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Back at Aperture Laboratories, a whirring sound as if something mechanical was moving deep within the labs bowels. Machine arms moved effortlessly and delicately. Their movements indicated some sort of delicate and precise working was going on.

The lab was still in ruins, otherwise. Pieces of the walls and ceiling lay haphazardly on the floor. The shrapnel of the exhaust pipe was embedded in what walls were still standing. Computers were either completely broken or malfuctioning with only very few working properly. Turrets that had been knocked over from the blast continued to politely ask for someone to help them back up to no avail.

As for GLaDOS, she lay in ruin. Her "head" (Well, the closest thing one could call to a "head" anyway) lay several feet away from her "body". There were wires coming out of the head in a tangled mess and her "eye" was still shattered from where Wheatley had punched it. Her body fared little better. It was badly charred with large parts of it falling off from the damage the explosion had caused it.

She wasn't gone for good, per se. But, it was evident from the amount of damage she had taken that GLaDOS wasn't going to be making a full recovery anytime soon.

A cracking sound was heard as footsteps stopped and crushed a glass vial beneath the feet. They belonged to what looked like an older gentleman. He appeared to be at least in his mid 40s with gray hair, a slightly pale complexion, and was around 5'7" in height. He wore a white shirt with a blue-gray suit and black tie.

"Ah, good, seems everything is a success so far." he spoke in a refined tone one would expect to hear from a businessman or a college professor, "Everything is in working order."

He looked over at GLaDOS's remains and, for a brief moment, a slight smirk crossed his lips.

"And so GLaDOS falls once again. I believe that's the...Oh, right, the fourth time you've been defeated?" the man asked the robot in a smug sarcastic tone, "Of course, your current state means you can't answer me. If you would've taken the time to double-check your calculations, you would've known your latest disaster could've been changed in your favor. Of course, the odds of you realizing that before it was too late were 3,080 to one."

The man stopped for a moment to brush off some dust on his suit before he began heading towards the elevator.

"And, now first steps into civilization begin." he mused idly to himself, "Perhaps once I get aquainted with society, I'll pay my little brother a visit."

Author's Notes: WHo is this mysterious man? What does he want? Why is he looking for his "little brother"? All this and more will be revealed soon.