Chapter Uno "Great…"

"Why! Why does school wish to torment me!"I yell to no one in particular. I hate going to school at flippen 6:30 in the morning. Looking around I see that everyone on the bus is giving me weird looks. "What?"I ask them angrily. Before I go on I should tell you I'm an orphan so I'm not "popular" at school everyone pity's me."Olivia you ok?" Alex asked me. Alex is my best friend. "Yep. Just fine…"I say all miserable like."Ok." He said turning around

Finally, our bus pulls into the parking lot. Grabbing my sax I run towards the band room."I'm here now" I say because luckily I got there just as he calls my name. "Good everyone's here. Now lets go !" He announces.

As I head towards the bus I hear someone call my name "WHAT!" I yell turning around just before a searing pain hits my chest and down my rib cage. Groaning I fall "Olivia!" My best friend calls "Come on!"Feeling for blood I get confused because there is none.

Shrugging off my worries. I head towards my bus. Weird I think to myself. Heading to the bathroom on a bus is pretty hard I think. Shutting the door and locking it I pull up shirt to my rib cage. Huh I think it scared already?

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