Venus sat alone in her room, a stack of magazines by her left and three cans full of fresh blood by her right, enough to give a normal vampyre a crazed sugar rush. Venus was casually flipping through the pages of Seventeen magazine, grinning at the juicy gossip and sipping on her second can when a knock on her door alerted her of another presence.

She got up soberly, a scowl darkening her face. She wanted some alone time before the 'great damn bloody White Bull flood' came. When she flung the door open, still keeping her annoyed expression on, she was taken aback when a matching expression mirrored hers.

Shaunee stood at the doorway, arms crossed with a reluctant look in her eyes. She didn't speak at first, and merely mirrored Venus' annoyed expression. Venus found it odd. Why would Shaunee visit her?

"Can I help you?"

Shaunee sneered. "You better not hurt her."

"Excuse me?" Venus raised an eyebrow. She peeked out the doorway and looked around. No one was there besides Shaunee. "Did someone put you up to this?"

"What?" Shaunee growled. "I mean Erin, you dipshit."

"Someone's sensitive." Venus tried to keep her temper at a minimum but she felt very annoyed at the sudden disturbance. Especially towards the insult. "What's with the weird timing? We've been together for a week and now you seek my trust?"

"I'm not seeking your trust. I just want to know that you can handle Erin."

Venus raised a curious eyebrow. Her senses still buzzed from the blood, but her mind felt hazed. She was tired. "Of course I can handle her."

"You don't know her like I do."

"Oh and I'm supposed to believe you're
not here to break us up?"

Shaunee scoffed and looked offended. She uncrossed her arms and took a step closer to Venus, glaring fiercely. "I'm not. I respect my twin."

"How generous of you."

Ignoring Venus, Shaunee took a step back and exhaled sharply. "You're infuriating."

Venus scowled. "Can you just get to the point? I don't like being insulted."

"Erin isn't all that she claims to be." Shaunee mumbled. Finally, she looked truthful. She stared at Venus with a hard but determined gaze. "She's very insecure. Though, of course, you can barely tell. She keeps a lot of secrets and has a lot of doubts. She's also really sensitive and gets hurt easily. Don't fool around with her. This needs to be serious cause I've honestly never seen her act this way around anyone. Never before has someone made her SHY."

Venus stared on. The corner of her lips twitched into a smile. Her heart quickened and she could feel the rhythmic beating against her chest. She shrugged and crossed her arms, leaning against the door frame casually. "Then you should know something about me, Shaunee." She said the sentence smoothly, almost seductively. "I don't give up my reputation for just anyone. And I definitely do not go around telling people I'm in love with a girl for fun. Being a lesbian was not part of my plan so just believe me when I say that I wouldn't hurt or doubt your 'Twin' in any way. Got that?"

Shaunee looked a little lost for words. Finally though, she smirked. "See, Erin? I told you I'd get her to fess up!"

Venus' eyes widened. Suddenly a scent hit her. She hadn't noticed the scent before. Hell, her main focus was on Shaunee this whole time. Lurking in the shadows of the dark tunnels, a beautiful blonde made her way out of the dark and to Shaunee's side. She had on a cheeky but shy smile.

"Hi Venus."

"Son of a-" Venus gritted her teeth together and glared at the duo. "Is this a set up?"

"It's a confession." Shaunee mused, smirking. Her eyes glowed with satisfaction. It irked Venus so much that she even considered slapping her right then and there. That would definitely make her feel better. But she couldn't with Erin standing right there!

"Sorry," Erin mumbled nervously, grinning. "It was a dare."

"By who? The homosexual unicorn staying beside you?"

Shaunee scoffed. "First of all, you're a homo unicorn as well." Venus had to keep from growling. "And secondly, no, Damien didn't put us up to this. It was my dare."

Venus felt her temper rising. She decided to play it cool, though, of course, she had to grit her teeth harshly in the process. "Bitch."

"So are you." Shaunee winked. "Anyways, Twin, you owe me two tickets to the Maroon 5 concert next month. I'm planning on bringing Jones." She grinned evilly. "Since you're out of the picture, I'm gonna have a pretty hot boyfriend!"

