I know this idea has been written a billion times before, but I wanted to try my hand at it. Please give it a try. I tried to make it different and exciting.

Also, if you hate Jacob Black, obviously this fic is not for you, since Jacob is a KEY character in this. Hate Jacob no matter what? Don't read.


A Twilight fanfic

by The Ultimate Otaku


Jacob's POV

It came to him in the night. Jacob wasn't surprised; when he had first had signs of becoming a werewolf, that had come at nighttime, too. This time though, he knew what it was. He wasn't sure if that made it worse, or better. He wasn't afraid like he had been that time. This time, he was angry.

I hate being out of control! That's exactly what the damn leeches are always saying about us. 'Those werewolves are dangerous, Bella. Don't go near them.' Bah! I hate them!

The new change was a wild heat in his body. It filled him up and made his skin tingle. It made him ache, in unbearable ways. It brought the most delicious, torturous images of Bella Swan into his mind. He had always wanted her. He had kissed her before, and she had hit him. He had even imagined her naked, before.

But not like this. Not while in heat, like he was now (why can't male werewolves be like male dogs and not go in heat, but simply react to females in heat? Then we'd only have Leah to deal with, he thought). In heat, the visions of Bella made his body ache. They made him tremble, and gasp her name. He saw her wet from a bath, her dark hair gliding over her shoulders, her full breasts bare. The rose color of her erect nipples combined with the pink of her mouth in this vision made Jacob feel like he couldn't breathe anymore. Had Cullen ever seen her like this? Jacob doubted it. He prayed he hadn't.

Bella sauntered towards him in this vision, slowly. He watched as droplets of water fell from her hair down her body. They caressed her thighs, her rounded hips, they slipped deep into her hot core. He wanted to bend down and lick her there. He wanted to sweep the hair from her shoulders and kiss her, to touch her, to taste her...

Sam had told him the signs. He had seen them, and said, 'It will pass in three days. As long as you don't phase, you'll be safe. Stay human. It will be hard, but I know you can do it. It will feel like phasing would keep you safe - you could run from it, you could feel the cooling air of the forest. But it's not like that, this time. Phase, and you'll never be safe."

Jacob had asked him, "What do you mean? Safe from whom?"

Sam had grimaced, and those brown eyes looked away. Jacob had never seen his Alpha flush in shame before. "Us," Sam had answered. "Your brothers. We can smell it on you if you turn wolf. Don't."

The thought of it made him sick. What made Jacob even sicker was the knowledge that while in heat, he was a danger to Bella. All he wanted was to keep her safe.

No, a voice inside him said. You want more than that. You want her. You want her to need you. You want to be first, not second, don't you? Her first choice.

The first day, Jacob survived. He was in bed for half of it, trying to sleep, but his body kept sweating. The visions of Bella kept coming. One moment he would be looking out his window towards the beach, and then he would be remembering his walks there with Bella. Then he would imagine what it would be like, to pull her into the ocean, to lie with her on the warm sand and press his body to hers...what it would be like, to put his hands around her waist, and whirl her in the air. To have her want to kiss him, and do it over and over...

What would it be like, to slide her body over his, to unbutton those jeans and have her warm body over his cock? To have her grind against him...to have her hands on him?

In one of the most ridiculous visions, Bella was wearing only his shirt. It was a black shirt with holes in it. The holes revealed her skin. She sat on his motorcycle, grinning at him, and when he stepped towards her, she turned, and opened her legs to him. With her hands on his shoulders, her fingernails digging into him, he would bend down. He would kiss those soft, pale thighs, and then lick into her...until she cried out his name.

There was no Cullen in these visions, no leeches at all. There was only Jacob, and Bella, and the way she said his name. She moaned it, over and over, when he pounded into her from behind. Her soft body hit the countertop over and over, but she liked it. The voice within him liked it when Jacob got angry, when Jacob got violent. When he thought of Cullen and how much he'd like to rip him apart, the visions of Bella got influenced.

Her round bottom got redder, and redder, as he slapped it with his palm in one vision. She pressed her fingers into her mouth and bit on them until they bled. She whimpered, when he slipped his fingers deep into her body, but never let her have his cock. The worst scenario, yet also the best, had Bella's mouth around his cock, sucking and licking.

