A/N: This is based off a really cute gif I found over on tumblr (Go to alice-day on tumblr, then add this: /post/6132315214/porcelainbird-its-shaibitch-loooool-all-i after the dot com). You're gonna want to look at the gif in question before reading or this will seem really random. Anyway...

Blaine loved Kurt, he really did. It was just that sometimes Kurt really got on his nerves. Like yesterday…

"Hey," Kurt said, trying to get Blaine's attention whilst they were studying. Blaine didn't respond.

"Hey," Kurt tried again. Blaine looked up from his book with a look that clearly said 'what-do-you-want-I-am-trying-to-study-here'.

"What'd the five fingers say to the face?" asked Kurt with a seemingly innocent look on his beautiful, porcelain face.

"I don't know."

"SLAP!" and with that, Kurt quickly slapped Blaine gently and ran off into the hallway. Blaine just sat there for a moment, shocked, with a hand to his cheek before getting up and chasing after Kurt.

Kurt really needs to stop trolling tumblr and drinking so much soda, Blaine thought, caffeine is one hell of a drug.

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