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Chapter 2: History Class of Doom

Haru and I walked to our first period. Haru had that wonderful smile as he talked. I was captivated by it. Less than a minute after we had started walking, a blue hair girl named Celia came and bumped into me. "Oops." She said. "Oh, hey, Haru, I didn't see you there." Sure you didn't. "I couldn't see through this pile of garbage blocking you." Wait a second…did she just? "So, would you like to hang out with me after school?" She winked at him as if it was just ok to walk over here and do this.

"Actually Celia, me and Elie were going to hang out today." He smirked as he wrapped his arm around my waste. I could feel my cheeks go hot from his sudden touch. "We are practicing with Musica for our new and improved band. This girl has one hell of a voice, and is making the perfect addition for us, and look at her. Her body is perfect." Haru grazed his hands right over my exposed skin causing me to shiver.

Celia turned many shades of red and rushed off. I looked over at Haru. "Sorry about that." He murmured. "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, I promise…it's just…" Great…he is using me… He could not seem to find the right words to make any of this any better. "So welcome to your history class, Elie." He did his cute smile again… Yea… he is luck he is cute. History class was going by so slow. Well with Haru sitting behind me I could not seem to focus. Agh…what I would do just to fix things…but it was his fault… he is the one using me. Suddenly a blonde, tall boy approached me. He had a scar across his face, but he was none the less attractive. He sat down beside me, and handed me a small envelope.

"Hey, you must be new." He offered a smile. "I am Lucia, and I would love for you to come to my little party. It is kind of a welcome from me to you. It will help you get to know the people here better, and who knows. Maybe you will find someone you like." He winked, and I couldn't help but to nod and take the invitation. He smiled and returned to his seat.

Two other girls began flirting with Haru, and every time I started to fall asleep during our first day lecture, he would grab me and act like I was his trophy girl or something. I sighed and tried to ignore him, but with no prevail. I was glad when finally the bell rang and we were dismissed.

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