Her voice haunted him when he did try to sleep, that night, dreading the second day and the third.

He finally slept, but then the voice returned. It got louder. "Jacob. JACOB. JAKE." A cold hand entered his consciousness, threw back the blankets he slumbered beneath and touched his bare shoulder. What?

Jacob opened his eyes. Oh. Bella actually stood before him. It was the second day.

She wore a dark purple swimsuit that hugged her curves. It pressed her breasts together, creating a delightful cleavage. Jacob swallowed, hard, and gathered the blankets more around him. They hadn't helped him sweat out the fever of his heat. His heart was pounding as he looked at Bella. She had the longest legs, covered only by a little pair of black shorts. Her hair was wet and she wore it out, just like in his visions...

He could see her nipples, erect from cold, their shape outlined beneath her swimsuit. Immediately the lust in him wanted him to reach forward and strip her, and wrap his mouth around her nipples, lick them with his hot tongue. Jacob groaned, and sat up. He put his face in his hands.

"Jake, what's wrong? You're burning hot..."

She pressed her small hand against his forehead. Jacob did feel feverish, but it wasn't from illness. He swore in his head, as just her touch alone made his whole body start to tingle madly. With her bending over him like that, he could see the rounded tops of her breasts, the wet drops that had sprinkled there.

"I'm not feeling so great, Bella," he mumbled, and tore his eyes away. He lay back down, and turned his back to her. Leave. Leave. Leave. Please just go. You can't help. You're only making it worse. God, I want you.

He couldn't say that. So when she asked, "What's going on, Jake?" he said nothing. She sat down beside him, and stroked the back of her hand across his cheek.

Jacob shut his eyes. Her hand on his cheek made him want to cry, because he knew she cared about him, even if only so much. It also made him want to turn around and push her against the wall and fuck her. He wanted to see her breasts bouncing as he shoved into her, to hear her shouting, to feel her hands on his back, to feel her ass against his fingers as he let her wrap his legs around him.

That tantalizing hand was in his hair now, playing with it, and then Bella leaned over. He could feel her knees against his back. She laughed, and that made him open his eyes. "What?"

She answered, but he couldn't hear her, he could only see her lips moving. He'd made the mistake of looking straight into her eyes. Those dark, chocolate eyes he could drown in...

I'm a goner!

Bella's POV

When Mike started flirting with her again, and Jessica was frowning at her across the campfire, Bella couldn't stand it anymore. This happened every single time they went to the beach, it seemed. Mike would stare at her in her swimsuit (a new one, this time, but Bella had made sure not to get a two-piece), and Jessica would get jealous.

Angela and the others were occupied, swimming, reading. Bella refused to let Mike and Jessica ruin her day. Edward was out hunting, and so she had accepted the beach invite. Now she wished she hadn't.

"I'm going to go see Jacob," she grumbled, and tossed her stuff in her car. By the time Mike stood up to protest, Bella was already in the truck.

She smiled as her truck rumbled down the road. It would be nice to see Jacob again. She hadn't seen him in a while. The last time he'd talked to her, he was doing well, teaching the new werewolves who was boss (Sam had given him that job, and he was very proud of it), and scouting the forest for danger every week.

Bella liked to see Jacob excited. She liked to see him happy. She shoved away the thoughts in her mind, that when Jacob laughed, she felt so warm. When he grinned, he was even, well...beautiful, she thought. In a different way than Edward. Edward was cold and glorious, like a god.

Jacob, on the other hand, was warm...his skin was silky smooth, and his voice was loud and sweet and sometimes, soft in her ear. She liked how he held her close, even though she made sure to protest against it, when he shielded her from the evening wind after a beach walk. They hadn't had any of those in a long time.

"Maybe we'll make lunch together," she said to herself.

The truck groaned as she parked it on a slight incline, and hopped out. Jacob wasn't outside? Usually she would find him outside in the garage on a nice, sunny day like this. Or he was out with his pack, goofing around at Emily's, or scouting with Sam.