Erin laughed and rolled her pale blue eyes. "That's cold, Twin. At least have the decency to cover your joy for me?"

"Don't worry, you have lesbo rainbow over here to cheer you up." Shaunee smirked and gave Venus an award-winning smug look. Venus' fist itched so badly. She could feel her spirit radiating with a longing to punch her. "I've always wanted to say that."

Erin tapped Shaunee in the shoulder and gave her a look when their gaze met. Shaunee understood completely. She didn't fully like it, but she had to comply. She rolled her eyes, gave Venus a warning look, and trotted off.

The two stared as she left, one uncomfortable and the other nervous. Venus was still annoyed. Even with Erin there, she felt so tired- all she wanted to do today was rest. Before the damn Nefefreak flood!

"I see you two are back to your normal ways."

Erin nervously turned to Venus. "Does that bother you?"

"I don't know. I mean, it's not exactly an enthusiastic idea to get insulted very blatantly by someone who just so happens to be your girlfriend's twin."

Erin hesitated, visibly flinching. She turned away, a blush on her cheeks and a regretful look in her eyes. "She doesn't mean it. It's like all those times you were a bitch to Damien-"

"Wow, you really know how to start the mood huh?"

Venus gave her a disbelieving look and frowned. What was going on? It's been a week since they've started officially dating. Truthfully, there were some days when the two were awkward with each other. Some other days, it'd be pure teasing and laughter and love. Venus felt as if today was at the borderline of both. Maybe it was the Prophecy playing with their minds.

"Are you okay, Erin?"

The lad's shoulder sagged. She turned to Venus with a distant look in her eyes. "I'm just... scared."

Venus sighed. Her body felt heavy, but her heart hurt at the sight of Erin like that. She was so... vulnerable. She walked up to her and had her in a loving embrace. Venus smiled when she breathed in Erin's sweet strawberry smell. Why did she have the scent anyways? Could it be her shampoo? Venus made a mental note to borrow that particular shampoo once she's got the chance. For now, she focused on Erin's warm body against hers.

"What if we all die?" Erin whispered into Venus' ear. The feel of her breath against her skin sent shivers up her spine. Venus longed for Erin's touch again.

"What if we don't?"

Erin pouted. "Don't reflect my question with another question."

Venus placed her hands on Erin's shoulder and pushed her away until their faces were merely a hand's distance. "If you keep thinking about shit like that, I might just have to knock some sense into you."

Erin grinned cheekily. She loved the moments when Venus was a completely different person. She didn't know Venus personally when they were all still blue fledglings, but she remembered her being more of a bitch than Aphrodite. One question still lurked in her mind, weighing on her shoulders heavily. She bit her lip and edged forward. Venus, of course, noticed the movement, and had Erin in a gentle kiss in a second.

Erin had never kissed a girl before. She had never felt the sensation. Yet when Venus and her first kissed about two weeks ago, it felt good. Damn better than when she kissed guys.

Venus pulled away, smiling seductively, and whispered into her ear. "One last go for the road?"

Erin's unstable hand twitched at her side. "It's not our last, Venus." She leaned in and kissed Venus' cheek. "Don't say it's our last."

Embarrassment and guilt gripped Venus' heart. She gulped down the clogged bile in her throat and nodded. "I know. I'm sorry. I'm just... scared."

"So am I."

Venus smiled. She felt the bond between them strengthening. They may not be imprinted like the okie and the mega-bitch, but they were still connected in a way no one could understand. Erin's affinity, Water, seemed to be attracted to Venus, and it was as if Venus was Erin's very power source. It made her feel special and loved. It made her feel safe.

"But seriously though, one more go?"

Erin's smile twitched into a seductive smirk. She snaked her arms around Venus' waist and pushed her back into the room. "Not even Neferet's nudity will make me say no."

Venus' smirk matched her girlfriend's. She closed the door behind Erin and pulled her towards the bed. "Are you implying something, Bates?"

Erin Bates grinned. "Of course not, Davis. Your body is much more sexier than hers."

"It better be." She sat on the edge of her bed suggestively and pulled Erin's face down to hers. The two shared a passionate liplock. Venus offered tongue service, obviously Erin did not object one bit. She leaned into the kiss, breathing in Venus' peachy scent and even picked up the smell of blood. She ignored it, as the feel of Venus' lips against hers felt spectacular.

