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Don't say I didn't try.

This is how she knew he had come: she heard him scream. She knew it was him. It was a sound she remembered even after so long. It jolted her away from her work and she rushed outside to find him curled around himself on the street. He was writhing in pain and covered in blood, but it was undeniably him. Merlin.

She froze. Didn't know what to do. One of her coworkers ran past her and dropped to the ground next to him, trying to help him. They took him inside and Morgana stopped, letting the others fix him. Feeling like she was in some sort of haze.

When someone wondered aloud who he was, Morgana offered his name without thinking. He came to when someone started to call an ambulance. Stopped them. Refused to go to the hospital. Refused to tell anyone what had happened to him. He asked to be left alone.

Her coworkers made her stay with him. They said it was because she knew him. She sat on a chair as far away from him as she could. She could hear him muttering words of power under his breath — caught a glimpse of his eyes flashing gold in her peripheral vision. He had used magic to heal his wounds.

She risked a glance in his direction and found his piercing eyes staring back at her, making her quickly drop her gaze. With that look, everything came rushing back to her. All the feelings, the betrayal, the yearning, the fighting, the heartbreak. She knew he felt it too. There was accusation in his eyes.

Hundreds of years and somehow — he had found her.