Kurosaki Ichigo was not a happy camper right now. First of all, his friend Rukia had had been captured by two shinigami sent to retrieve her. Not only that, he lost all his powers to a move that the shinigami did, and the only way he could save her was through a particularly dangerous method to regain his powers. Gritting his teeth, he headed towards the place that he had been to so many times in the past. He would go consult him. He would know what to do.


"Oh, hey, there's my favorite customer! Grab a seat; I'll be right with you!" The blonde and white haired owner of the restaurant yelled at him enthusiastically. Ichigo shook his head. No matter what, he would always have the ability to cheer him up. Sighing, he sat at his favorite spot near the counter. Within minutes, Naruto brought two large bowls of ramen. Placing one in front of Ichigo, Naruto sat down in front of him and started eagerly slurping up his ramen. When he noticed Ichigo wasn't doing the same, he stopped.

"What's the matter, Ichi-chan? You're never this depressed. Is it a girl problem or something?" Naruto asked. Ichigo's shoulders slumped. "You can say that." Naruto grinned at him. "So, that Rukia chick dumped you, eh? Don't worry, my friend, there are plenty of fish in the ocean!"

Ichigo blushed and scowled. "It's not like that." Naruto cocked his head to the side in confusion. "It's not?" Ichigo sighed. "It's just… What would you do if your friend was captured by some really powerful people, and you can only save her by doing something that could potentially kill you?"

Naruto quirked an eyebrow. "Why ask a weird question like that?"

Ichigo pondered telling him the whole truth for a while, but quickly shot down the idea. He would likely dismiss the idea as nonsense or worse, think that he was crazy. So, he just replied "No special reason, just curious."

Raising his eyebrow even more, Naruto nearly laughed at the obvious lie, but just nodded his head. Then he broke out into a grin. "It's obvious, isn't it? Of course I would save her! When your friends are in trouble, you don't just roll over and let them die, you do whatever it takes to save them! Even if you have to sacrifice yourself to ensure their safety, you don't ever abandon them. I told you that in a story, didn't I? In the world of warriors, those who foolishly risk their lives are trash, and yet those who would act cowardly and abandon their friends to save their own asses are worse than trash."

Ichigo stood up straight at this. "You're right. You're absolutely right. Thanks, Naruto!" He then proceeded to run off, but he felt Naruto's hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see Naruto smirking at him with a necklace in his hand. "This is my family heirloom. Take it. You'll need it more than I will."

Smiling, he took it and placed it around his neck before running off. "Oh and Ichigo, one more thing!" He turned around his head. "Kick some Shinigami ass for me!" Ichigo was slightly shocked that he knew about their existence, but shook his head and ran forward.

He had a friend to save.

Meanwhile, a cat appeared in a blur. "Aren't you gonna help him?" It spoke up in a deep masculine voice. Naruto sighed. "Do I even have a choice? Kisuke will probably just force me to either way. Besides…" He looked towards the sky. "I'd like to see how much they've grown too."

If a cat could smirk, Yoruichi was doing so right now.

Everyone in Seireitei had a shiver crawl up their spine. They had a very bad feeling that soon the whole of Seirei would be thrown into chaos. They wondered about their 'vision', and wondered whether it would come true. Oh how it would.

For Namikaze Naruto, the ultimate prankster was returning to Soul Society!


It was 1:15 am in the morning when everybody gathered at Urahara store compound. Ichigo was shocked to see everyone there, Uryuu, Orihime, Sado, Yoruichi (in cat form) and Kisuke himself who invited them to the secret basement room.

"This is the gate where you guys will be walking through in order to get over to Soul Society." Kisuke explained as he pointed towards a gate with nothing in the middle and a border which looked like it had been pasted with thousands of white paper there, giving them an uncomfortable feeling.

"Now, can I explain the rules now that you are done getting amazed by the gate?" Kisuke said.

"What's that ugly-looking border?" Ichigo asked.

"I was about to get to that. This 'so called ugly looking border' is made by adding Reishihenkankon to the top of Senkaimon and the use of Ketsugoufu to cover it up so it stays together."

"Since Soul Society is the world of souls, you have to be a soul to go there. Separating each of you from your bodies would still leave you with a chain of fate, making it difficult for you to move, let alone go to Soul Society. As it is, the only one who can go as he is is Ichigo."

Kisuke held up a finger, "That's why we have Reishikanki, which changes the kishi that makes up living things into reishi, which is the main component in souls. This means that you guys can go to Soul Society in your original forms."

"Okay, got it," Ichigo headed for the gateway. "Let's get going."

Kisuke grabbed him by his collar. "I'm not done explaining yet. You'll have no trouble going through this door. Reishikanki won't hurt a bit, and, as long as you keep going forward, you'll make it to Soul Society. The only problem you'll face is time. We can only hold this gate open for four minutes. Any longer, and you'll be trapped forever in the Dangai. In the Dangai, there is a sort of current that can stop souls from moving completely. Even a single foot caught in this current can prove to be damning. The likelihood of making it out of Dangai in time is very slim, should that happen."

"So," Orihime asked quietly, "how do we make it out?"

"Just keep moving," a male voice said. A black cat walked up from behind them, its yellow eyes focused on the group as it stopped in front of the gateway. "Only those confident in their success may follow me."

"What are you talking about?" Ichigo demanded as he stepped forward. "All of us came here of our own choice! None of us is going to back down!"

"You realize," Yoruichi continued calmly, "that if you lose, you'll never be able to return?"

"Then we'll just have to win," Ichigo replied firmly. Kisuke and Tessai, his helper, kneeled at either side of the gate.