They pulled away, gasping for air. Venus grabbed Erin's collar with longing and pulled her in onto the bed with her. Her eyes were blazing with hunger and want. It made Erin's insides jump about. With their legs entangled, their hands intertwined and their bodies against each other, they kissed. Erin heard fireworks, Venus saw lights, the two were bonded into one, connected in a way physically invisible but emotionally strong.

Erin pulled away, but it was Venus who pulled her loose white shirt out, revealing a light blue undershirt, but even that piece of clothing was soon on the ground. Now Erin merely sported a blue bra. The girl by the bottom blushed a bright red, but even so she felt her body heating up, and she knew that all thoughts of laziness and sleep had been casted aside. She reached up quickly, tangling her fingers with Erin's silky blonde hair, and pressed her lips hard against the other's.

Skin touched skin, hands roamed and the tongue explored. It felt electrifying. Venus and Erin had decided to take it slow a week before, not wanting to rush things. Of course, it was Erin who suggested it, and it was Venus who was forced to accept it. They haven't gone this far yet, and the thought exhilarated them both to the core.

The thought of finally being one with the other made them both shiver.

Their connection had been strengthened. And their bond, forever tainted into their hearts.

It was midday when the two awoke. The room was dark, of course, considering it was hidden in a tunnel far below the surface. But there was light, cascading from below. An illuminating glow was shining out from a rectangular phone by the corner, beeping softly, but loud enough for one of the two girls to hear. Her eyes lazily blinked themselves open. Her breath tasted bitter, as always after a long nap. She yawned and pulled the body next to her closer.


'A body?'

Fear struck her for about a millisecond before the body started to shift. When she caught the owner's face, her tensed muscles relaxed and her memory returned.

'It's only Venus.' She thought sheepishly.

A smile brightened Erin's face as she grasped onto Venus' bare skin lovingly. The two were hugging each other, fully exposed, with a blanket over their bodies. Erin exhaled loudly once she breathed Venus' lovely scent in.

She felt a long moment of peace- as if everything in the world was right again. She felt as if the only problem she had to worry about today was which clothes to wear and what shoes to buy instead of how to destroy an evil White Bull who plans on taking over the whole world with its taint.

"Such a cliche." Erin murmured into Venus' chest, smiling.

"What is?"

The voice caught her by surprised. She yelped just slightly, but Venus caught it. Erin turned to look up at Venus' sleepy face. Her voice was tired and groggy. Erin barely made out the words at first.

"Oh," Erin mumbled, blushing. "Nothing. Just talking to myself."

Venus chuckled. "You're so cute."

Erin's heart hammered harshly on her chest. She reached out to grasp Venus' hand, and the latter obligated willingly.

"So... We did it, huh?"

Venus smiled nervously. "Yeah, we did."

"H-How was it?"

"It was a bit slow. I don't enjoy having to wait a week to get my shit on."

Erin growled and slapped Venus' shoulder playfully. "I meant the sex, genius."

Venus grinned and edged closer, giving Erin a peck on the forehead. "The wait made it fantastic."

Erin blushed. "More fantastic than a guy?"

"Well... I wouldn't say that."

When Venus looked at Erin's shocked and hurt face, she couldn't help but giggle childishly. "Come on, Erin, you should know that any girl worth Venus Davis' time is a great sex. And I mean, GREAT sex."

"The best?"

"Yes." Venus put in finally, smiling.

Erin mirrored Venus' smile and happily scooted closer to her bondmate, placing her head near Venus' neck.

'Do you know we're bonded?'

The voice came out of nowhere. Venus hadn't spoken. But Erin could hear her.


'Your Affinity has chosen a catalyst.'

"A catalyst?" Erin was speaking, and it felt as if she was talking to herself. But by the way Venus calmly breathed, Erin knew that it was Venus who was speaking.

'You don't have to talk aloud, you know?' Her voice sounded amused. 'Every Affinity has the right for a catalyst, or a host, or whatever you want to call it. It seems as if yours has chosen me.'

