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Naruto moves all over in his sleep with sweat coming down his forehead, this causes Yugito to wake up and look at him. "What's making him act like this? Is it some kind of nightmare that causing him this much pain?" She starts to shake his arm to wake him up but once he's up, his eyes look at her but she can see they're red from crying.

"What's wrong you were sweating up a storm and crying?" She asked him with a smoothing and caring voice causing him to just stare at her, he didn't know what to say or do because he has never been in this kind of set up before.

He has never once broken down in front of anyone before like how he's doing now Naruto didn't know what to do that's why, he just sits there without saying or moving at all. Yugito moves her hand to his face feeling that it was wet from tears before rubbing it lightly and gently before he moves his head on her chest causing Yugito to smile. Her breast felt so soft even though her clothes.

"It's ok for you to let it out Naruto-kun; you can't keep it all build up inside of you." Naruto does what she says and lets it all out, he begins to cry against her breasts but Yugito just rubs his head with her hand softly. She didn't cry if her nightgown got wet from his tears, only thing she was caring about is him getting better.

She notices with her eyes that Karui and Samui are coming inside the room to see what's going on with the two of them. Samui looks at Naruto before walking to the bed, she sits on it and starts to rub his back with her soft hands but she can't help but look at him. "What's happening to you Naruto-kun?"

He just looks around to see both of them next to him; he starts to feel new pair of hands he can tell now that they're Karui's hands. He doesn't know why they are all here doing this for him but he's truly grateful that they are.

He finally stops crying and looks at each one of them. "Thank you for doing this." All three of them just smile to him but they can't stop worrying about him. "Naruto-kun you should talk about what's hurting you this badly."

Naruto moves off the bed and stands because how could he just be alive right now; he just moves his hand to his aching beating heart. "I just can't take it, why did he order me to run away and not help him fight against that asshole." He moves his head to the wall with more tears coming down his face he just can't handle it.

"I should have gone against his orders and fought against that asshole, what's the point of having powers and strong jutsus? What was point of me being an Anbu captain at a young age if it means nothing when you need to fight?" He makes a fist and hits the wall, all his training and hard work for what? So he can see the person who was like a father die and he couldn't do anything to help him.

"No one blames you Naruto-kun; he wanted you to live and not die I know that's why he ordered you to run away. He felt this person was too strong for him for you to help against this Pain person." Yugito gets off the bed and moves behind him but he doesn't turn around, she rubs his back bit her eyes just stare at the back of his head before he turns around.

"He didn't blame you for dying, you need to do the last thing he wanted from you and that's to live. You can't live in the past Naruto-kun you need move on and live with the pain." Naruto just looks at her before he sees another two women leaving the room and Yugito pulling him back to the bed.

Two girls come back with pillows and blankets but Naruto wonder what was going on but when they see moving all pillows from their hands plus the ones on Yugito bed and putting them on the ground he slowly understands now.

Something hit Naruto as his eyes wipe because he forget that this asshole wouldn't just stop at killing Hanzo. "I have to go back and it's not to kill pain, I just realize if that asshole killed him what's stopping him from going after Hanzo-sensei whole family." That's when they understand what he means by that, he unseals a scroll from his right arm and opens it.

Out comes an Anbu mask he puts on before walking out the door but he's stop by the girls. "I tol-"He was cut off by Samui with her hands on his mask to shut him up. "We know and we are going to go with you, no way that you can talk us out of it."

He nods before going to the living room; little bit later he sees them all ready to leave. The four of them leave the house and head for the gates to the village. Naruto wasn't going to fail to keep them alive, he knows where they would be if he would ever be killed.

Once they are outside the village he summons the salamander that Hanzo always summoned his name is Ibuse. "Naruto what is it?" Naruto stares at the salamander because he knows it hurts him as much as it was hurting him that Hanzo is died.

"We have to go to the hidden house for Hanzo-sensei to keep them safe." Ibuse nods his head before they jump on his back. "It's a good thing that the safe house was build far away from village and close by Kumo, it will only take us few hours to get there."

