Title: I Don't Really Know How To Tell You This
Author: tatterdemalion
Characters/Pairings: Canada, Prussia, England, France, and America - guest appearances/mentions of Germany, North Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine / PruCan and minor FrUK
Rating: PG-13
Summary: AU / When you have two dads and one jerk of a brother who all live in a rundown English pub, "meet the family" nights are not just awkward - they're horrifying. Story based on a prompt from the livejournal community "52 flavors"

Prompt:"I'm not sure my parents will approve! And they run a bar!"

Notes: So this is a story/AU that I only uploaded onto my LJ, originally. However, as I am looking to finish up my stories before taking a break (per se, or at least a decrease in activity) from this fandom (although I do realize I have been gone for a long time now...), I thought I'd migrate it over here for people to read. If you want to read ahead, this story (and more from this universe) can be found on my LJ, grosse_averse - however, I'd also really appreciate reviews here, as well! Please enjoy!

Le Lys & La Rose sits on the eastern end of a small English fishing village. It is a rather tacky looking, rundown English pub, bought by a prickly Englishman when he and his family moved there from London. Before he even bought the pub he had earned an odd reputation around town - after all, people whispered, why would you want to move from London to this place?

The Englishman's partner, a very fruity Frenchman, had bickered with his lover for several months over why, exactly, he felt the need to buy such an eyesore, and then for several more months over what they were going to do with the place. The Frenchman wanted to update it, make it a little more chiclike those cafes in Paris - The Englishman wanted a good ol' rough and tumble pub like the ones from his childhood (greasy chips, badly lit bar, the works).

The Frenchman despaired. Eventually, he had compromised on the basis that hecould choose the name.

The couple had two children who enrolled in the local high school the fall after they arrived. The eldest brother was a cheery, goofy sort of boy, good at football but not so good at sitting still in class. The younger brother was a meek little thing, better at schoolwork but continually overshadowed by his brother. The elder sat with a big group of friends at lunch - the younger sat by his locker to eat. The elder practiced football after school - the younger didn't like to talk about what he did after hours.

"I think he has, like, an anime club or something he goes to." the elder, Alfred, would tell his parents when asked.

The younger, Matt, would agree with this regardless if it was true or not. If it got his fathers off his back, so be it.

When the bell rang, signaling the end of school, Matt got up out of his desk and left the Maths classroom. The girl who sat next to him, Katya, gave him a cheery wave and told him to have a good weekend - his friend Lars clapped a hand on his shoulder before running off in search of his sister.

Matt sighed wearily as he replaced his books in his locker. It was Friday, and he had a weekend of doing homework to look forward to. He wondered if Lars would be up for going to a movie on Saturday - there was a new one out, a comedy, and it -

Someone slammed his locker door shut. Matt looked up, an annoyed look crossing his face, until he realized who the person standing beside him was.

Red eyes studied him as a fierce smile curled the boy's lips up.

"Hey," the boy named Gilbert drawled, leaning against the locker; he towered over Matt by a couple of inches (only a couple!), something the other boy always found annoying. "How was Maaaaaaths?" he drew the name out in an irritated drawl, a faint German accent audible in his voice.

Matt rolled his eyes. "Fine." he said and tried to move Gilbert's arm in order to open his locker back up. Gilbert didn't give. Instead, he leaned over Matt with a smirk.

"Do you have something you want?" Matt asked stiffly, trying to look intimidating. Gilbert pretended to considered this, then bent so they were face to face.

"Ten minutes." he said quietly. "While Ludwig's at football practice."

Matt made a sour face. "Okay," was his reluctant answer. "But I can't stay very long."

"Sure." Gilbert cackled, throwing him a wink and then disappearing down the hallway. Matt let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding, and opened his locker once more.

He'd first met Gilbert Beilschmidt during the first week of school, back when he was still following his brother around for lack of better things to do. He'd had lunch with a few friends Al had made on the football team, including a big, blond forward named Ludwig Beilschmidt, and his older brother Gilbert.

Gilbert was loud, cocky, and rude, and had spent the whole lunch break leering at Matt before teasing him about his hair, his glasses...whatever. Alfred had piped up once in a while, telling Gilbert to, "shut his mouth" but Matt had felt sufficiently ridiculed and hadn't eaten lunch with his brother again.

But the day after Gilbert had found him in the hall, eating lunch, and had sat with him the whole hour. Matt had been annoyed, until Gilbert had suggested Matt come to an after school meeting for this club he was in. Matt had accepted, and...

Well...Matt flushed at the memory as he turned down the hallway into the far wing of the school. Hardly anybody stayed in this section after school - even the janitors didn't clean here until late at night. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door to one of the empty classrooms and stepped inside, locking the door behind him.

Instantly he was pressed up against the door, and Gilbert's lips were crushed against his. Matt gave a little exclamation of exasperation but kissed back. The blinds had been drawn across the windows, blocking Matt's view of the football pitch, and blocking the football players' view of them.

Gilbert had his hands on either side of Matt's head, nipping and licking at Matt's lower lip in a very distracting manner. Matt twined his arms around the red eyed boy's neck and together they tried to move into the centre of the room.

It was hard when Gilbert insisted on groping him throughout.

"Gilbert." Matt groaned into the elder's mouth as Gilbert's hand slid lower and lower, fingertips dipping below the waistband of his trousers. "G-Gil - "

Gilbert laughed into his mouth, before backing him up against a desk. Matt broke the kiss in order to hop up on the desk. Gilbert settled himself between the blond's spread legs.

"Hm?" he asked teasingly. "So how was your day, liebling?"