Erin's eyes widened. "Woah." She whispered. "So what exactly can you do? Do you like, have part of my Affinity now?"

'I am, apparently, sworn to you by spirit. Meaning there is no way I can break this bond. So if one of us were to get fat and ugly and dump the other, well hell, princess, there is no way.'

Erin smirked and pushed herself away from Venus just enough to stare into her twinkling, amused eyes. "Good. I prefer it this way."

Venus smirked and pressed her forehead against Erin's. This time, she spoke. "It almost means that I can read and speak into your mind. I'll also know when you're in danger and when you need me."

Erin laughed. "How fortunate of me. Does that mean I can also do the same for you?"

"Hopefully." Venus mused. "If I were to die tomorrow holding a bright red flag for the White Bull and Nefefreak, I'd at least want you to be there beside me."

Erin seemed reluctant to speak for awhile. She just closed her eyes and breathed. It was uneven, her breathing. One minute she took a deep breath, the other she'd take shallow gasps. Finally though, her breathing stabilized.

'Venus, I can't imagine you dying.'

Venus' heart felt heavy all of a sudden. But through the pain, she smiled sadly and gave Erin a long, passionate kiss.

When she pulled away, Erin's eyes were filled with tears. Venus wiped them away with her thumb, even though the sight numbed her heart a great deal.

"I love you. So much, Erin Bates."

Erin's breathing was once again uneven. But she smiled nonetheless and reached up to stroke Venus' face. "I so damn love you too, Venus Davis."

'Forever and more. Because this unbreakable bond is my eternity.'

The two fell asleep once more, in each others arms, in love and deeply satisfied. They were afraid, the next time they awoke would be the last time they were to see each other, for that night at least. The plan was to create the dam, but to stop the White Bull, they had to cut down the Utica Square Oak Tree somehow, they had to stop the blood transfusion, so Venus was made leader in that section. Venus was to lead her Red Fledgling buddies to the oak tree, and to cut it down.

So because of all that, Erin and Venus weren't going to see each other until after the charade. And that's assuming they even survive the whole ordeal.

But they were bonded now. So whatever happens, they'll be together. For now, until eternity.

This time, it was Venus who awoke first. She woke Erin up and the two spent about 20 minutes talking before finally deciding to go freshen up. When Venus and Erin arrived at Stevie Rae's room with their hands intertwined, they were most surprised to see most of the Fledglings there along with an unconscious Stevie Rae and an irritated Stark.

"For the last damn time, guys, she's fine!" Stark exclaimed. His face was red with annoyance. Personally, Venus thought he was going to explode. "She's just tired!"

"But you knocked her unconscious!" Shaunee retorted, giving him the 'I saw you' look.

Stark hesitated and raised his hands up. "I had to! She was too worried! Too stressed. She had to get some rest before the flood, or the dam'll break, so yeah I knocked her unconscious!"

"Is she breathing?" Ant whispered, poking her cheek.

"Yes!" Stark angrily glared at Ant, who instantly pulled away and hid behind his friends.

"Okay, okay, calm down, Stark." Damien muttered, giving him a pitiful look. "Everyone should clear out now. The more he hyperventilates, the less air there is in this room. And I'd rather not die out of lack of oxygen."

"Yeah, all, listen to Queen Damien!" Shaunee pitched in, raising a skinny finger and grinning evilly.

Erin wanted to pitch in, so she let go of Venus' hand and made her way to her twin's side. "Queen Damien's right. We still have the White Bull to deal with!"

With enough persuasion, the few Fledglings gathered in Stevie Rae's room reluctantly cleared out. The last one to leave was Kramisha, who shot Stark, the Twins, Damien and Venus a look before leaving.

Venus was at the doorway the whole time, but when the room was mostly cleared, she made her way to Stevie Rae. She sat next to the unconscious form on the bed and crossed her arms.

"I wonder what Zoey will say to all this."

Stark turned to her, eyebrow raised. "What?"

"Oh nothing." Venus murmured. She then looked away and sighed dramatically. "I'm just worried for Zoey's poor heart. It'll break when she finds out her guardian raped her best friend."

Stark colored tomato red, gritting his teeth together. Now, he really looked as if he was going to explode.

