Okay, so I quickly lose the motivation to continue ANCESTOR, so I'm pretty much bored, except for the new sanity absorbing game I bought recently. So, I'm writing another 10/11.0 one-shot. Here it is.

"Here you go, kids! Two cherry ice cream cones for two youngsters!" the ice cream man said as he handed the two five-year-olds, Eva Roberts and Kade Jackson, two cherry ice cream cones. The two of them just met yesterday and became fast friends. Right now, the two of them were getting their favorite cherry flavored ice cream from the ice cream truck. Thankfully, it was one of the few ice cream trucks that WASN'T evil!

As the two were walking down the sidewalk, Eva was about to lick her ice cream, until she tripped, causing it to fall to the ground. Eva stared at the splattered ice cream as tears welded up in her eyes. In a few seconds, she began to cry.

Kade stared and felt sorry for his new best friend, wishing he could do something to make her feel better. It was then that he realized he hadn't licked his ice cream, yet. He then found the solution: "Here! You can have mine!"

Eva stopped her crying and looked at him. "B-But what about you? Don't you want some?"

"Nah! Your happiness is all the ice cream I need!"

Eva smiled. "Thanks, Kade." With that, she took the ice cream and began licking.

Well, there's another one for the collection. Incredibly short, but there's been shorter. And I just thought it up to relieve the boredom. Anyway, ANCESTOR just might be held off indefinitely unless I get the motivation. Well, later.