It took a while, but here is chapter 3! Enjoy.

Ch. 3: Band Practice

I rushed out of the classroom trying to force back tears. He wouldn't use me would he? Someone ran after me and grabbed my shoulder. Instinctively, I leaned into the person's chest, expecting Haru. "How could you just be using me?! Do I look easy to take advantage of or something?!" His arms wrapped around me and he went to wipe away my tears. That's when I looked up and saw Lucia. I sniffled and tried to speak but I couldn't. I was at a loss for words.

"It's alright, Elie." He held me close and began stroking my hair. "I understand. I saw during class." I looked up at him again trying to read his eyes...Nothing. He walked me to all of my classes that day and sat with me at lunch. talking to him made me feel a lot better. The end of the school day arrived quickly, and Lucia started to walk me to the bus.

"Uh, Lucia, actually, I am walking with Haru and Musica to their place to audition for their band." I tried for my best innocent smile.

"Really? That is odd. That's exactly what I am doing. Would you like a ride?" You can't be kidding me. He has got to be lying.

"What do you play?"

"I play drums. They have a lead and bass guitarist already, so they need drums and vocals at least." Maybe he was serious. He flashed a kind grin at me and I accepted his offer. "I am glad you rode with me, Elie." He said as he opened the car door for me. Are people really this polite anymore, or is Lucia a total fake?

Musica and Haru greeted me warmly, but when they looked at Lucia who was beside me, Haru went cold. "Elie, can I talk to you? Inside." Haru sounded as if he was pleading with me so I waved goodbye to Lucia.

After Haru shut the door to the house, he turned around extremely fast and went to speak when he noticed his face was barely an inch from mine. "Uh...Elie, I am sorry!" He pulled away so quickly. "Just...uh..Why is Lucia with you?"

My face was burning red. "He is auditioning too. He offered me a ride, and-" I stopped noticing nothing I could say would help. Just then Musica walked in with Lucia.

"Alright, which one of you want to audition first?" Musica asked excitedly.

"I'll go." Lucia said. "What kind of music are we playing?"

Just as Haru began to speak, Musica cut him off. "Pick a song by Bullet For My Valentine. We will see what you have got." I looked over at Lucia just as he smirked.

"You have got to try harder than that if you want to get rid of me." Lucia smirked and began playing drums, hitting every beat. Both of the boys joined in, and I began singing vocals. Haru stopped playing guitar and stared at me.

"Guys, I think we found our vocalist." Musica stated smiling. "We don't need to hold auditions. Haru, what do you think of Lucia? He is really good."

Haru gritted his teeth for a moment, but bit his tongue. "You are in, but I am going to tell you now, if there is any drama or problems coming from you, you will be out in a second."

"Nice. Just let me know when the next practice is." Lucia smiled and looked to me. "Do you want a ride home?"

I looked at him wondering if I wanted him to know where I lived. I didn't really know him well. "Sure." I gave in. I mean, how bad can he be? He has been kind to me so far. Riding with him, we spoke about the party that was coming up. We were both excited about it, and to be completely honest, I was excited for him to pick me up that night. The week went by fast thankfully, and the day of the party was here before I knew it.

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