Before he could start screaming, Damien interrupted. "She was joking, Stark!"

Erin hurriedly went up to Venus, shooting her an accusing look before sitting next to her. "She won't do it again."

Venus smirked at Erin, and shot an innocent look at a still red Stark. "No promises."

A loud exhale escaped from Stark's lips. He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, shaking his head disbelievingly. He looked unbelievably tired. And for a second, Venus felt bad. Only a second.

"This is crazy," Stark breathed out, eyes still closed. "I just can't believe today's the day."

Everyone in the room visibly flinched. They were all afraid, and Stark knew it. He didn't want to say it, but some things had to be taken seriously. And this particular event is probably the most important thing ever.

"Where's Zoey?" Erin asked, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"She's with Aphrodite in the hospital." Stark replied lazily.

"Why isn't Stevie Rae there?" Damien asked, curious.

"She had to rest. Plus, she's a Red Vamp. The sun would fry her."

"Z's a vamp too."

"She insisted. Plus, she said that she isn't as a bad as a Red Vamp."

Shaunee shrugged. "True enough."

"Why is she knocked unconscious?" This time it was Erin with the question.

Stark didn't look too irritated at all the questions. He just looked tired. "I had to. She needed sleep! But she was too worried about the bitch that she couldn't get any shut eye so I had to take things into my own hands!"

Venus brushed Stevie Rae's hair aside to reveal an ugly purple bruise on the side of her forehead. She flinched. "How hard did you hit her?!"

"I didn't!" Stark murmured defensively. "I just kind of... tripped her."

Shaunee leered. "That was mean, Stark."

"But necessary!" Damien added cheekily, shrugging when Shaunee shot him an accusing look. "It's the truth."

"So when is Zoey gonna be here?" Erin asked, leaning on her hand on the bed behind Venus.

Stark shrugged and gave Stevie Rae a once over. "Soon. The sun's gone."

The five of them started to talk about the plans against the White Bull. Venus suddenly sounded nervous when she went through her part. She looked genuinely fearful of messing up. Of course, with Erin there next to her, she kept her emotions in control. Damien also looked scared. He called for Air to calm him down.

Then Stevie Rae woke up. She was so lost. She could barely remember anything, and the Twins blamed Stark for it. Damien managed to consult them, and helped Stevie Rae to remember. Then the okie got worried again. She paced around the room and complained about Z ordering her to go back to the tunnels. She wanted to stay in the hospital with Aphrodite. Venus was amused, and kept adding in witty insults whenever Stevie Rae would complain.

Approximately twenty minutes later, Zoey appeared at the doorframe with a bandaged up Aphrodite at tow. Zoey looked surprised, but it was Aphrodite who made the first move.

She took a step forward, and without even needing to say anything, Stevie Rae ran up to her and had her in a tight embrace. Aphrodite's body still ached from the blood loss, but the warmth of Stevie Rae's body made all her pain vanish. She was home.

"Aphrodite." Stevie Rae breathed, tears pricking the corner of her eyes. "I'm so sorry."

Aphrodite's lip twitched into a playful smile. She buried her face in Stevie Rae's curly blonde hair and felt her heart hammering hard against her chest. It felt so good to have her girl in her arms again.

"Apology accepted. Just don't ever do it again."

Stevie Rae laughed and nodded. A tear managed to slip from her eye. It slid down her cheek and fell from her face. But she didn't care. She was finally free. "I promise."

She was finally free- meaning that she didn't have to choose. Rephaim ended up being the bad guy. She ended up choosing the wrong person. But then again, if she hadn't chosen Rephaim, she would've never realized the extent of her love for Aphrodite. She was now free to love the girl of her dreams. And she loved it.

Venus smirked at the sight before her. She then wrapped her fingers around Erin's hand, brought it up to her lips and kissed it. Erin saw the gesture, and blushed. She didn't know that Stevie Rae and Aphrodite were in love, and the sight surprised her.

"Woah." She mumbled, bewildered. "When did this happen?"

"It's been going on for like a month." Venus answered, grinning widely. "I know Aphrodite too well. When the bitch wants something, she gets it."