Instead, there was no sign of Jacob. She knocked on the door loudly. "Jake? Billy?"

Nothing. A note was pinned to the door in Billy's scrawled handwriting - Gone fishing. Back for dinner at 7. Grilled cheese?

Bella laughed, and turned the knob. So Jacob was home.

She peered towards the kitchen to her left, but it was empty. Dropping her bag in the hallway, she kicked off her shoes. Was Jake watching TV? Nope. No lanky form draped itself gracefully across the couch. She turned down the hall and knocked on Jacob's door. What was he up to?

The door opened when she pushed it, and there was Jacob. He lay sprawled across the bed, one arm flung across his face against the sunlight that peeked through the curtains. A huge pile of blankets lay over him, and Bella wondered why. Jacob's temperature was unnaturally high already, and it was a warm day, why the blankets?

"Hey, Jake. I figured I'd come by and see what you're up to. Let's go biking or something."

No reply. Bella walked around to the side of the bed. Jacob's chest rose and fell evenly in a deep sleep. His dark hair was mussed. It was a little long now, curling around the nape of his neck. The blankets were very rumpled around him, and Bella wondered how long it had been since he'd left his bed. He had the blanket pulled across his torso a little, but she could still see the broad shoulders, the lean, muscled torso. His skin shone in the light, a rich russet.

Bella reached out and stroked a finger across Jacob's brow. "Jacob. JACOB. Wake up! JAKE."

That got a mumble, and then Jacob opened his eyes. Just the sight of them made Bella lose her breath a little. Why had she not visited him sooner again? She missed him. Was he ill? He lay there, still, just staring at her.

"Jake, what's wrong? You're burning hot." His forehead was alarmingly warm against her hand.

Jacob sat up, and put his face in his hands. "Bella," he groaned, "I'm not feeling so great." His voice was hoarse with sleep. He seemed tense, Bella noticed, as she laid a hand on his shoulder.

To her surprise, he lay back down and turned away. That was strange for Jacob. Usually he was receptive to her, even if he was having a bad day. The last time he'd been like this was when...Bella's breath caught in her throat. Was he experiencing another part of being a werewolf? She remembered how he had faked sick when he was first experiencing the symptoms of a werewolf; this time, she was sure, was also fake.

Plus, he was burning hot! Jacob was always burning hot, but he was even hotter now. "What's going on, Jake?"

He didn't answer. Now Bella was worried. Something was definitely wrong with him. Why did he want nothing to do with her? It wasn't like he was contagious.

Determined, Bella sat down on the bed and leaned over. She stroked the back of her hand across his cheek, and then up into his hair. She hoped Jacob was alright. He was so dear to her, dearer than he knew. She wanted him to be alright. She wanted to help!

She laughed at herself. This was the sort of thing that always seemed to happen to her. She always wanted to help Jacob, and Edward, but her limitations always caught up with her. Still, she would try all she could.

Jacob turned his head and opened his eyes. Bella looked straight at him, trying to smile reassuringly.

"What?" he asked.

"Oh, nothing...I'm just laughing at myself. This old lady is so silly, sometimes."

Something changed as Jacob looked into her eyes. A frown crossed Jacob's face, and then he sat up, and turned to face her. She stared at him, puzzled, and then suddenly he leaned in and kissed her.

This kiss was different from any Bella had ever had. It was hungry. Jacob's mouth pressed against hers, again and again, and when she tried to pull away he grabbed her chin and pulled her into another kiss. His mouth was warm against hers, his lips soft. He licked her mouth with his tongue, and it was hot, and then that heat and wet was in her mouth, devouring her, pressing into her and taking everything it could.

Bella was breathless in the face of it, her chest heaving for breath. She moaned as that tongue caressed every inch of her mouth, and then slipped against her own tongue. She had never felt so wanted, so needed. It made her heart pound and she realized she liked this. She liked this force, this hunger. It was so different than Edward's careful, precise kisses, and the quick way he ended them.

She pushed her hands against Jacob's chest, trying to get him to stop for his own sake. This wasn't right! But secretly she enjoyed this, his force. He pushed her hands away, gently for his strength, and then his mouth was on her neck, sucking a hot, wet trail down, down...Bella squirmed in his arms as he held her still. She couldn't move!