They are lost in their own thoughts as they sit and wait for the ride to be over, Naruto just hopes he gets there in time or he may never forgive himself if they are died. Once the group finally gets to the safe house Naruto slowly opens to door.

When he opens he sees Hanzo's wife on the ground died with a wound that looks to be new and soon, Naruto falls to the ground when he sees her die like that. He didn't know what to think or what to do because so many images comes flashing in his mind.

Flashback starts now.

"Naruto-kun this going be your new and this is my wife Suki." A woman with long brown hair to her waist, she had two beautiful amber eyes with one kind and warm smile. She looks at Naruto and goes to her knees with her arms out wide.

"Hello Naruto-kun we have been waiting for you to get here." She gave him a warm and kind smile that make him feel safe, he runs to her and hugs her close. She just embraces him in a motherly embrace.

That was when Naruto truly felt safe for the first time in his six years of being alive, in the arms of a woman who only cared about making him feel welcome and safe. He will always forget that day as long as he lives.

The memory fade as the truth comes back into his eyes and he can't take it.

Flashback ends.

Naruto just stares at her as he moves to his hand to her neck hoping to find some life still in her, he feels nothing only that the warm was no longer in her but he just keeps wishing this is all just a nightmare. He looks at her and wants to know who the hell did this.

Naruto gets back up but knows this may just be one of the first bodies he's going to find like this, cold and dead without a chance to save them. He goes in the next room but the three girls just stare and fallow because they don't know what to say or do right now.

All they can do is be by his side when he turns around and needs them, when they get to the next room they can see a man forward against the table with his head on the table next to cards that have blood on them. The wound that killed him looked to be from behind and he never had a chance to fight back, they know now that they must have known who their killer or killers were and trusted them.

He looks to see who it was and it was Hanzo's younger brother Kenshin and he just wants break down when images come crashing at him again.

Flash back starts.

"Naruto-kun I would like you been my brother Kenshin, he's a strong shinobi like me and maybe even you when you get strong." Kenshin walks over to the two of them; he looks at Naruto who just stares at his sword.

"You like my sword do you?" He nods his head before Kenshin smiles to the little boy and knees down. "When you become an Anbu I'll give you it then as a gift." Naruto smiles and jumps happy saying he was going be one soon and fast.

Later Naruto did get the sword from Kenshin as a gift for being an Anbu just like he had promised Naruto that he would do, Naruto was losing the only family he truly known he had.

Flashback ends.

Naruto unseals the sword which was a katana with sign of rain on it; the sheath had a design on it. It was a dragon moving down to the end and once it gets there it's trying to bit its own tail. He looks at Kenshin one last time before moving to the next one.

He knows he sees Hanzo son in law who had two green eyes and short black eyes, he didn't know much about him because he was always away doing things. He looks around and doesn't see the last two.

They hear a scream of a woman's voice coming from outside in the back, Naruto runs to where the scream came from. When he gets there he sees them both alive but hurt badly, first was woman with long blonde hair and two black eyes with a wound across her chest. This was Yuna Hanzo's daughter and someone he cares about deeply because she's like a mother to him.

He sees the last person who was cut as well in the chest but breathing, he makes a fist because this was Hanzo granddaughter Lunar. She had long blonde hair to her lower back with two black eyes just like her mother, Naruto looks to see who did this and was shocked.

He sees Ame headbands, his own people had turned against them. "You damn traitors, I'll kill you myself!" He yelled at the three shinobis in front of him with bloody weapons. "Please take them to Ibuse before it's too late, get them to a hospital and fast please." Karui and Samui do as he asked them but they do few healing jutsus before moving them so they don't die by being moved.

"We will fight them together Naruto-kun." When three shinobi hears his name they realize who the man in the Anbu mask before them was, they also know how much he cared about this family and know this going be a hard fight.

"So you're Naruto-kun." A woman voice could be heard but he sees Karui and Samui have made it away on Ibuse. "Thank you for saving me the trouble of finding you later." A blue hair woman comes out in a cloak with red clouds on it.

