Rachel lay on the roof of her house. It was the middle of the night and the brightness of the stars and the full moon drenched her face and body in silver light, shadows inching close against the sides of the roof. The new life in her swollen belly nudged and kicked as if in response to moon's call. She let her hand glide over the surface of her skin, under her pyjama shirt, taking a joy in the small foot or head or hand that moved inside her.

She wondered what her babies would look like. Would they have their father's green eyes and black hair? Would they have her nose, or would they share her brow?

Rachel closed her eyes for a moment as the burning stars blurred together. She realised she was crying, tears falling from the corners of her eyes, tangling in her curling hair that was splayed out beneath her head.


The thought was a sigh that came from deep inside her heart, from the small aching hole that had taken up residence as soon as he had left.

She missed him so very much.

It wasn't the first time she had come up to the roof to stare at the stars and the moon and the dark velvet sky. It wasn't the first time she had climbed up the lattice, almost as if she were hoping to catch a glimpse of his green, green eyes gazing down at her from the heavens, to assure her that even though he was so far away, he was looking at her and their unborn children, to assure her that he cared.

She knew that soon she wouldn't be able to come up here anymore, that it would endanger her babies but the pull to stay up on the roof for as long as possible was too strong to resist.

And so she sighed, but kept her eyes wide open to the bright silver moon and the far-away stars that watched over her in the night.

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