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I can still feel your warmth

Somehow — and she still wasn't sure how it had happened — Merlin ended up staying at Morgana's. There had been pressure from her coworkers and she must have agreed to take him home, though she couldn't remember actully giving that assent. But here he was. In her flat.

She set him up in the spare bedroom. He was still fairly banged up from that afternoon, but he refused to tell her what had happened. He thanked her, though, when she made up the bed for him. He was still polite. She left him to sleep.

A few hours later, and she was still lying awake, consumed with questions about his sudden reappearance in her life. She couldn't take it anymore. She went into his room.

He was awake, too, and almost looked like he was waiting for her. She sat down on the foot of his bed silently.

"What took you so long?" he asked her.

"How did you find me?" she countered.

Merlin let out a short, mirthless laugh. "It wasn't easy," he answered.

Morgana frowned at him. "How did you get here?"

"Same way you did, I would imagine," Merlin shrugged.

"But why?" Morgana insisted. "Why are you here? Answer me, Merlin."

Merlin fixed her with his steady, serious gaze. She felt a familiarity in it — and a strange sort of warmth.

"I came to find you."