Having one night off was always too short for Sara to relax and she had to admit, she didn't like it when she had to go back to the lab. Usually it took her the whole drive from the fort to Vegas to lose her bad mood and get ready in her mind for work. Today, this drive was different than the other times. Sofia and Josh were with her and it was late afternoon when they arrived in Las Vegas. Sofia made the decision to join Sara for a few minutes to say hello to her old colleagues and because she didn't want to have Josh in the lab or the police department, they stopped at Sofia's parents place to leave Josh there.

"There he is, my lovely grandson." Sofia's father greeted Josh. "You grew again."


"That means your mother treats you good. Hello Sofia." He hugged his daughter. "How are you?"

"Fine, thanks. How is your cold?" Sofia's father had skipped the dinner yesterday because he had a cold.

"Almost gone, the medicine of your mother worked. Hi Sara, ready for work?"

"There's no other choice, the bad boys need to be caught."

"That's right. You have to do that tonight without the captain, she's on duty here, taking care of this young man."

"My rookie. Stand straight!" Sofia's mother came into the room and Josh stood straight.

"Yes, Sir."

"Marie, he is too young for the police academy." Sofia's father told his wife of. "Give him a few more years."

"It's never too early to start."

"Be his grandmother, not his captain. Do you think you can do that?"

"Don't look at me like that."

"I knew you could." He kissed his wife. Most times she was the one who gave the orders but he knew, whenever there was something that was important to him she was willing to give in.

"So tell me, what happened yesterday after I left? Did you eat more pizza and chocolate, Josh?"

"No, went to bed."

"You're a good boy. It was time for you to get some sleep."

"Had nightmare."

"You had a nightmare? What happened?"

"There were monsters in my room."


"No, but I was scared."

"Did your mother come and helped you?"

"No, mom had sex with Sara. Grandma, do you have sex with grandpa?"

Sofia wished the floor would just open, suck her in and let her out at any other place of the world. Preferable as far away as possible.

"What?" Sofia's mother stared at her grandson.

"I'm sorry mom. Dad." Sofia knew her face was deep red and she didn't dare to look at her parents.

"For the question of your son or the information he gave us?" Sofia's father asked.

"I guess for both."

"We told him, adults, who are in love, have sex." Sara tried to explain, not quite sure if she should say anything at all. A look at Sofia told her, her girlfriend needed some support, no matter how difficult it was.

"You start early with this topic."

"Well…we kind of had no other choice."

"A locked door?"

"I don't like the idea that he can't come to me when something happened." Sofia disagreed. She had thought about locking the door for the rest of the night, but she didn't like the idea, that Josh wanted to come to her because he was scared and stood in front of a locked door. That would scare him even more.

"Looks like the two of you need a night without the rookie." Sofia's mother took Josh on her arms. "What do you think of having a little holidays with your grandfather and me?"

"No holiday time."

"Yes I know. You'll stay here, we bring you to kindergarten and you can build that bed, you wanted to build with your grandfather."

"With slide?"

"Of course we'll build a bed with a slide." Sofia's father said. "That was the deal."


"So, the two of you will have a look when you can have two or three days off and have some vacation. And we'll try to fix Josh."

"There is nothing to fix, mother."

"Of course there is. He should think of sport, cartoons and candy and not sex. My mother would have killed me if you had asked her a question like that."

"Well, I don't think so, you would have been faster than her, killed me first." Sofia turned to Sara. "See, I told you, I'm not like my mother!"

"Sofia, she offered us to have some time alone, you don't want to say anything now that might upset her. Why don't you come with me, see your old colleagues and you talk about that later…or about cartoons, candy or sport?"

"Coward." Sofia got her arm around Sara. "I'll be back in an hour or so."

"And we'll have a look where the new bed should be."


"Bye." Sara waved to Sofia's parents. "I'll see you tomorrow morning, Josh. Have a good night."

"You too."

"Maybe we're too open minded to Josh." Sofia said when they were in the car.

"Why?" Sara had problems to stay serious. Being out of the house of her future in-laws made the whole scene a little bit funnier.

"Because the ground doesn't open when you need it to do that. And my parents weren't happy about his question – or his information."

"I'm sure they know we've got sex when we're together, they even offered to take Josh for a few days so we can have some time alone and I'm sure they don't expect us to read or visit a museum the whole time. We can do that with Josh around. And for the question, your son is a bright kid, they know that, they know, he asks a lot of questions and there is nothing wrong with this question. I bet they were caught so off guard because they had sex last night."

"Don't put pictures in my head, Sara! Stop it right now!" Sofia closed her eyes, covered her ears and started to rock her head as she could forget this way what Sara had said.


"One day he'll do something what embarrass you, I wonder what you'll say then. What will be your words, Miss Sidle?"

"That's our son, always asking question to find the answers. Just like his mothers."

Sofia stared at Sara blank for a few seconds before she pulled her in her arms, avoiding an accident only because they stood in front of a red traffic light. "You're amazing. I love you."

Sara smirked. Seemed like she answered the question the right way.

"And I love you and Josh. No matter what questions he asks and comes in the room in the night. It's part of the family packet and there's nothing in the world, that could make me change this packet for anything else. You and Josh, the two of you make my life complete." Sara kissed Sofia softly and ignored the car behind them, that was honking the horn because the light changed to green. Some things were more important than a green traffic light.


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