Hi, I really don't now how I should do this. I'm kind of nerves, which is weird, because no one knows me around here. This is my very first story and it's not even in my own language. I'm Dutch and English is like my worst enemy so don't be to hard for me, please. I really enjoyed writing this story and the only thing that's left for me is just publish it and see what you all think of it.

There are a few thinks I should explain first. The boys drink in this story and they're seventeen. In the Netherlands you're aloud to drink alcohol when you're sixteen years old, so it's really not a big deal here if you do drink. It's possible that you find other things in this story that are very Dutch. Just ask me about it if you don't understand.

I could really use someone that can help me with the mistakes I'm obviously going to make and it would be nice if anyone could correct them.

We all know, that if I owned Big Time Rush or one of the boys, I wouldn't be writing this story


We felt like the luckiest guys in the world. Gustavo gave us a vacation. Six freaking weeks. That god he was tired of having us around all day.

I felt like I died and went to heaven.

To make it even better; Mama Knight and Katie were going home for that time and we had the place all to ourselves.

"Here are the rules boys: No girls in the apartment. No alcohol when I'm not around. No parties. I don't want you to eat junk food every night, you all can cook so be healthy. And last: I want you to call every night at seven, no exceptions" Mama Knight said sternly.

"Of course not, mom. I promise" Kendall said. He crossed his fingers behind his back and I had a hard time trying to stifle my laughter.

"Alright then. Come on, Katie! We have to go, otherwise we'll miss our flight!" She yelled over her shoulder. She gave each of us a hug and walked out the door. A very grumpy Katie followed her. The little girl really didn't want to go back.

We started cheering as soon as the door closed behind them.

"Two weeks of complete freedom!" cried James.

"Gentlemen, I have a few new rules for us: Girls, allowed. Alcohol, allowed. Parties, allowed. Not allowed? Healthy food and being bored for six weeks!" shouted Carlos as he happily fell back on the couch. He didn't bother taking his shoes of since no one was around to shout at him about it.

Kendall was looking out of the window. He followed the taxi with his mother and Katie until it was out of sight. He turned to us with a board grin on his face. I knew that look. He had a plan.

"We have to make this night a one we'll remember forever. This is what we're gonna do; Carlos, you go to the store and buy party food and stuff. James, you and I are going to prepare 2J for a sleepover-party. Logan, you call the girls. And with girls I mean Jo, Camille, Stephanie and Rachel. Nothing big, just a group of friends, but that's perfect for my plan. Get moving!"

At eight, all the girls were here. They were all wearing PJ's and looking hot. We ordered pizza and got pretty tipsy from the beer Carlos bought us. We were all having a crazy fun time.

After two hours of non-stop wrestling and fooling around, we got tired and fell down on the living room floor. James and Kendall found every single pillow, blanket and mattress and brought them to the living room. I thought it looked like an isle of soft things, surrounded by the large orange couch.

"Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for! Truth or Dare!" James said in a low voice.

"Hell yeah!" said Camille and the other girls nodded.

Carlos raised two fingers. "I swear I'll tell nothing but the truth and will do every dare you guys told me to do" His voice was solemn and the girls giggled.

We all followed his example and promised to do whatever you're truth or dare was. James picked up his laptop. "I found a site for this game. In this way you don't know what's going to be asked. You can choose from two types. The first got questions that are quite innocent. The other is way cooler, though. What do we do?"

"The last" Everyone shouted in unison. I laughed nervously. The last time I played Truth or Dare had been pretty tough. I had to lick honey from a girl's stomach. I got a little problem after that one. The guys still bullied me with it. That was the main reason I avoided this game as much as possible.

"Who wants to go first?" Kendall asked looking around.

"I'll go! Dare! Bring it on, James!" Carlos said enthusiastically. Of course he would go first. Daredevil.

He sat up straight and stared intently to James who clicked the 'Dare' button on the screen of his laptop. He chuckled. "The person across from you can make you a drink. Everything is allowed."

"Yes!" cried Jo, who jumped up and went straight for the kitchen. She searched for the biggest muck around and turned her back on us, now we couldn't see what she was doing.

"This can't be that bad" Carlos said in a voice that was slightly higher than his normal tone.

Jo came back with a cup in her hands and a big grin on her face. She handed the drink to Carlos and sat back in her seat between me and James.

