Isn't it nice to dream of the day

When Prince Charming would come to you to stay?

But would you really want to spend your life

Suffering so much for the ending chance?

Sleeping away the day

Is not how Cinderella got to stay.

She woke up at the crack of dawn

To live her life as her evil stepsisters pawn.

Even Snow White, with her lips so bright

Had to flee into the forest in fright.

Living with seven dwarfs and the forest animals,

While the Queen was trying to prevent her return.

Sleeping Beauty, away from her home

Having to live her life in the forest alone.

The three good fairies are all she sees

Having to live her life among birds and bees.

Pocahontas with her sad fate

Did not end up as Disney portrays.

Nor Anastasia

With her life still unsaved.

The sad realization that you would trade your life for something less

Where you might barely survive

Just to find your one true love

As Mulan going out to fight til the death

Through the camp of enemy she did meet

Barley surviving and standing on her own two feet

Belle found her beast in a castle so high

A tortured man just waiting to die

Unknowing love, unlocking fate

A prisoner suffering to escape.

Ariel with fins so bright

Had to choose one way of life

Her fate was never to see her family again

As she was never meant to swim.

Fantasy would be nice to live

Or so it seems

With so much suffering in between

When you might not even be able to survive

To live out that happy ending you so much.

Inspired by the romantic notion of all the Disney princesses.