"Naturally." Shaunee murmured from her spot. She looked shocked and slightly put off. She crossed her arms, and though her voice sounded irritated, her eyes sparked with amusement. "Can someone tell me why everyone's turning all lesbo around here?"

Venus chuckled. "It's a freakin' epidemic."

Aphrodite held Stevie Rae close, refusing to let go. Time seemed to have stopped. But she could still hear the nerdherd's whispers. Finally, she decided to face them. She pushed Stevie Rae slightly and gave her a very obvious but loving kiss.

Everyone felt rooted to their spot. Zoey, who was the closest to them, blushed blood red and turned away, feeling as if she was staring. She made her way to Stark awkwardly, walking like a retarded penguin, and sat next to him on the bed, wrapping her arms around his waist and burying her head in his shoulder. Stark wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close. Everyone were in pairs now. Everyone but-

Damien turned to Shaunee and smiled.

"Oh hell no," Shaunee murmured. "I am not lesbo, Queen Damien."

Damien laughed out loud and playfully had her in a headlock.

For a minute, everything seemed... normal.

Aphrodite pulled away from the kiss. When she looked at Stevie Rae's bright red face, a smile brightened her face. "So, how about that plan, bumpkin?"

Stevie Rae raised a playful eyebrow, her arms still around Aphrodite's neck, and smirked. "If you think you can wiggle yourself out so easily, think twice, LaFonte."

"Oh please." She turned away and faced the nerdherd, a smile still on her face. "Who's on for a nightmare flood tonight?"

Erin groaned and glared at her. "You had to bring it up."

"Someone had to, dorkamese twin."

Zoey laughed, her head still buried in Stark's shoulder. She pulled away, looking tired, but determined. "Aphrodite's back! Who knew that it took my BFF to bring the grinch back."

"Shut up, Zoey. You're no better when it comes to Stark."

Zoey made a face, and Aphrodite knew she's won.

They discussed the plan again. But this time, Aphrodite's presence somehow made the whole meeting rather playful. Venus noticed what she was doing, and the once bitches became the best jokers in the group. After the discussion, which lasted for about half an hour, they cleared out. The flood will happen in 3 hours. They had enough time to prepare, to practice, to rest and to pray. Stevie Rae felt the need to do all four.

"You should rest." Aphrodite murmured, running her thumb over Stevie Rae's purple bruise on her forehead.

"I can't." Stevie Rae whispered, sighing. She closed her eyes and held Aphrodite's hand close to her chest; to her heart. "I'm so nervous. So scared."

Aphrodite smiled and pulled her in close. "You don't need to be. I'm here."

The okie had to laugh. She felt her chest loosening from the tension. She finally felt real. This felt real. "Aphrodite, I really don't want to lose you. Not after everything that has happened."

"What brought this on?" Aphrodite mused. "You won't lose me. We're imprinted, remember? If I die, hell, my spirit will come back to haunt your dreams with my sexiness."

Stevie Rae knew that Aphrodite merely wanted to lighten the mood. But she had to be serious- at least once. One last time. Before everything started. Before the inevitable end came.

"Aphrodite," She whispered, shutting her eyes tight. "I really like you. Dang it, I love you. And if I lost you, I'd- I wouldn't know what to do. After all the bull that has happened, I feel the need to keep you away from danger. I'd rather die than lose you again!"

Her voice shook uncontrollably. Stevie Rae felt her emotions start to boil deep inside of her. Her heart yearned to stay like this forever. With her hugging the love of her life in front of all her accepting friends. They weren't in the room anymore. They were alone in a specific hallway, away from prying eyes.

Aphrodite felt her heart melt. She didn't want Stevie Rae to feel like this. She wanted her to be confident, to be optimistic. She's said it before; she has never been the guy in the relationship. But with Stevie Rae, it's different. Stevie Rae's different. Everything about her just made Aphrodite's nerves jump.

"Silly girl," Aphrodite whispered, shaking her head gently. "If you die, I'll die too.. Don't go around saying bullshit like that."