"What is it?" asked the pretty boy softly.

I leaned in closer so I would her what she said. "A raw egg, syrup, milk and pepper" she whispered. She kept her eyes on Carlos as James and I laughed. He sniffed at it a little before taking a carful sip.

"Oh my gosh! This is disgusting!" He exclaimed before running straight to the bathroom. We heard him rinse his mouth multiple times before finally coming back.

"Who now, Carlos?" Stephanie asked impatiently.

"Rachel" He answered.

"Truth" She said.

"What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done in your life?" James read before looking at her.

"Oh no" She turned red. "I drank water from a toilet once because I wondered how it would taste."

I saw looks of disgust all around the room. I didn't feel much better myself. I heard someone make retching noises.

"Okay. NEXT" James said quickly to change the subject. "Chose someone Rachel."


"Dare" he said confidently.

James grimaced when he saw the dare on his screen. "Choose someone of the same sex and kiss with him/her for at least 30 seconds. It has to be a French Kiss. Please don't choose me!" He quickly added after reading the dare aloud. He gave Kendall a disparate look.

Kendall groaned and turned his gaze towards me. "Logan…"

I was shocked. "Why me! It's not fair! Choose Carlos!"

"I am not going to kiss Carlos after that drink from Jo" Well, I couldn't reason with that.

"Bad luck, Logie" Carlos almost sounded as if he pitied. Almost.

I was still cranky. "Sure. You just hate me. Let's just get it over with."

Kendall chuckled softly and walked towards me. He sat down in the empty spot next to me. "I'm an amazing kisser. Ask Jo. And stop whining, you decided to play this game."

I rolled my eyes. As if I would know something like this would happen. My breath hitched when Kendall's hand caressed my cheek. He started to lean in.

The next thing I knew were his lips on mine in one of the best kisses I ever had. After I recovered from the shock I kissed him back. His mouth was soft and I couldn't help but notice that our lips matched perfectly. He let his tongue slide along my lower lip to ask for access. Which I gave him gratefully. We had a small battle for dominance, that he won. The hand that wasn't on my face found his way to my hip. It was sweet and passionate and I could help but moan softly when his hand ran through my hair.

After thirty seconds James cleared his throat and I was almost mad at him for breaking our kiss. Then I realized where I was and freed myself from Kendall's hands. I shot him a confused look and he look almost as frustrated as I felt. He got up and walked back to his place next to Camille.

That's when I became aware of the other people. Rachel whispered something in Stephanie's ear and they laughed when they shot a glance towards me. Carlos and James shared a look and had a vague look on their face's.

"Well, that was interesting" Carlos said, snickering.

I imagined what our kiss must have looked like for the others and groaned. Kendall bit his bottom lip and looked hurt. It keeps getting better…

"Choose someone, Kendall" James voice quivered with suppressed laughter.

"You go"

"Okay, I take Dare" He answered and clicked the button.

"Change clothes with the person next from you" James looked besides him. On his right sits Jo and left Stephanie. He groaned.

"Girl's. Great. Do we have to switch everything? And then I really mean everything?" He asked desperately.

"Yes!" Everyone yelled. He groaned again.

"Well, Stephanie, you're wearing green, and Jo's in pink, so I'm gonna switch with you" He picked the girl in green up and marched to the bathroom with her.

The result was fantastic. Stephanie came out first in James' jogging pants and sweat shirt that were both way to big. She was no longer wearing a bra, something all the boys found rather hot. She had a huge smile on her face and had trouble not bursting out in laughter.

"I can't wait for you to see him. It's hilarious" She explained when we looked at her quizzically.

"James! Come out! It can't be that bad!" Shouted Carlos, who was still looking at Stephanie's chest. Camille hit him when she saw him doing that.

"I look ridiculous!" James walked out of the bathroom. He was wearing a bra and shirt that were too small for him. The short pants stretched tightly around his legs and waist. It was so, so funny. I almost fell to the floor and had big trouble breathing. Like many other that had seen James like this.

"Stop laughing! I'm sure this isn't the worst thing that will happen tonight!" James said in a high pitched voice and a burning face. He grumbled when we didn't listen to him.

"J-james. You're a really hot chick" Kendall had big difficulty talking.