Jacob's mouth continued its ministrations, traveling down past her collarbone. Bella gasped as his nose pressed into her cleavage. What was he doing? "Jake!" she shouted. "What are doing, you idiot -"

Her words crumpled in her mouth as his tongue brushed against her cleavage, licking into the valley between her breasts. With a groan he turned his head, and Bella's eyes widened as Jacob's mouth went over a nipple. He began to suck and lick over it with his tongue. Sudden warmth filled her belly.

She could feel his strength like a rock against her as she dug her fingers into his shoulders, trying to get him to stop. This wasn't right. Jacob shouldn't touch her this way. Only Edward could. She ignored the way her body wanted it, asked her to let him continue.

"Jacob Black! Stop it, don't do this -" Her voice cracked, broke. She knew she was nothing against his strength and this sudden frenzy of desire.

Then, he stopped. He pulled away, gasping, and fell back against the bed. Bella scrambled back, and stood on shaky legs.

Jacob lay on the bed, his chest heaving for breath. He clenched the blankets so tightly that his knuckles turned white. Bella could see from where she stood the way he fought for control, his face in one moment twisted in agony and then his expression was blank. She didn't like that blank expression. It scared her.

Slowly, Jacob sat up. His eyes were dark with anguish, his mouth twisted. "Bells..."

She wanted to hug him, to take him in her arms, at the sound of that agonized voice. But she made herself stay. Her eyes stared at the woodwork of the floor as he spoke.

"Bells, let me explain. I...this...I-I'm sorry I...you have every right to be furious. But, I didn't...it wasn't...oh, I can't say it wasn't ME, Bella!"

He stared up at her. His hands grabbed at his hair in frustration.

"I can't say it wasn't me," he growled, "because I love you, Bella. I want you. I would be lying if I said anything different. But..." He lay back down, wrapping himself in blankets once more as if that would protect her or him.

"But that wasn't something I would have done if I were feeling at all sane right now. I'm going through a new stage in this whole werewolf thing, and it's driving me absolutely mad. I can't talk to anyone else about it, because if I get close to them, they'll go ballistic on me and rape me or something. Sam said it would last three days, and I'm on day two...it's not your fault you showed up now. I always like seeing you, Bells. I just...can't seem to hold onto any sensibility, at the moment..."

He looked up at her then, and Bella could feel a flush burn her cheeks. She wondered if that made him want her more. No, he wasn't a vampire, the blush wouldn't bring desire to him. Inside of her, she felt torn. Part of her wanted to stay and help. It was the determined, fearless part that said this is my friend. I've got to help him.

Another part of her was the quiet, embarrassed part that hated birthdays. It didn't want to run the risk of anything happening. It said that she should leave, that this was like...well, wait, she thought. It's not like Edward, because I'm doing fine with Edward. If I can survive around a bloodthirsty vampire who says my blood sings to him, surely I can survive a werewolf in heat, right?

That voice was strengthened by another part of her, which knew that she wanted him, too. Bella wanted both Edward and Jacob. She couldn't help it. They were both beautiful. But Edward wanted to wait. Bella was so tired of waiting.

At the same time, she couldn't imagine giving in to Jacob - that would only give him misery later. Besides, it would be a betrayal of Edward's trust. Edward had held back for so long. He resisted the temptation that wore him down, that of her blood, every day. Couldn't she resist this temptation this one time?

Jacob was difficult to resist. His body was stretched out before her on the bed, and he was beautiful. That long torso, the muscled arms, the graceful curve of his neck, the way his hair curled around his ears a little now...she loved it all. He seemed determined to cover his legs with blankets - is he sleeping naked? No, I can see the belt of his jeans there - but that familiar face, those full lips that had kissed her with such warmth and hunger...Stop it! Stop it right now! Bella told herself. Don't let it get out of hand.

So Bella decided she would help Jacob, and would not let it get out of hand. She would act like normal, and be extra careful not to touch him. If she left, he would be agonized by what he had done, and even more miserable than before. Bella couldn't stand the thought of leaving Jacob miserable.

