So basically you need to have watched the extended scene with Livin' on a High Wire performance. I DON'T own Lemonade Mouth. Enjoy! -Vico

Stella's P.O.V Chapter 1

That was the most awkward setting we've ever been in, props to Olivia though. Telling the world about her relationship with Wen on National TV is.. pretty big for her. Especially when ,Wen had no idea what she was doing.

"She- She's my girl." he said to her.

That's all it took for my jealousy to fully kick in, there was Mo and Scott (which started it), and everyone knew Olivia & Wen liked each other but it never really set in how jealous I was. Until Wen said them four words, but being me it didn't show.

Then there was Charlie, Why was he so "In Love" with Mo? Why can't it be me? Wait, Did I just think that? My train of thought was cut short when someone yelled my name directly in my ear.

"STELLA!" Olivia said as I jumped out of my chair. I looked at her and then realized I was still in my dressing room of the "Music Scene Studios" she had concerned look on her face as if she wasn't going to leave till I told her what was wrong.

" Oh hey " I replied. "You scared me"

" Well I said your name quietly, tapped you on the shoulder, and waved my hand in your face and nothing. So shouting in the ear it was" She said with a chuckle but right to a concerned look.

" Sorry " I eventually said

" Stells what's wrong?" She asked

She caught me off guard. I looked at her like I was clueless at what she was talking about.

" Stell? Tell me , Please?" She pleaded.

" Olivia, nothing is wrong, I just….." I finally looked her in the eyes. I noticed she was so hopeful that I was going to tell her, but I just can't. I can't tell her, not just yet. Just as I was about to continue my sentence there was a knock on the door.

" Hey Charlie" Olivia said "continue Stella" She told me.

I looked at Charlie and smiled. I looked back at Olivia "I just want some Lemonade." I said.

" oh ok " she said. I turned on my heel to head out and find some Lemonade but I had a feeling that she wanted our conversation to continue, but she knew well enough not to push it any further. I just smiled. Wen, Mo, and Scott past me, "Do you guys want some Lemonade?" hoping they would say no, but I knew the answer was yes.

"yeah" they all chimed. Of course.

"Dante's?" Scott said. Everyone was real excited.

"Dante's it is! " Wen said. "let's go!" as he said grabbed Olivia's hand and ran to the door " Last one there is a Rotten Egg!" he shouted as he & Olivia ran down the hall. Scott grabbed Mo and ran out too. Oh lookie here. It's just me and Charlie! EEEEP! But I keep my cool as I walked passed him to grab my bag. He looked sad….again. I wish he would get over her already. He smiled at me as I was about to head out the door when he said "Hey Stella" I looked at him. "You wanna ride with me?" he asked with that million dollar smile. Oh how that smile made me melt. There I go again thinking there could be an "us".


"Oh sorry yeah of course." I said snapping out of my thoughts. "Race you to the car!" I shouted as I zoomed out down the hall and out the door.

"Not fair!" he shouted back as he followed me out.

"Boom! I win!" I said beaming at him as he caught to where me and his car was.

"I gave you a head start." He said with a wink. Ahhh! He winked at me! No. I must focus!

"Whatever! I won fair and square!" I said punching him softly on his arm.

"Nuh-" *buzz buzz* He pulled his phone out of his pocket *buzz buzz* "Hold on let me get this." he said gesturing me to the passenger side. But I didn't get in. I really wanted to know who was calling Charlie during our time. Uh Stop it Stella you aren't dating him so there is no "us" and focus on the call.

"Hey Victoria." He said. Ah Victoria. I forgot he was dating her. More like temporarily forgot, well chose to forget. Bummed, I slowly sat in the passenger seat. "That's beside the point." I could hear him say as he sat in the driver seat. He was getting frustrated. Oh well. I chuckled. But I didn't realize how loud until I heard "Who was that?" Victoria shouted through the phone. I quickly looked at him with a smile when he replied "Stella." He returned the smile, which quickly turned into a frown.

" Look Victoria, if your just going to sit there and accuse me of stuff then maybe we shouldn't be together." He said sternly.

"Charlie…I…I…" Victoria replied through tears." Fine, if that's what you want."

" Right now, that's all I want." Charlie said -Click she hung up.

I felt a little uncomfortable yet slightly satisfied.

" What are you smirking at?" Charlie asked looking at me, half smiling.

" I… I didn't know I was" I said as he started the car and pulled out onto the highway. Charlie finally looked relieved. A smile fell upon his face as he said " I hope your okay with being a rotten egg!"

"Oh no Delgado, Step on it! " I shouted.