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It was a cold winter day in Jump City.

The wind was blowing with all its strength and the sky's clouds couldn't have been any more ominous, yet the citizens were still flooding the streets, going from shop to shop, not caring if the weather was bitter cold or not. Everyone was in a cheery mood since Christmas was near.

But there was one person, a young man that could only be around eighteen. He stuck out of the crowd like a sore thumb. Then again, he could very easily stick out of any crowd. He had olive green skin, sported a crop of dark green hair, bright forest colored eyes, and had a rather short stature for his age. All he wore was a slightly beat up coat from the fights he was in with criminals. His jeans were getting soggy, snow boots battered, and his woolen scarf was stitched up messily from the occasions he tried to sow it himself; he had the little needle wounds on his fingers to prove it. His name was Beast Boy. Although he wasn't exactly a boy anymore, he still kept the name for the memories. Even if they were sad and painful, it held many good ones as well. After all, one lives not for the negative but the positive memories. And for him, it was basically all he had left to live up to these days. Though among regular people, when he wasn't playing hero, he was known as Garfield Logan.

And so it was, Beast Boy scurried from person to person in the blistering weather. He showed them a photo of a teenage girl in a blue hooded cape with matching combat boots. Her hood cast a mysterious shadow over her face, intense amethyst eyes shining brightly underneath. The picture was tattered and slightly torn at the right hand corner and was three years out of date. The girl's name in the photo was Raven and she was part of the Teen Titans. Contrary to what you might think, she once saved lives and protected the city with her friends. Many people misunderstood her for her looks, what, with the dark clothing and attitude. She couldn't help it if that's how everyone viewed her as - just a creepy Goth girl. She blamed her powers and heritage for that. She was always the quietest of the Titans because of all the complications with her father, the demon Trigon. The team respected their dark friend's privacy…except one… and that he just so happened to go by the name of who we mentioned earlier.

Beast Boy.

Beast Boy had a gift to get on her nerves (well on everyone's, but mostly just hers) and he used it to its absolute full potential. Although they seemed to bicker incessantly and were complete polar opposites, over time, they were actually able to get along and became good friends. They kept on bickering of course, but kept it to a minimum. Okay, that was a lie, but they did care about each other. What one didn't have, the other filled in the gap and vice versa.

Beast Boy thought about all this while handing the picture to a brown haired woman in a fleece jacket holding shopping bags filled to the brim.

"Um, excuse me, ma'am but have you seen this girl before?" The changeling asked. He already knew the answer, but his stubborn streak could be very robust and made him refuse to give up hope.

The woman observed the photo for a few seconds before giving it back, answering. "I'm sorry, but no . . . though she does look familiar." The woman looked the changeling up and down. "And so do you."

Beast Boy laughed slightly morosely. "That's because we were once part of the Teen Titans. You sure you haven't seen her recently? She kinda has this monotone voice. Purple hair, pale skin."

"Sorry, honey, I haven't. Not since you guys disbanded and stopped protecting the city." She said the last part a little harshly. The green changeling was about to say that he still protected the city, or at least tried to, but the woman had already turned on her heels.

Beast Boy sighed sadly and sat down on a bench in the empty hilly park.

It has been two years now since the Titans split up and went their separate paths. Immediately after breaking up, Robin started a trip around the world, searching for new heroes. No one has heard of him since, but it would be reasonable to assume that he was still putting villains behind bars. Starfire stated she was going to stay at Tamaran for awhile, but Beast Boy still doesn't know whether she's returned yet and if the others have heard anything from their alien friend. Beast Boy and Cyborg rented out an apartment room, living off the money they had earned as Titans and just doing their own thing. But after a month, Beast Boy woke up one morning to find a note in the kitchen from his friend saying he had to leave to go on and do bigger things, though he'd promise to visit him from time to time. Cyborg had kept that promise for the first six months. The first two times he visited, the robotic man and changeling spent their time productively by playing videogames and catching up while gobbling down pizza. Cyborg had called a couple of months after that, mentioning he'd stop by again soon, but it's been over year since that call and no Cyborg has shown up at Beast Boy's front door. At first, he feared Cyborg was dead, but a little Googling revealed that his best friend was currently building electric devices for global companies under the name Victor Stone.

And that leaves us with Raven.

Once Robin nodded his former team good bye and teary Starfire shot towards space at the speed of light after giving everyone a heart wrenching hug, Beast Boy remembered it was only the three of them left standing on the tower's roof against the cloudy sky and crashing waves. The salt scented breeze, once a comfortable presence, now stung. The three figures remaining stood stiff in the suffocating silence. Raven turned around to Beast Boy and Cyborg. She gave them one glance from under that darned hood that still covered her face, always appearing to be emotionless, however her eyes would suggest something else. Her shoulders convulsed every now and then, although Beast Boy wasn't sure whether it was from trying to retain herself or just the wind. After that one last fleeting look, she disappeared, transporting to God knows where.

Thinking back, the reason was never clear as to why they separated. All Beast Boy remembered was the mayor stating crime rate had dropped significantly in Jump City. Robin seemed to take this as an initiative to say it was time to get serious and move ahead with their lives. It was time for them to stop playing around and grow up. They could only do this for so long before new recruits were needed and heck even Titans East had already started searching for other potentials. The team begun becoming more distant from each other after that, knowing somehow that this wonderful life they led was soon to end. They started packing up and before they knew it, the day came when it was time to say good bye and leave.

Except none of them actually said good bye. Not so much as even whisper it.

Perhaps it was too painful, too heartbreaking, having to utter those two seemingly simple words. Perhaps it was the sudden dizzying reality that weighed down on them each time they tried to say it, only to back down and keep their mouths closed tight. They feared that if they did say it, they might not be able to keep a hold of themselves… won't be capable of acting like the mature adults they're supposed to be…never seeing each other again.

If only they knew.

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