"Let's go eat lunch," she said. "I'll stay a little longer."

Jacob's POV

As he followed Bella out of his room, Jacob had to admit that he was hungry. His stomach rumbled in reminder, and so he willingly followed her out to the kitchen. She started to take things out of the fridge, but he couldn't bear to sit and watch, knowing what it would do to him.

"Let me do it," he said. It came out as a bit of a growl. She just smiled, a little, and let go of the fridge door.

She sat down at the table, and Jacob determinedly got up and started getting down the rest of the sandwich things. Mustard, lettuce, tomato. He sliced the tomato a little quickly, and nicked his thumb in the process. "Ouch."

He knew she was watching him, but Jacob tried not to think of that too much. It would make him hot and hard again. It would make him go crazy.

When he'd looked into her eyes, he'd totally lost it. So as he made their sandwiches, piece by piece, Jacob was determined not to look at Bella. Not looking. Nope. Don't even think about it.

He sliced her sandwich in half and handed the plate over.

"Thanks, Jake."

She was always thanking him. That was great and all, sure, but what about everything she had done for him? He should be thanking her. Bella was his best friend. She was here with him now, at a trying time, when he had no one. She had been with him when he used to think Sam was a gang leader. She had become close enough that he could reveal his fear to her. She had become close enough that he could hug her and comfort her and both of them were fine with it.

Now I can't even bloody touch her without going nuts. Pathetic. He sat down at the couch, letting her grab the remote and flick the television on. His eyes gazed at it without really seeing, and he tried to focus on the taste of his sandwich.

But all he could think of was the distance between them. She sat at the other end of the couch, as far away as possible from him. Jacob knew it was for his own good, and hers, but he couldn't help feeling a little wounded. He'd gone and made himself a monster that much, hadn't he?

The wildness he'd been trying to keep in had leapt out when he looked into her eyes. It had just taken one second - wham! - and Jacob hadn't even been thinking anymore. All he'd been able to think about was touching her. It wasn't even about having her be his, or pick him. All he'd wanted was to taste her. Touch her.

He didn't want what was inside her, her blood, like Cullen did. He wanted the outside, every bit of it, from her slow smile that he could always draw out, to her breasts, to the shape of her hips against his (like earlier) and the bruises on her ankles. He wanted all of that.

It had used to be more innocent, but this wild heat inside him...it made Jacob's thoughts lose all innocence.

He finished his sandwich and tried not to look at her. Some joke was being said on television, but Jacob couldn't hear it. He could hear his heart pounding. He could practically feel her moving, even though she was a couple feet away. He imagined it - the brush of her thighs together, what would it be like to put his hand there, to let it slip in...? He wanted to bury his face in her breasts again, to pull that moan from her again.

"Damn it," he whispered. Within the next second he had scooted over, and slung one arm around her shoulders. There. That was innocent enough. Right?

He didn't dare look at her face to see what she thought. She kept eating, wiped her mouth with one hand, and then, deliberately, slowly, placed her hands to one side of her lap. Oho, she was good. She didn't put them on her thighs, which would get him thinking about them. She didn't put them anywhere near him. She just nestled them, together, against her right hip, shoved up against the couch arm. Was she afraid?

Jacob decided to ask. He discovered his voice was low and husky from so much sleep still, as he said, "Am I scaring you?"

"No, Jake." She determinedly stared at the TV. It made him a little angry, but he told that feeling to shut the fuck up. He didn't need to phase right now!

"Why aren't you scared, Bella? Doesn't anything scare you? ...You were scared...when Cullen left. Doesn't the presence of something ever scare you, or is it only the absence?"

She coughed, shifted away from his arm a little, and then said, "You did scare me a little earlier, Jake. Your eyes looked blank, for a second, when you were lying there...but now you're back. Can you get your arm off of me? It's like having a burning log on my neck, kind of."

"Oh. Sorry."

So she had been scared of him. But, silly Bella, she'd been more scared for him than of him, or for herself.

Jacob had never felt as awkward with Bella as he did now. Usually he was easygoing with her. It was fun. Usually, he made her feel better about things, when Cullen had treated her badly. Now though, Jacob was screwing it all up. Should he just ask her to leave? He had scared her, after all.

