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Chapter 1: Different

Bella's POV


A smile toyed on my lips as I pulled my brown hair into a pony tail, today was different, much different than normal days... I was getting out.
"It's not that I don't want you there..." Blaise began, talking about something or another.
Of course he didn't want me there, no one likes Blaise Zabini's twin sister, the one who was sorted into Gryffindor and left alone, no one ever remember ME, Isabella Rose Zabini. And who would remember me when I have a brother who is one of the "sex gods of Slytherin".

I'm different to my brother, my twin. For one, we look nothing alike. He was tanned, had black hair and grey eyes. I wasn't tanned, I had pale skin, long brown hair and brown eyes.
He was a Slytherin. I was a Gryffindor.
He was friends with Draco Malfoy. I was friends with Harry Potter and the Weasleys.
He wanted a dark mar, to serve under Voldemort (why I don't understand). I didn't want to at all, I wanted to serve in the Order.

It didn't matter to me though, today was my first day of freedom, the day after I graduated from Hogwarts after the war. They day I could see him again, he was devastated and I hated leaving him to go back to school, especially when he needed me the most.

But now I was moving in with him...

George Weasley...

My best friend.

"Are you done talking now?" I asked coldly, tying the laces to my boots.
"Yes..." he replied, quite shocked at my tone probably, he wouldn't expect that from his sister, especially a "goody two shoes" like me.
"Good," I said, standing up and closing my trunk. I wore a plain black singlet, high waisted denim shorts that showed off my long creamy legs and I wore black desert boots.
Blaise raised an eyebrow at my outfit, then his eyes travelled down to my left forearm, "What are you going to do about that?"he asked. I didn't answer but threw on a light-weight jacket.

"You know, you could tell him and you won't have to go through this every time you see him," He commented.
"Are you sure you want to go?" He asked, he was acting like a mother when it was their kid's first day of school.
I sighed, "For the last time... YES!" I said.

"Okay okay I'm just making sure..." He said.
"Well... this is goodbye," I said sarcastically.
Clearly not picking up the sarcasm he said, "Yeah..." and pulled me into a hug.

We never hugged.


I pushed him away, "Well let's go then..." I said. He gripped my left hand as my right one held my trunk and we apparated to George's house.


Being my brother, we apperated into George's small house, not outside of it and now we were caught in a VERY awkward situation, George was sitting at the counter in his pyjama pants and no shirt and was eating his breakfast.

"Hey..." I said awkwardly.
"Hey Bella!" He said, walking up and pulling me into a tight hug. I could feel his muscles on my body and I must say... it felt pretty good.

NO! You're friends remember? You don't like him in THAT way! I thought.

"When you said you were apperating here... I didn't think you meant inside the house!" George joked, laughing.

It was good to see him laugh again.

I pulled myself out of his grip just as Blaise said, "Well I should be going..." and apperated out of the apartment.
"He didn't say goodbye..." George commented.
"I don't care," I replied, brushing off the comment.

"It matters to me... All siblings should love each other, especially twins!"
"You know this... me and Blaise will never love one another, and if we did, we wouldn't show it in public," I said, almost taking my jacket off, and then remembered why I had it on in the first place.

Crap... forgot about the dark mark...

"Can we drop it please?" I asked.
"Okay..." George said, hugging me once more and the feeling of butterflies returned to my stomach.
"I've missed you Bella..."
"I've missed you too..." I said into his chest.
"Now screw the soppy stuff! Let's go to your room!" He said, releasing the hug and pulling me by the hand into my bedroom.


I woke up the next morning and rubbed my eyes. It was early and I had stayed up late into the early hours in the morning talking to George. It was certainly going to be something new to get used to, living with George. I slipped out of the sheets and put a cardigan on, to cover up my dark mark.

That embellishment was going to be there forever... and I didn't even want it, I was pressured.

I really should just tell him about the mark... he won't care. Just wait... you need to regain his trust...

I walked out of my bedroom and walked downstairs into the kitchen. George was standing at the stove and cooking what looked like pancakes.

"Good morning beautiful..." He said, looking at my attire. I was wearing black ¾ pyjama pants, a Gryffindor Quidditch shirt (with my cardigan of course) and my hair was in a very messy top knot on my head.
"Morning..." I said, sitting at the counter and stole a pancake off of the plate and took a bite.

"HEY!" he protested, leaving the stove and started to chase me around the kitchen and living room. I ran away, stuffing the pancake in my mouth as I ran. Bad idea... I started choking and he started to panic, but pulled his wand out to clear my airway.

I thanked him, but he started to chase me again I ran until I fell over onto a couch and he followed, his arms and body stopping me from moving.
"You caught me..." I said, trying to catch my breath.
"You owe me a pancake!" He said, not loosening his grip on me.
"Are you going to let me go?" I asked, trying not to stare at his abs.
"Why not?"
"Because I don't find this uncomfortable..." He said, winking.

"George Weasley let me go NOW!"
George shook his head.
I wrestled him off and stood up triumphantly, smiling at him.
"You win this time Zabini..." he said, looking at her left forearm, "what's that?" he asked.


I quickly pulled the sleeve of my cardigan over the tip of my dark mark, "I don't know what you're talking about," I said quickly.
George didn't have time to reply as the pancakes started to burn and we had to run over to the stove to stop them from burning badly.

"Oh well... these ones are still good!" I said, stealing another one from the plate on the counter behind me. It hung out of my mouth like a round, oversized pancake-coloured tongue.
"Not again!" He said, this time just tearing the pancake that was hanging out of my mouth and putting it in his mouth, "Not bad cooking by myself..." he commented with a smile.

"Hey!" I said, my mouth still full of food.
"Didn't your parents ever teach you manners Zabini? Don't talk with food in your mouth!" He said, tapping the tip of my nose.
"I hate you..." I said and I reached forward to hit him, but he stepped back and I fell forwards. He caught me.

"No you don't..." He said, kissing my forehead and putting me back on my feet, "now run along and get ready for today!"
"What are we doing today?" I asked.
"Painting your bedroom... " He said with a mischievous grin.
"Sounds fun!" I said, running up the staircase. I opened the door to my bedroom and got changed into a grey off- the- shoulder top and green track pants rolled up to under my knees. I gave my hair a brush and tied it in a quick side-plait.

There was knock at my door and George walked in, not even waiting for a reply from me. George was wearing grey track pants and a green t-shirt.
Crap! I forgot to cover the mark! oh well... I'll cover it in paint...
"You ready?" he asked.
"Yeah, but what colour?" I asked. George got out his wand and levitated one of the paint buckets over to us and poured the contents over my head. As far as I could tell, the paint was purple.

"Yep... purple is your colour!" George said, laughing.
"No, I was wrong before, NOW I hate you!" I said, doing the same to him, only the paint was blue.

"You don't hate me..." George said. I laughed, I couldn't take him seriously with his whole body covered in blue paint. I didn't reply, but he went over to the wall and put his hands on it, leaving two blue handprints on the wall. He was busy drawing something else while I thought.

My right hand went to my forehead, the place where George kissed me.

He kissed me!

We've kissed before... like proper snogging at the Yule Ball, but that was impulsive, we were drunk and George was trying to make someone jealous.

This one was different, even if it was friendly, and on my forehead.

My hand now found my left forearm, the place (now covered in paint) which held my embellishment, the dark mark.

At least It's covered in paint...

"Bella, what do you think?" George asked. On the wall was a drawing of what I think is the two of us... I'm not sure though, his drawings are pretty bad. They were stick figures though. I laughed.

Yep, this is different.

This was fun.

The first day of no troubles.

Or so I thought...


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