"You are one that killed these innocent people! Wasn't killing Hanzo enough did you have do this?" She looks at the bodies when she came in; she knows her long time friend was doing what was right even if it didn't look so.

"What did they ever do? What did Yuna, Lunar, Kenshin and Suki ever do to you!" Naruto yelled his heart out as his face was stain with tears that no one can see thanks to the mask. He holds the katana in his hands before looking at the four of them, to think three of them used to be people he could teammates and allies.

"I won't let you live for this, you have turned against a leader that fought so hard for his people. Now you kill his family who trusted you and let you in only for you stab them in the back!" He looks at them but he thinks of the reasons that he has to fight this battle and win.

Flash back starts.

Naruto was having his seven birthday and for once it was a real one, he even had cake and gifts that are from his new family. Kenshin looks at Naruto before giving him his gift but he just looks at everyone with a smile.

Lunar pulls him away from everyone and looks at him but he just stares at her. "Can you make a promise to me Naruto-kun?" he nods his head to her. "Promise me when I need to be saved that you will come and save me."

"I promise I'll always be there for you Lunar-chan." He smiles to her before they walk back to everyone and have fun with the birthday party, which was the day Naruto smiled and laughs for hours on end.

Flash back ends.

Naruto rushes at the three Ame shinobis causing them to look at him like he was crazy, he was out numbered and still trying to fight them. "I'll be sending you all hell where you belong!" He does hand signs before he gets to the fight one. "Now die, Ryu Doumeihigyou.(Dragon Strike)" His blades shows a dragon running at him but the truth was it just a fake image but thanks to that he tricks him allowing the katana to cut his arm off.

He is going to thank Kenshin for training him and now he can use that training against the ones that killed him. He notices one running at him with a weapon known as an Umbrella that most Ame shinobis use to fight. He hurls it into the air causing rain of needles once it starts to spin.

He knows how they fight and that's why he knows how to dodge the needles or block them with his katana, he looks over to see Yugito fighting against the woman. He hopes she doesn't get hurt because of him and his fight

Naruto jumps up and aims for the man that hurled the umbrella up at him, he does hand signs again before whispering to himself. "Kage Doumeihigyou. (Shadow Strike)" Naruto disappears from their eyes; he blends into the shadow around them and reappears behind the man. Naruto runs his blade through the man's back before looking at one arm man and other one.

Let's go back to Yugito fighting against Konan.

Yugito dodge the paper attacks that Konan kept on using against her but she just looks at Konan because her weakness is Yugito greatest weapon. She does start doing hand signs before yelling out. "Inferuno (Inferno)." She starts to breath out a massive way of fire towards Konan but her paper didn't burn as it stands up to the flames.

Konan send waves of paper shards missing Yugito but cutting through the floor, Yugito didn't' know why her fire attack didn't hurt her if she's using paper but see how strong these paper attacks are now she hopes that she's doesn't get hit by one.

"Did you really think fire jutsu can beat me?" Yugito looks up at the paper angel before she starts to move her teeth together hard stopping the anger from coming out. "You are both fools to try and fight against me like this."

Now back to Naruto.

Naruto looks at them and guesses they are just chuunin level shinobis, he scans the two in front of him with his eyes before running towards the one arm shinobi. He quickly cut the man's head off without any mercy and clean cut.

The last one just shakes with fear before trying to run away that when Naruto just appears in front of him with his sword being run through the asshole's chest. He goes to Yugito and hopes that they can beat this woman together.

Konan keeps the waves of shards up but once she sees Naruto running to her she uses her wings to block his attack and cut his chest as one wing slices him. He falls back on the ground holding his somewhat bleeding chest, that's slowly being healed by Kyuubi.

He remembers what Kenshin always told him when he was training him in the past; his words start to come clean to him. "If your ever against someone that maybe stronger than you or has a better defensive, my only words to you are when for them to strike than counter it. Find a weak spot and hit it as hard as you can because it may be the only time you get a chance to."

He starts to block the incoming shards but a few get passed him cutting his cut and leg, he looks at Konan before he comes up with a plan. "Yugito-chan I need you to attack her and dodge the wings ok?" He whispers to her before she nods her head to him.

