, only to realize he lost his royalty; he sees this because he gets cut in land, something royalty doesn't get.

"How could he do something so stupid?" Richard raged. "It's all around the city, dammit." Rosalie was upset and angry at her son. News just started going around that he had left with a girl two weeks ago. "How did we not notice?" Rosalie flinched back a little at Richard's anger.

"We've been caught up in trying to see how Kendra's doing that we ignored Marcus. He still never should have done that, though." She hoped that if she stayed calm, he would calm down, too. She looked at Richard. He was playing with his cufflink. "What are you doing?"

"I'm getting him home now," he chuckled angrily. Rosalie looked confused; if he could bring Marcus home, what about Kendra. "I know what you're thinking; how. Well, Kendra's problem is still unknown, but we're guessing by genes. Marcus used magic to get up there. We can bring those two back."

"Oh my goodness," Rosalie breathed. "Get him home NOW!" It was Richard's turn to flinch back. He hurried to get him back.

At the same time, Marcus noticed his sister. Monica was close behind him. "Kendra," he yelled. She never turned around at all at the sound of her name. He tried speaking up, thinking it was too loud. "It's me, Marcus. I'm bringing you home." He still never heard him. He walked up to her, and she turned around. She looked right at him.

"May I help you, sir?" she asked puzzled. She never recognized her own brother. He tried to hold her hand, but he saw a white glow around him. He looked at Monica and saw the same. The next thing you know, he was dissolving.

He felt his tail come back and his body became one of a mermaid's. He was now in front of his parents, beside Monica. His parents bolted their heads around at the sound of them. Richard walked over.

"Why did you go up there?" Richard's hands were clenched in fists. Monica was hiding behind Marcus. Richard peeped his head towards her. He grunted. "And why did she come."

Monica felt like she was about to throw up. She didn't want to be there anyway. She wanted to go home; no, if the royal family knew, the whole town knew. She told her mother she was on vacation. She cleared her throat so she was ready to speak.

"He thought he could trade for legs so he could find his sister. We did find her, but she never saw us. You took us here when we found her." She coward back behind Marcus.

Richard shook his head, and noticed a flash of red on Marcus's arm. Richard was now the color of his arm. "What the hell did you trade?" Marcus decided he should speak up.

"My crown," he mumbled. Richard felt anger rise in his body. He was literally shaking.

"You're the worst child I could ever have," Richard snarled. This made Marcus look up evilly. He grouped his left hand into a fist and closed his eyes. He punched his father square in the jaw. Richard put a hand to his face, barely- but still- stunned by the hit. "I want you out of Mertopia. Right…Now." Marcus swam away in a huff, and Monica nervously followed. She didn't know what else to do.

"Marcus, where are you going to go? You've been kicked out of your home."

"There's more than one home in the ocean." He smiled evilly. "And people much more sinister than me." He swam towards The Abyss of The Dark Queen.

The Dark Queen was Richard's sister. She was born a deformity; she was born with ragged sharp, coal black hair and a violet tail. Her hair had balls of spikes in it. At birth, she was considered evil, leading to the same fate as Marcus; exile. The queen was only 4 years older than Marcus. He knew The Dark Queen would love to hear this.

"Did you hear something," said Kendra. She wore a pink and white ruffled summer dress. She was walking with Espio. He looked back at her.

"I heard not one thing, darling." Kendra blushed at Espio gentleman charm. "So, how have you been enjoying 2 weeks of being a human?" She still had 50 weeks. She gently put her hand in his.

"It's absolutely the best experience ever. What's that," she asked, pointing to a small billboard. He read in big bold letters; KING AND QUEEN'S BALL. IN 2 MONTHS. Pretty ironic, huh?

"It's a ball that they hold every year. It's where people get all dressed up and dance. They're fun if you want to dance. That's why I have no fun at them," he slightly joked.

"I know how to dance. Just because I was a mermaid, it didn't mean I couldn't dance." She looked around the corner and saw a small little gazebo type circle filled with people dancing. She dragged Espio into the circle and put her hands in his. He danced gracefully with her.

"I thought you said you couldn't dance…" Kendra smirked.

"I said I don't want to dance. I didn't say I couldn't," he said as he dipped her. They danced in circles a few more times in beat of the song. The music ended after their dance and he pulled away slightly. They looked into each other's eyes. What was this? They both thought to themselves. Espio swallowed air, more nervous than before. There was a small beeping. He looked down at his pager.

"I have to go," he said, trying not to make another nervous eye contact. He hurried along, and Kendra smiled and blushed a light hue of red. She walked away towards Cream's house.


Can't say it now, can't say it now. I know her mother from somewhere. After some research-very deep research- he saw the queen, Rosalie Knight. He remembered seeing her from somewhere, just not knowing from where. He went away mad towards his own home.

After some powerwalking, he slammed his door. The house he's had since he was 18-he's now 33- creaked a little with that slam. He walked up his stairs and lay on his bed. He stared at his dark beige ceiling and thought…and thought…and thought. He closed his eyes for a mere second, and he realized where he remembered her.

Knuckles closed his eyes in the July air. He was relaxing on the grass near his emeralds. The multicolored small emeralds surrounded the large green one with a floating circle. He felt at peace. He then heard thumps coming from the gravel steps. He turned to face the stone gazebo. He saw a dark shadow-one of a mistress- near the emeralds. The figure walked by each small one, picking them up as she went. Although it was dark gray, the figure's eyes of green crystals stared at him in shock. She ran down the steps, and he got up and raced after the figure.

They ran across rocky paths, sandy beaches, and simple grass until they reached a cliff towering over Emerald Ocean. He had got her cornered. He stared at the figure, which was now illuminated with sunlight. She almost sparkled with her paleness.

She pushed her blonde silk hair out of her face. She looked down. She spoke with a sharp, but soft, voice. "Nowhere else to run, I suppose?" she remained cocky. "I guess you deserve something for cornering me." She handed him the cobalt emerald. She still had the other six. She stepped over to him. She grazed his cheek with her lips, but she was also whispering. "Mertopia will rein again." Knuckles became wide-eyed. She was one of the Mertopians. They had been at war with the echidnas for years, always quarreling about who deserved the emeralds. He tried to yell, but he couldn't speak. She backed away slowly from him backwards. She waved with her free hand as she fell from the cliff. He waited until he heard the splash to blink. He had lost the emeralds to them. He would get them back.

Knuckles looked at his cobalt emerald with his heavy eyes. He slowly shut them, knowing that tomorrow would be his chance for vengeance.