"But Aphrodite-"

Stevie Rae was pushed slightly so that she had a clear view of Aphrodite's sky blue eyes. The okie wanted to cry once she saw her face. Aphrodite's eyes, just her eyes, were reflecting everything that had happened between them. It was like watching a rerun, or reliving the whole thing. Stevie Rae saw how hurt she was, how guilty she felt, and how confused everything made her. But she also saw how much she cared for her. And it was a great deal. It made Stevie Rae's heart hammer intensely against her rib cage.

"You see me... the way no one has ever seen me before." Aphrodite's voice was small and shaky. In any other person's ears, it would've sounded pathetic and weak. But to Stevie Rae, it only sounded vulnerable. Vulnerable enough to let her walls fall. Vulnerable enough to allow the okie to see who Aphrodite truly was. "I was so convinced that what I had with Darius was love. I was so convinced that I could be with him forever. But now... Forever is a long time. An eternity is longer. But thinking about it, I-" She choked on her words and turned away. Her face was flushed red, but her eyes betrayed her confidence.

"You can cry."

Aphrodite looked up at the okie in surprise. Stevie Rae sported a cheeky smile, even though her eyes were wet as well.

"I don't mind."

There was a moment of silence. Finally a laugh managed to escape from Aphrodite's dry lips. She licked her lips, hoping to moisten them, and calmed herself down, and continued. "I love you. I fucking love you-"

"You really should stop cussing, Aphrodite."

Aphrodite shot her a look, but a smile still lingered on her face. "As I was saying, I 'freaking' love you." That earned a giggle from Stevie Rae. "And even without the imprint, those days when that feathered asshole manipulated us all, especially you, made me feel extremely lost. I wouldn't have felt like that with Darius, Stevie Rae. It's like when the imprint broke for the first time, when the sun nearly fried your pretty little ass, I was happy. I mean, come on, back then Darius was my priority. But even though I was happy, it felt as if one part of me was gone.

"I thought that happens to everyone who's imprint had just been broken but fuck, Stevie Rae, I felt really, really empty! Nyx, it's like I've turned into a huge pussy and I hate it! This is so not me! You know that!" Aphrodite grumbled loudly and turned away, shaking her head with disbelief. "And no one, not even Darius, not even Nyx, had the power to do that. Until you came along."

Stevie Rae had heard enough. She knew the imprint had changed their lives. She knew that nothing could change it now. Maybe hearing it, she thought, would make it feel official. But right then and there, she decided that she didn't need to hear it from Aphrodite's mouth, because she could already feel it from her heart. She stopped Aphrodite from talking. She cupped her face in her hand and pulled her in for a kiss. Their kiss before, the first kiss, had been exhilarating. Goosebumps rose all over Stevie Rae's skin. When everyone merely stared on, it only made it that much more special. They were both ready to accept the change, mentally, emotionally and physically. I mean, sure, it took a near-death experience to realize it, but happiness never came without a little pain.

When Aphrodite pulled away, Stevie Rae felt her stomach twist. She wanted to kiss her again and again and again. Finally being able to be with her felt stupendous!

"Dang," She murmured softly. "If I knew I'd feel this good, I'd have probably left Rephaim long before."

Aphrodite chuckled. "You should've known that I'm a great kisser."

Stevie Rae beamed. Before she could say anything, however, Aphrodite grabbed her hand and pulled her away.

"Woah! Where're we going?"

"Someplace special. No matter what happens, I wanna be with you. And I want this day to be remembered."

Stevie Rae snickered. "I doubt this day would be forgettable anyways."

Aphrodite brought her away from the tunnels, up to the depot and through the shed, where they encountered a large boulder. Stevie Rae's heart continued to hammer. Aphrodite was taking her to the barn... The place where everything first started. The place where Aphrodite got stood up..

"Why are we-"

"I want these last moments to be memorable." She turned to face Stevie Rae as they neared the green ladder. "This place is really 'special' to me. Despite the fact that my ex-boyfriend showed it to me, you and I had some pretty serious moments here."

Stevie Rae scoffed. "You can say that again."

"And plus," Aphrodite raised her healed left hand. Even though her broken bones had healed, the knuckles were still sporting a blueish tint. And one of her fingers looked a little bit disoriented. "I don't want to remember this barn as the place both the imprint and my fist were shattered."