Yugito uses the walls to get to her but she blocks with her wings but once she starts to attack with them that the point when Naruto is now behind her using fuuto to cut her back straight down the middle. Konan couldn't believe that she had made a mistake like this but when she starts to fall, she can feel herself being catch in middle air.

"That was a foolish mistake on your part Konan." She looks at her partner pain before looking away, she didn't want to let him down like this but she notices Naruto was staring at pain. "You're the one behind all this? Why!"

"To bring peace to this world, I will end all wars for that reason." Peace that what he thinks this will bring, to kill innocents in the name of peace Naruto just makes a fist he was livid. He stares at this monster in front of him right now can't even believe someone is this fucked up in the head.

"You call this peace, killing innocent people like this?" He looks at Pain but he feels Yugito pulling on him telling him that they need to run and he knows he has to. He looks at her before he starts to run with her, but for some reason Pain didn't go after him he just holds Konan before walking away with her.

When the two of them finally get back to the village they see Raikage and Kirabi waiting for them alongside Samui and Karui. Naruto just hopes that both Yuna and Lunar are both safe and still alive.

"They're both alive don't worry, Naruto-kun there something else they are barely alive if you didn't leave when you did they would have been died right now." He looks at her before he closes his eyes but he can hear Raikage walking up to him.

"I know why you did it but tell me did you learn anything new from this reckless stunt?" Naruto tells them what he learned but everyone couldn't believe someone would think that was the way to having peace in the world.

"I'm going to go see them." Samui stops him before can walk away. "We are going to come with you." He nods his head before him and the three women show him where they are being healed, when he gets there he looks through the glass window and into the room.

He moves his hand against the glass feeling the coldness from it and just falls apart; he slows falls to his knees with his hands against the window with tears that won't stop coming down his face.

"Why did this have to happen to people that were so kind like them, why does this kind of shit happen to ones that done nothing wrong in life?" Samui moves him around and comforts him by rubbing his head softly, she didn't know why things like this happened and she always asked herself same thing he did.

He just cries on her breasts and just can't stop the tears causing his eyes to start burning, he just wants to keep ones he cares about safe and he just can't. He can feel the other two women going around him; Yugito was hugging him from behind and Karui from the side.

"You know talking about them may help deal with the pain?" He looks at them and nods his head. "Let's go home and talk ok, tomorrow you can come back to see them." He gives another nod before letting them move him back to his new home.

They move inside Yugito room and Naruto sits on the bed, he doesn't notice the three of them getting ready for bed. This time they were just in bra and panties before moving down to the floor on the blankets, they pull Naruto down with them and he was blushing up a storm causing them to giggle at him.

He looks at Yugito first she still has on her blank panties that fit her so well now that he's finally really looking at her. Her bra fits her perfectly but he notices out of the three of them Yugito was in the middle when came to size. She had a body that was perfect in so many ways, she had great chest but also good rear. She wasn't too thin and you can tell she was a shinobi but fact her body shows that she had strength in it. She isn't a body builder far from it but her body was toned in ways.

He looks at Karui who has on red thong that matches her hair with a red bra even if she didn't have big chest she had a cute small size chests, she was also well toned but she did have long legs that look to go for long time.

He finally looks at Samui he can tell why her shoulders always hurt. She breasts are huge and mostly the biggest he has ever seen, her white bra can barely hold them in. he looks down to see her white thong. She had long legs just like Karui but her looked more sexy to him, out of the three of them Samui was the less toned but still had some on her body.

But his eyes go back to their eyes because he can't think of anything pervert right now, no right now he had to force on ways to help this pain him his aching heart of his. He wonders if the pain can truly become any easier than it is now.

His heart is arching too much to try and make himself happy or do something like that, he hopes that one day he can stop feeling this pain inside of his heart. "Alright Naruto-kun go ahead and tell us who do you want to start talking about first?" He looks at Samui when she speaks, her voice was so smoothing right now.