"Shut up, Knight. You had to kiss Logan" Kendall and I immediately stopped laughing and James looked rather pleased with himself. He went to his place and put the laptop back in his lap.

"I choose Camille"


"Play a round of 'I have never' with the people that are wearing red. Instead of drinking you pull of a piece clothing" James read aloud. "Well, that's Logan, Stephanie, Carlos, Jo and you Camille"

"Cool. I never kissed someone of the same sex" Carlos said. I looked at him with a foul mood and took of my socks.

"I have never seen a sex movie" Camille said. I took of my shirt. Carlos and Jo went for their socks.

"Really Jo?" James asked and raised his eyebrows.

"I do not have to get into that" She said blushing.

"I never hadn't a crush on someone in this room" Stephanie stated. Carlos smiled at those words. I didn't look at Camille, we used to date and now I have to reveal that I never really liked her.

"Some people really want me naked" I said as I took of my pants. To my surprise turned both Kendall as Jo deep red. So much for a joke…

"I never had fun time with myself and got caught" I grinned at Carlos. He shot me a glare while taking of his pants. Camille blushed and took of her socks.

"Who caught you, Carlos?" James asked. He and Kendall burst out laughing when the Latino pointed at me.

"Last one. I never had glasses" Jo said. No one moved.

"I choose Logan" Camille said calmly. I looked at her. She didn't look angry or hurt as I expected after what I said.

"Dare" I was slightly afraid. I was already half naked and it wasn't even my turn yet.

James burst out laughing as soon as he saw the dare. He was unable to read it aloud and I prepared myself for the worst. Jo took the laptop and read aloud: "You have to give the person from your last turn a hickey"

James started to laugh even harder and Carlos followed his example. The girls hold on to each other in order not to fall. Kendall sighed.

"Come on, Logie. It's not that bad" I raised an eyebrow. "Okay, maybe it's a little bit weird, but you know this game."

I rolled my eyes and stood up. Camille made place so I could sit next to Kendall. Everyone stopped laughing and look intently at what I would do.

Let's give them a little show… I placed one hand on his neck and kissed his surprisingly soft jaw. Kendall sighed and closed his eyes. I worked my way down past his ear and started to use my tongue at his neck. I gave his pulse point a soft kiss before biting down harshly. Kendall let out a moan. I worked at the hickey for a minute, sucking and licking at the sensitive skin. I was very happy with myself when the blonde started gasping for air. After placing a last kiss to the mark, I leaned back to admire my beautiful peace of work.

"Kendall?" Camille said, she sounded a little strange. "I think you should go to the bathroom."

I heard people giggle and Kendall turned bright red. He got up and ran away before I knew what was going on.

"What was that about?" I asked confused to Camille.

She raised an eyebrow. "You didn't see it?"

"I didn't see what?" I asked irritated as everyone kept his mouth shut.

"After your great hickey, Kendall got, uh, a little problem" Carlos said chuckling.

"What the hell are you-" I stopped talking when it hit me. "Oh!" I shouted. GREAT!\

Before anyone could say another word Kendall came back. He sat down in my old place next to Jo. He looked very ashamed and didn't look at me.

"Not a word" He snapped at James when the latter tried to say something. James smiled broadly at Kendall, but did as asked and continued the game.

"Only me and Stephanie are left. Who first Logan?" Jo asked. She smiled sweetly.

"You go first"

"Truth" She told James who clicked the button.

"Who was the last person that saw you naked?" He asked eargerly.

"My mom" She shrugged.

"How boring!" Shouted Carlos and fell back in his seat.

"We can't have Kogan action dares all the time, Carlos. Although, those are very fun to watch" James said with a big grin on his face.

"Shut the fuck up, James. You're still wearing girl clothes" He stopped laughing.

"Let's play another game after Stephanie's turn. This is becoming boooring!" Carlos yawned.

"Agreed. Truth or Dare, Steph?"


"From the persons in this room, who do you think of the most?" James read.

She blushed and her feet were suddenly very interesting. "Carlos" She mumbled.

"Ahhh" giggled the girls. James, Kendall and me looked at Carlos. The Latino had a big smile on his face and refused to look at one of us.

"Moving on! What's your idea, Carlos?" I was certainly interested in every game that wasn't Truth or Dare and didn't involve me kissing Kendall. Or vice versa.