"If...if it had felt more like...like me, in control, when I kissed you earlier, would you have liked it?"

Somehow, Jacob just had to take every opening window his wishful thinking gave him a glimpse of. He knew it was wishful thinking, but still...

His question was met with a long, long silence. Jacob thought, surely she wanted to leave now. Instead though, Bella kicked at her plate on the floor forlornly, and then whispered, "Jacob, I...I should lie to you, right now, for my own sake and yours, but...I can't lie to you, so I'm going to say it. I did like your kiss, earlier. You...you were great."

Jacob felt like his heart had leapt around, all of a sudden. It was making a hard beat against his chest, and he pressed his hand there, as if it would leap out of his body. She had liked his kiss! She...she had liked the force of it? The way he had licked her mouth? The way he had let all of his desire for her show? Oh, god...Jacob pushed his hands against the couch, biting his lip. It was starting again. But he had to control it. He wanted be himself for her, not some wild horny monster.

It took every ounce of his will to turn to her and look her in the eye, and then keep his hands off of her. "Thanks, Bella," he said, and he couldn't help a grin coming to his face.

Then he kissed her again.

She opened her mouth to him this time. She actually kissed him back. He tried to make the kiss gentle, but he couldn't. It lasted only a moment, before he was crazy again, kissing her like it was the last thing he'd ever do in his life. He didn't mind if it was. She tasted like cinnamon, and smelled like flowers. Her mouth was cold, like the ocean, salty, until his tongue entered and it became hot. He kissed her slowly, drawing it out, taking a breath before diving in again.

Bella moaned into the kiss, and that was when Jacob couldn't help but touch her. He slid one arm around her waist, and pulled her over to sit in his lap. Her left side was against his chest. Her butt was soft over his thighs, even through the jeans he wore, and he fought back the urge to push his aching cock against that softness.

He let go of her waist, and instead stroked her hair. That turned into stroking his hand down her whole body, over the swell of breasts, across the short hair on her legs, all the way down them, to clasp her feet. Then he stopped kissing her. He bit her bottom lip, and then his mouth drifted over her cheek and down to her ear. He licked over the shell of it with his tongue. She made a strange sound at that, half a gasp, half an upset groan.

Then she pushed herself away, off of him, and sat like a curled turtle at the corner of the couch. She drew her legs up in front of her like some sort of shield.

Jacob fell back against the couch, and scooted over to his side of it. "Bella…maybe you should go."

It hurt him to say it. He felt all the joy he'd just experienced with holding her dissipate and crumble, like a fortress that had been defeated by an angry army. He closed his eyes, and sighed. The animal in him was impossible to hold back right now. It wouldn't stop. He hated himself for his lack of control, but at the same time, he knew Bella wouldn't want him to be hurting, to be self-hating. So he opened his eyes and took a deep breath, mustering his strength.

He thought he might have managed to look normal as he stood up. Smiling a little, he held out his hand. "I'll accompany you to the door."

A myriad of emotions crossed Bella's face. He could see she was reluctant – but in what way? Was it that she didn't want to touch him? Or was it that she didn't want to leave? He hoped for the latter, but knew it was probably the former. He had mistreated her badly today, and hoped she could forgive him for it. Part of him was saying. So now kissing is mistreatment? How stupid! There's nothing wrong with kissing the woman I love! Kiss her again!

But the coldness in his belly said, She doesn't want it. You want to make her happy, don't you? Back off. Even though it hurts.

Instead of accepting his hand, Bella stood up and crossed the room. "Jake…I'm absolutely freezing, but I know…I know you can't hold me right now."

'I know you can't hold me right now.' Jacob clenched his hands into fists at his sides. How he wanted to hold her! He wanted to hold her and comfort her like he always had, but this time he was the monster, and he the source of any mixed feelings or disappointment in her. Her words were like crushing blocks of iron weighing him down.

"Let me just change really quick before I go."

He nodded dismally, and as soon as she had grabbed her bag from the hallway and shut the bathroom door, he collapsed back onto the couch. Damn it!

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