Matt frowned at him. "I - it was fine, I already told you." he stammered as Gilbert's hands trailed up and down his thighs. After a nervous pause he added, "...a-and you didn't have to slam my locker shut, either."

"Sorry." Gilbert didn't sound sorry as he leaned forward to possessively nibble on Matt's ear. "You'rethe one who insisted we act "normal" so no one would know..."

"So normal for you is acting like a dick...?" Matt grumbled, tilting his head to give Gilbert more access to his neck.

"You asked for it." Gilbert replied pleasantly. Matt frowned.

It was true, he was the one who, after Gilbert had started getting too touchy-feely in the hallways, had suggested that they keep their...relationship...under wraps. After all, he wasn't sure how his brother would react to something like that, and in such a small town the news would certainlyget around to his parents.

And no one, no onewants that.

Gilbert was grinding against him now, making Matt inhale sharply and steady himself by grabbing the albino's shoulders. Gilbert smirked into his neck and suckled the skin there. The suction built - the jerk was trying to give him a hickey!- and Matt tried to push himself away.

"Wait - no - people will see..."

"I wantpeople to see." Gilbert growled, eyes flashing dangerously as their gazes locked. "I want people to see you're mine."

"Nn...no..." Matt was flustered by this statement, squirming on the desk. "I told you, I - "

"Are you embarrassed?" Gilbert asked, stilling his motions. Matt felt a little disappointed and antsy - usually their routine consisted of rutting against each other like horny teenagers in an abandoned classroom, then parting ways. He had never taken Gilbert for one to want anything more in the arrangement. The older boy's eyes were serious now.

"Are you embarrassed of me?"

"What?" Matt looked surprised. Gilbert's hands were gripping his hips with a sense of urgency, and Matt lifted his sneaker and ran it reassuringly up and down the albino's calf. "Gil, no, it's not that!"

"Then why do we keep..." Gilbert trailed off and motioned angrily around the classroom. When Matt didn't answer, struck speechless by the fact that Gilbert, of all people, would be worried about this, an angry, embarrassed flush appeared on the albino's face and he snapped hurriedly, "I - it's not like I'm upsetor anything gay like that! Forget it!", and he set back to attacking Matt's lips with desperate, angry kisses.

Matt felt guilty, and he slid a hand between his mouth and Gilbert's to stop him. "Gil, wait." he said quietly. "It's not that I'm embarrassed, okay? It's just that I'm not sure I want my parents to know about all this."

Gilbert looked puzzled. "Why not?" he asked.

Matt swallowed nervously. "They're kind of - well, they're weird. Like, really weird. Like, sometimes I don't go down for dinner because they're so weird." And also because Dad's cooking is shit

Gilbert didn't seem convinced. "So? My family's fucking weird, too! Sometimes my brother brings his friend home and his friend dances around and sings about pasta so our father gets mad and kicks him out. And I mean, Jesus Christ, my father's hair goes down to his back, he looks like mother fucking Legolas, it's so embarrassingto go down to the store with him - !"

"Gil, I'm not sure my parents will approve! And they run a bar!" Matt didn't want to mention to Gilbert how the albino's reputation preceded him in this town ("problem child" people called him behind his back, "delinquent", "rogue", "how his little brother ended up being such a good citizen is a miracle"). His dad had commented on Gilbert once, saying that the "brat should be sent off to military camp if he was going to cause so much trouble!"

"Matt." Gilbert kissed him firmly, teasing his tongue between the blond's lips before pulling back. "Trust me, I can make a good impression." at Matt's dubious stare, he insisted, "Seriously!"

Matt thought of all the times Gilbert had lost his temper in class, or when he and his friend Antonio had pulled pranks on new students, or when Gilbert had (reputedly) told the headmaster that he thought he was a "pretty big wanker". Gilbert had a problem with authority figures and rules, and he wasn't afraid to show it.

Matt sighed. "Fine." he said. "You - would you like to come over for dinner tonight? My papais making something really delicious..."

Gilbert's eyes lit up. "Absolutely!" he crowed. "Tonight is Frozen Dinner Friday at my house, anyways! Sweet, and your dad's French too, right? So it mustbe good!"

Matt laughed at Gilbert's enthusiasm, then paused. "Were...were you really that angry with me because I didn't want other people to know?"

Gilbert thought about this. His thumbs pressed circles above Matt's pelvis and the younger boy blushed.

"Yeah." he said teasingly, leaning closer. "You gonna make it up to me?"

Matt was about to reply when a football came sailing through the window, showering the floor with bits of glass. Gilbert swore, loudly, throwing arms around Matt to protect him. The blond blushed.

"Who the fuckdid that?" Gilbert demanded, striding over to the window and shoving the tangled blinds aside. Matt joined him

Alfred was looking up at them with a bright grin on his face. "Antonio dared me to drop kick the ball!" he called up by way of an explanation.

"Al!" Matt cried in exasperation. Alfred looked between the two of them.

"So...what's going on, Mattie?" he asked suspiciously.

"Uh..." Matt trailed off as Ludwig jogged up behind Alfred, his hair immaculately slicked back as always. "Gil's going to be coming over for dinner, Al."

Alfred looked stunned for a minute. Then he started laughing. "Oh Matt. Oh Matt." he said, smirking. "Good luck with that."

"I know!" Matt exclaimed. "It's going to be horrible, shut up!"

Ludwig was giving Gilbert an affronted look. Gilbert poked his tongue out. "Poor Luddy has to survive Frozen Dinner Fridays all by himself!" he teased.

"You can come over to myplace for dinner!" the Italian goalie, Feliciano, called from across the pitch.

Ludwig groaned.

Matt had second thoughts.

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