Another day at Shinjuku High School. Hane sat (bored) in class daydreaming and tapping her pencil to some kind of beat. As her classmates were reading out of a book the teacher handed out, Hane's gaze fell out the window, then it turned to a strange man at the gate of the school. Some of the Gym teachers walked over to the gate to shoo him off, but, there was something different about him. He looked...inhuman. She didn't know any of the teachers (Since she took band), but a male teacher walked up to the man and grabbed him by his shirt collar. Suddenly, the inhuman-looking man bit the teacher and took out a chunk of his arm. The teacher clutched his arm and fell to the ground, starting to thrash into a spasm, then stopped suddenly, blood leaking out of his mouth and eyes. Hane emitted a gasp, which led the teacher to think that she had just awoken from a daydream. "Next page, Kinomoto-san."

She looked up, "Y-yes!" She stared at her book for a few seconds, dumbfounded. She could be atleast fourty pages away from where the rest of the class was. Her classmate, Ayami, leaned over to her, "Page 121."

"Thanks!" She wildly flipped the pages to the 121st, then jolted up and started stuttering out the first few sentences. She glanced out the window just in time to see the bitten gym teacher awake and biting a female teacher's neck. Hane emitted a louder gasp, setting her book back down to the desk. "Kinomot-...Huh?" Her teacher looked out the window also, seeing the strange sight. More students looked out the window until the intercom came on. Hane did notice that one of the male teachers down there ran back to the school. "Attention students," the principal announced, "there is an emergency occuring on school grounds. I repeat, there is an emergency occuring on school grounds. All students must evacuate with instruction from teachers. I repeat, remain calm and evac-..." Suddenly, loud growl/moans screamed through the speakers. "No...stop! Stop it! It hurts! It hurts! Help me! Someone help me! I'm gonna die! Someone..." The intercom shut off, and everyone was frozen with fear, the suddenly, screams erupted from the entire school, students and teachers dashing out the door seeking safety, trampling anyone unfortunate enough to fall. Even the trampled stood back up and ran, though. Hane stayed behind until it was clear enough to go to her locker. She noticed two other students with short, straight, black hair and large, emerald green eyes stayed behind. The girl was urging her brother out the door. They looked to be twins.

Hane subconsciously grabbed the book off her desk and calmly walked to her locker. She opened it and grabbed her backpack, slipping the book inside it. She grabbed her umbrella and shut her now empty locker, deciding she doesn't need to lock it. For her, a locker isn't a place to store her books, and binders, and mirrors, and other precious and decorative things, It's just a place to throw her backpack since she can't carry it around the school.

As she still, unbeleivably calmly walked through the hallways, she noticed a few students, that looked as inhuman as the bitten gym teacher and the strange man at the gate, stumbling over to her. Not knowing how to kill them, she knocked them in the stomach into the wall with her black, now slightly bloodstained umbrella. She then started running, trying to figure a way out of this horrendous outbreak.

"Subaru, come on! Hurry up!" Hokuto, still tugging her younger twin's arm, shouted. "We're going to get turned into these nasty creatures if we slow down!" Subaru had sweat running down his face, tired from fighting Hokuto's strength and from panic. He was thinking about the girl with waist-length brown hair and eyes that changed from sapphire blue to jade green, hiding behind thin, black rimmed Harry Potter-like glasses. She had remained strangely calm considering their situation. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a loud snap coming from Hokuto's direction. She was breaking the handle off a mop and started practice swinging it like a sword. Then she grabbed Subaru and they continued running.

They had been basically running circles around the school since they didn't know where to exit. Unfortunately, that hesitation took its toll when hte twins ran straight into a hord of zombies. At the blink of their eyes, they were surrounded. Hokuto started hitting them all wherever she could, in the stomach, legs, head. Some would seem to re-die, but others got back up and kept coming. Finally, there was a loud shriek elsewhere and the zombies curiously left at the sound of it. "Whew...that was close, right Su-" She turned around. Subaru was gone.

To Be Continued...