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Chapter 1: Welcome to Rave High

I walked into the school's entrance, knowing this would be where my next four years of life were spent. I was rather disappointed really. I mean, the school wasn't big or well kept. Still many students hustled about its dark and damp hallways. Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating just a little. My name is Elie, I just turned 14, and I am so ready for this! Or so I thought when I left home this morning.

A sigh escaped my lips. I hated school, and anyone who didn't…well….they were paid off to do my homework. I continued down the hallway until I heard an amazing sound from one of the side rooms. I slowly opened the door and peeked in. The hottest guy I had yet to see stood before me, in tight black leather jeans and a tighter black shirt that showed off his well-formed body. He held an electric Ibanez guitar in his hands, and boy was he great. His fingers slid down and up the strings as if he were born to play, and I know from experience that guitar is pretty difficult to play. Arcade games on the other hand were my forte.

The music filled my ears, and I lingered in the doorway for a moment before I heard his low but sexy voice. "You can come in you know." He said as he smiled and looked at me. I pointed to myself making sure it was me to whom he was addressing. "No, I meant the other girl staring into this particular room." My face turned red with heat and crimson.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. It's just that you are really good…and-" The black hair boy smiled. His bangs fell in his face while the rest of his hair was spiked up. He wore a silver skull necklace, and had a tattoo of a music symbol on one of his arms.

"The name is Musica." Either he could tell I had a slight crush on him, or he was extremely egotistical. "And you are?"

"Uh, Elie, I am Elie." I looked over to his other musical instruments that lay untouched. "Are you in a band?"

Musica's hand smacked his face, as if he were embarrassed or offended that I had asked. "We are starting up, me and my friend, but we need more members to actually get started or even into a gig."

"Oh…well you sound great, and if your friend is near as good as you, you should easily be able to find more members." Usually, I would never just start conversation with someone, but with him it was so easy.

Just then the door behind me swung open, and a boy with silver hair walked in. He was slightly shorter than Musica, but none the less attractive. "I am much better than, Musica, and I am ashamed that you would think he is the better of us. I am Haru, Haru Glory. And I am as kickass as it gets." He winked at me and for some reason I felt my heart beat pick up. Both of these guys were extremely attractive and arrogant, but for some reason I had a crush on them both from the moment I laid eyes on them.

"Haru plays the drums, guitar and occasionally we both do vocals." The bell rang, and I knew it was time to rush to class. I definitely did not need to be late first day. I turned to leave.

"You guys should hold auditions after school to see if anyone is good enough to play with you guys. Maybe you will have some luck." I rushed out the door. Haru grabbed my hand and tugged me to a stop.

"Where is your first class?" He asked kindly.

"Uh, Trey Barker for History?" I answered without thinking twice.

"Nice. I can show you there. It's my class too." He smiled this perfect smile. God, if I could date this boy…ah what am I talking about. I just met him. Together we walked into the worst class ever to have first period. Dreaded History.

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