Disclaimer; Portal and all related characters belong to Valve. This fanfic was written by me for fun.

It was late afternoon and the two roomates were looking through the kitchen. They were trying to decide what to make for dinner. However, they soon realized that would be easier said than done due to a noticeable lack in food.

"What about tacos?" one of the roomates suggested.

The other replied, "Wheatley ate all the cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes we'd need to make tacos, remember? Oh, how about we make chicken noodle soup?"

The first roomate pointed out, "Wheatley ate the last can yesterday. How about sandwhiches?"

"Nope. Wheatley ate the last slices of bred as well, and the peanut butter and jelly. Cereal?"

"He ate both boxes this morning."

"Really?" the second roomate asked in disbelief, "How does...Where does he put it all?"

The other roomate shrugged before she and her companion went to find Wheatley. The chubby cyborg was sound asleep on the couch. Ever since he had gotten out of the hospital a couple of weeks ago, Wheatley had moved into Chell's apartment and was now living in their living room. Despite his well-meaning demeanor, his bumbling and admitedly idiotic (Though he'd never outright say it) nature sometimes made it difficult for the others to get along with him. Not to mention his voracious appetite.

"Y-You wake him up and tell him to cut down on the snacking." one of the roomates whispered nervously.

"N-No, you." the other whispered in the same tone of nervousness as her partner.

"I'm not going to do it." the first roomate whispered pointing to Wheatley, "Just look at him. He's huge!"

"He's just fat. N-Nothing to worry 'bout."

"Yeah, u-until he stands up. Then he towers over us like some giant."

The two continued arguing before they were interrupted by the apartment door opening and closing with Chell entering the apartment. She had just gotten of her shift at the diner and looked exhausted.

"What are you two fighting about now?" she asked groggily and in a tone that indicated she was in no mood for this.

"Look, Chell." one of the roomates sighed, "I know Wheatley is your friend and he means a lot to you. But, he's eating everything. I mean, we don't have anything to eat because it's all in his oversized bottomless pit for a stomach."

A groggy-sounding yawn was heard as the three women looked over and noticed Wheatley waking up. After fumbling for his glasses for a bit (And wondering why humans just don't have them fused to their heads...Oh, right, that would be horribly painful for them.), he put them on, sat up, and looked at the others.

"What's...*yawn*...what's going on?" he asked as his stomach growled, "Oh, heh, sorry 'bout that."

"We're trying to figure out what we're going to have for dinner. But, we don't have much to eat because you can't control your appetite." Chell sighed.

"Oh, that reminds me. I ordered some Chinese takeout about fifteen minutes ago." Wheatley pointed out, "Looked really good on the picture in the phone book. I just hope it's still warm when it gets here. I mean, it coming all the way from China and everything."

The three girls just stared at Wheatley looking dumbstruck.

Author's Notes: Well, here it is folks. THe first chapter to the sequel to Test Of Humanity. What will happen next? What evils will our heroes face next? Will Wheatley learn to control his appetite (Hint: The answer is "no")? Stay tuned to find out.