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Four year old Dean Winchester was sitting in his mom's lap going through a book of aquatic animals with her. When they came across a photo of a turtle Mary asked Dean what he thought that particular animal was.

"It's a turtle. Do you like turtles, mommy? I love turtles. "

" I like them ok. Why do you love them?"

" 'Cuz they is funny. They falls on their backs and can't get back up, like old ladies."

"Like old ladies? Huh?"

"Yous ever see the commercial mommy. 'Help I've fallen and I can't get up.' Old ladies and turtles fall and get stuck."

Mary suppressed a smile and laughter at Dean's innocent answer as to why turtles and old ladies were alike. But Dean wasn't quite done with why turtles and old ladies compared.

"And when old ladies and turtles die they smell really bad. Like five day old meat rotting in the garbage."

"DEAN! That is not nice". Now Mary was trying really hard not to laugh. Really, the things that came out of that child's mouth.

"I sorry, mommy. But you tells me to tell the truth so I did. I love turtles but not rotting old ladies."

And that night as Mary told the story to John she had to once again stifle her giggles as the man was laughing enough for the both of them.

The End.