Stevie Rae's smile faltered. "I'm so sorry."

"Don't be." Mused Aphrodite, smirking. "It made me realize that I'm not perfect. I became less of a bitch."

Stevie Rae took a step closer to her and shrugged. Her sly smile gave Aphrodite a very sultry impression. It brought a very perverted grin onto Aphrodite's fair face. "What if I say the bad side of you turns me on?"

"Then you're in luck. Cause I still have that side of in me, waiting to pounce out. Now get your ass up there."

Stevie Rae giggled, feeling her cheeks heat up, and kissed the blonde goddess on the cheek. She then made her way up the ladder, followed by a blushing Aphrodite. All the while, Aphrodite could feel their imprint getting firmer, stronger. She knew that this time it would be forever, and that if the imprint ever were to break again, she'd break as well- both mentally and physically. But she didn't mind. The thought of being with an Oklahoma country gal scared her, but also made all the pain worthwhile. No matter what, she was not going to lose Stevie Rae again.

Once they were on the roof, automatically the two made their way to the spot where they first realized. The spot where Aphrodite broke her fist. The smashed roof tile was still there. When Stevie Rae saw it, she felt a deep guilt within her, and couldn't stop it when a wave of sobs overwhelmed her eyes. She started to cry at the sight. She caused this, didn't she? She made Aphrodite so angry, so depressed, that it even resulted to physical violence. And yet Aphrodite could've lost her life the day before just by saving her ass from Rephaim.

"Stevie Rae?" Aphrodite knew why the girl was crying- the imprint made it easy to read her mind- but she was confused. Why was she crying about this now? It's the past. Over and done.

Stevie Rae, however, disagreed. She shook her head and covered her face with her hands, the sobs racking her body back and forth. The chilly silent night was filled with Stevie Rae's cries, and it made Aphrodite uncomfortable. "Why?" She whispered through chokes. "W-Why do you e-even still love me?"

Aphrodite bit back her own tears. She didn't want them both crying. That would so ruin the moment. She pulled the okie into her arms and held her close, caressing her hair with her unbroken hand.

"I caused you hell too, you know." Aphrodite whispered, thinking back when she denied her feelings, and made Stevie Rae the victim in it. "We're even. Besides, the plan is still in motion. You'll fry my ass if I back down now, remember?"

Stevie Rae, though still crying into Aphrodite's black dress, smiled. "I-I remember the day you told me... That I was going to die. I was s-so sure that it was true. A-Almost all your visions are..." Stevie Rae shook her head gently and tried to regain her breath. She paused for a while. The only sound in the air was Stevie Rae's ragged breathing stabilizing.

"I thought... I was going to die."

"I wasn't going to let that happen."

"And that was the thought that scared me." Stevie Rae rested her head on Aphrodite's shoulder, and the two stared off into the night, hearts hammering but minds calm. "I was so convinced that it wasn't Rephaim who would killed me! I made myself believe that it was only the imprint that made those feelings come. I lied to you and to myself and I-"

"Stevie Rae, it's all in the past now." Aphrodite's voice was grim, firm, but sadness lingered in every word. "I don't want you dwelling on it. Fuck what happened, I wanna remember what happens now."

Stevie Rae reached up and kissed Aphrodite in the lips, the sensational feeling returning at full blast the second the two skins touched. She was her home now. She was her everything. It was crazy and unbelievable and just... out of this world, but that was what made it so special. Soon, Stevie Rae's back was pressed against the cold tiles of the barn roof with Aphrodite on top straddling her by the hips. Aphrodite had on a demeaning, hungry look. The moonlight only added to the intensity.

Stevie Rae pulled her down, tugging at the hem of her shirt, and kissed her.

They knew what was going to happen next. The next hour was spent heavenly. Just like Erin and Venus, their bond strengthened. And it wasn't long before the two lay naked on the roof of the barn, arms entangled and body pressed together. They were in love, that much was true.

While the two snuggled into deep sleep below the glistening moonlight, Stevie Rae kissed Aphrodite one last time and whispered,

"I love you."

'Forever and more,' Aphrodite thought. 'Because this unbreakable bond is my eternity.'

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