"Can I ask something why in the world are you three wearing clothes like this, in front of me no less?" They just look at him and give a smile to him but they do look at each other and let out a little giggle. "Because we like wearing this to bed but also we trust that you won't do anything to us."

"Now it's time for you to talk about them." He stares at Samui but he just closes his eyes before lying on his back between Samui and Yugito, he knows they aren't his girlfriends but they are his teammates that are showing that they care about him.

"I'll start with Hanzo-sensei; he was someone who had to wear a mask because he put a salamander poison sac inside his body at a young age. His breath became just like poison the same kind as the salamander poison." They just look at him because doing that to his own self at young age was really foolish or brave.

"Just breaking in the poison for few seconds could immobile people but could kill if no one treats them before day or two, he believed that death isn't the end of your life if you have strong faith." He looks at them with a tear coming down his cheek but he feels a warmth hand to wipe it away, the hand belongs to Samui with a smile on her face looking at him.

"He was more like a samurai than a shinobi, he believed in faith and honor and spare people that showed to have such faith and honor. He truly was the best person I could have ever asked to be a father to me." He just closes his eyes and looks at the wall before he looks at everyone once again.

"Hanzo sounds like a cool person." He smiles and nods his head to her but just stares at her. "You really like saying the word cool don't you?" She nods her head to him before staring at his blue eyes.

"Suki was the woman you seen when we first came into the house, she was Hanzo's wife and first person to truly give me kindness. She just kneed down and gave me a warm hug when I first met her." He looks at her as he feels his heart being ripped apart because this pain is killing him from the inside out.

"She wasn't a shinobi; she was the kindness person in the world. She didn't hate me for having demon inside of him she didn't even care about that. Now I'll never get to see her again and it hurts too much." Yugito moves her hand to his chest and rubs it trying to smooth his aching heart but he moves his eyes to see her.

"Kenshin was one of my teachers, like his brother Hanzo he believe in samurai way even if he was a shinobi. When I first met him I looked at his katana because looked so cool he promised to give me once I become an anbu, when he gave me it he said he was proud to have student grow so much." He closes his eyes because he doesn't know how he can live with this much pain but he knows he has to in even to bring the Pain that did this to justice.

"I don't fight for revenge because that only clouds your mind, I fight to bring justice to this madman and I'm never going to stop till justice is given to him." They just stare at him and shocked that someone can hold back from hate and revenge even after all this, they are glad he doing it for justice not hate mixed with anger.

"Time to sleep, I'll make breakfast after I go see them." He closes his eyes but little bit later he just can't seem to sleep but he notices that they are still awake as well. "Can't sleep can you Naruto-kun?" He nods his head to Yugito before she starts to rub his head.

"I have idea so just close your eyes and listen to my voice ok?" He nods his head but Karui and Samui know what she's about to do, she does this for Samui when her nightmares haunt her at night.

(Sleepsong Scared Garden)

.Lay down your head,
.And I'll sing you a lullaby
.Back to the years
.Of loo-li, lai-lay

Naruto closes his eyes when he listens to the angelic voice coming from Yugito, he slowly thinks of the times when Suki and Yuna song him lullaby just like Yugito. He can tell that Yugito is a caring person just by how her voice was right now, so sweet and smoothing just like if she is an angel.

.And I'll sing you to sleep
.And I'll sing you tomorrow
.Bless you with love
.For the road that you go

Samui watches Naruto finally seen to get in a more peaceful form but she listens to Yugito singing as well because it helps her sleep so much, she had nightmares that are similar to Naruto's. She has lost a lot in the years and only has her brothers and friends left in her life right now.

.May you sail fair
.To the far fields of fortune
.With diamonds and pearls
.At your head and your feet

Naruto notices that Karui was already fast asleep causing him to smile before closing his eyes once more; he starts to remember the fields that he once visited when he and his family minus Hanzou visit few villages outside of Ame.

He truly enjoy that visit because he had so much fun with Lunar and that was place where they first made love together, they were just there on the fields laying together naked and staring at each other.

