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Dear Diary,

I guess this is the part where I should harp on about the fact it's been an eternity since I've spoken to you, but as I'm pressed for time, I'm sure you will understand and forgive my skipping that part...

I know the other guards will come looking for me at any moment, but I honestly can't find it in myself to either be afraid, or to care.

I deserve it.

I knew what I was doing, and that it would be deemed as 'wrong', but I continued on regardless. I broke the rules and now I will have to suffer the consequences.

But, truth be told, I'm not sorry. And if I was given my time over, I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

But before I go to meet my death, I wanted to tell you this story. So that you and anyone who reads this will know that I, Bella Swan, finally know what it feels like to experience love.

"I hold it true, whatever befall; I feel it, when I sorrow most; 'tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

I have always loved Tennyson's quotes; all bar this one, as at the time, it had made absolutely no sense to me.

After all, why would one want to feel heartache?

But I realise that I was young and naïve, and now, as I read the words with opened eyes, I finally get it; the pain is what makes it real.

The ache and anguish I feel in my long dead heart, are the only reminders I have that he was here; that he was real and that he existed…

And I wouldn't change that for the world.

From the time I was 'changed' just over twenty years ago, I had never once questioned my existence or lifestyle.

Things just were the way things were…

I was higher on the food chain than the humans. I was the predator and they were the prey; the circle of life.

And I accepted that.

Not even after I learned that I had lost my family did I question this way of life; it was just a given. I never knew that there was another way.

That is, until now; until him

Looking back, I guess that I felt a bit like the Titanic, gliding effortlessly through the never-ending ocean of life without a care or trouble in the world, until out of nowhere, I collided with him. He was the unexpected iceberg that turned my world upside down, making me rethink everything that I thought I knew…

We were just two objects, unknowingly being steered by gravity and forces higher than ourselves toward each other.

It was fate, it had to be; there was no other word for it.

I hadn't even been aware that I'd been searching for something, until I found him.

He was my other half, my better half. He was the ying to my yang. He was my mate.

With him, I was finally home…

But fate, being the heartless bitch that it is, for whatever reason, must deem me unworthy of love, as it placed us in the worst situation one could ever imagine.

I had no other option but to rebel; to break the rules I knew so well, the oath I had taken and sacrifice myself for him.

And as I said, I have no regrets.

Not only do I now know what love feels like, but I also know what it means to be completely selfless.

I am essentially a selfish creature. After all, it is our nature to take what we want and not give a damn about how it will affect another…

So to say it felt good to save him, without giving my own fate a second thought, would be an understatement.

It made me almost feel human again; almost…

I guess, for anyone that reads this to understand, I'll have to start at the beginning. To go back to the day that my life was forever changed…