.And may you need never
.To banish misfortune
.May you find kindness
.In all that you meet

He thinks of everyone he has met so far in this village, his new home that was filled with kindness and he doesn't know why. He doesn't know why they would give him so much kindness for someone they just met like this but he is truly glad that they are and he wants to stay like this forever.

.May there always be angels
.To watch over you
.To guide you each step of the way
.To guard you and keep you
.Safe from all harm
.Loo-li, loo-li, lai-lay

He image who would be his angels now and smiles, his angels are the three women that are lying beside him right now. They truly are angels in his eyes and he knows he has to keep them safe, he won't fail anyone anymore and he swears it no matter what even at the cost of his own life he won't lose any more people he cares about.

.May you bring love
.And may you bring happiness
.Be loved in return
.To the end of your days

Naruto can feel himself slowlyfalling asleep but he wants to stay up to hear what was left of the song. He can feel Samui head on his neck and feels her hot breath against his bare skin with her breasts pushed against his arm, he really like this warm coming from her.

Now fall off to sleep
.I'm not meaning to keep you
.I'll just sit for awhile
.And sing
.Loo-li, lai-lay

Yugito watches everyone as she sings because she always was a big sister to them with her singing, when they couldn't sleep they would come to her room and ask her to sing like this. Each one had different reasons that stop them from sleeping at nights sometimes.

.May there always be angels
.To watch over you
.To guide you each step of the way
.To guard you and keep you
.Safe from all harm
.Loo-li, loo-li, lai-lay
.Loo-li, loo-li, lai-lay

Yugito sees them all fast asleep now; she stops singing and rests her head against Naruto's neck on the other side of Samui. She begins to close her eyes to let sleep wash over her and her dreams begin to start.

When he finally wakes up he sees three of them still fast asleep, he just looks at them before standing up. He goes to the living room and sits down. "Please make it, don't you die on me." He soon hears footsteps before looking over to see Karui walking to him and pasts him in order sit on the other side of him, he does have to say that he got one hell of a ass in that thong.

"You feeling any better or do I have to beat you up?" She asked him but he just looks at her with a strange face. "Beat me up ok..."

"Some, so you don't have to beat me up." He just smirks but she looks at him little mad that she can't beat him up. He moves his hand to her leg and rests it on her upper part earning him a look from her.

"Do you know when the others will wake up?" He feels tap on his head making him look back to see both of them looking at him and where his hand was, he just smirks before standing up.

"That's not cool, Naruto-kun these hands can only touch my back." Naruto just smiles to her but she lets out a smile back to him. "How about you three get ready so we can visit them, after we did how about you show me around so I can get new clothes?" They like that idea causing them to go to their rooms and Karui goes into Yugito room.

Half hour later Naruto was waiting but he finally sees them leaving their rooms. "That took a long time." He just got three glares at him Karui was one that has a fist at him trying to hit him but he grabs it and pats her head causing her be even more mad.

"Calm down Karui-chan, we need to keep him in one piece remember?" Naruto laughs before walking to the door with three beautiful women beside him. Once he opens the door his mind goes to the two that are in the hospital.

The way there was quiet, none of them talked at all but once they get to the room that they are staying in they let Naruto go in alone. He can see that both of them are awake and trying to eat something, he move over to the two of them but once they see him they give him a smile.

"Naruto-kun, were you the one that saved us?" Lunar tired saying in a slow voice because the pain was keeping her from talking. Naruto moves his finger to her lips keeping her quiet but he didn't realize that everyone was behind him watching. "Don't talk you have rest and eat ok?" She gives a little nod but he can see that her wounds were truly that bad; he hopes that she can talk normal again.

He looks at Yuna who smiles but she sees the look on his faces know what he's thinking of. "Don't you dare think about blaming yourself for not saving the others or my tou, you are just one young man not a god." He slowly smiles to her before helping Lunar eat her food; slowly he helped her making sure she didn't rush. He never wanted to see her this weak like this because she was always someone that could do everything on her own without help, she was so strength and now he seeing her so weak.

Once she was done he rubs her cheeks softly then kisses her forehead lightly. "I'll come back soonest I can to see you two." He smiles one last smile before leaving the room; he leaves the hospital with his team.