"Well said," Yoruichi remarked, colors beginning to swirl inside the square.

"When it's opened, run through." Kisuke remarked. As the gate flashed white, the band of misfits ran through it, ready to begin an adventure of a lifetime.

(P.S: For the record, I borrowed this part from Crisis Core: The Azure Moon Chapter 1, an unofficial Naruto-Bleach Xover by James D. Fawkes. It's an awesome story)


Naruto watched from his corner as Ichigo and his friends, along with Yoruichi headed through the Senkaimon to Soul Society. He had regained his Shinigami powers, no surprise there. He was too stubborn, however, to listen to any advice. Kinda reminded him of himself when he was a kid. He'd get killed without any help, more specifically his help.

As Kisuke stood there with a smile on his face looking at the Senkaimon, it disappeared as he turned and looked at Naruto who was leaning against the wall. Covering his unusual mixture of white and amazingly bright blonde hair was a straw hat, while underneath that his hair was tied back in a loose ponytail. He wore a black cloak with red clouds on it and a ring on his right thumb. Under that he wore a haori which was orange, while also wearing a black T-shirt underneath and pants, with a sash around his right shoulder which carried a blade (Think of Toshiro's (How do you write that o with a dash on top of it?) uniform but the haori is orange and he wears Akatsuki's uniform on the outside).

He smirked at him. "So, you decided to come after all." It was more of a statement than a question.

Naruto sighed. "What can I say? The kid made my business a huge success, plus I like him. The Akatsuki need him too. I'll have train him to defeat him after all, and if I didn't you would have made me. 'Sides," He had walked up to the gate, and he turned his head around. "I have a promise to keep to my old friend."

Kisuke smirked. "Well, good luck then. I quote that nice story that came out that I saw the other day. May the goddess watch your steps, and may she guide you in the shadows. (I quote Serenity's End, a VERY nice story)

Not turning his head, he smirked. "Even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return." He paused slightly before smirking. "LOVELESS Act V. I swore I would return to her, and I will do whatever it takes to do so. Well, I guess I should be going now. See ya later, Kisuke. By the way, come visit more often, will ya? Irumi-chan is always whining about how her boyfriend never comes to visit her. Ja ne!" He said smirking before leaping through the Senkaimon, leaving behind a Kisuke who was beet red, sputtering denials about him being the busty brunette's boyfriend.


Naruto sat on a roof on the in interior of Seireitei. They honestly expected a wall and some Reiatsu-absorbant stones to stop him? He scoffed. As if.

As he watched carrot-top get forced out of Seireitei by Gin, he smirked. That little runt had sure grown from when he first found him. Using shunpo, he quickly appeared next to him.

Gin remained passive. "It's good to see you, Naruto-Nii." Naruto grinned at him. "Good to see you, Gin-chan. How's Seireitei been since we left?" Gin sighed. "It's been good actually. Aizen is going to make his move soon, however. Everything I told you about his activities should be enough to strike a crucial blow at him, but after that I won't be able to spy for you anymore, and yet…" he turned to face Naruto, losing his trademark grin and turning to Naruto revealing a frown and his open eyes that were light blue. "I have no idea why you let yourself become a victim of his plans when I told you about them already and you could have avoided getting an inner hollow and being forced to leave Seireitei if you hadn't done what you did. Plus it really killed Rangiku-chan to know that you left without a word." He frowned at that.

Naruto sighed. "Gin, you know very well I didn't have a choice once I got my inner hollow, and I needed it to be able to match those Arrancars you told me Aizen is recruiting. I'll need every edge I can get if I want to defeat his army and the bastard himself too. I'm well aware of my strength, but I'm not cocky enough to say I could take their entire army without an edge, even with Bankai."

Gin sighed. "I guess you're right. Anyhow, I have to be going now." Naruto nodded. "Be careful, Gin. Knowing Yorui-chan, she'll be using that way to get into Seireitei. One last word of advice; don't let your hatred of Aizen get the better of you. You're above his level, don't drop to it."

Gin nodded.

XxxxXxxxXxxxXxxxX A day later XxxxXxxxXxxxXxxxX

Naruto stared at the cannon ball that was clashing against the invisible barrier that surrounded Seireitei. He smirked, knowing he was right about Yoruichi using that way to gain entrance into Seireitei. He sighed as he dropped off the roof and onto an abandoned street.

It was time to announce his arrival to Seireitei.

He raised his right hand.

"Hado no Hachi ju Hachi: Hiryugekizokushintenraiho (Hado # 88. Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Striking Thunder Cannon). "Naruto murmured. As soon as the words left his lips, a large blue beam of electrical and spiritual energy into the air.


Toshiro Hitsugaya was doing his paperwork in his office when he saw the cannon ball made of reiatsu clash into the barrier surrounding Seireitei burst into seperate beams of golden light that landed in diffrent places in Seireitei. Just as he was about to go and investigate it, he sensed a burst of reiatsu all too familiar to him. His eyes widened as he turned around and saw a large beam of pure blue blasting into the sky.

"Naruto-Nii…" Within seconds, he vanished in a burst of shunpo.


Momo Hinamori was just taking a casual stroll through the 5th division barracks when she saw the blue beam of reiatsu. Her eyes widened as she realized the implication of the beam. She vanished in a burst of shunpo.


Rangiku Matsumoto was reading a fashion magazine in her office when she felt her captain vanish from his office in a quick burst of shunpo. Frowning, she contemplated her captain's unusual behavior before she felt the reiatsu that her captain felt, widening her eyes before she disappeared in a blur, leaving her magazine to fall to the floor.


Aizen Sosuke was in his office plotting his next move on a chess board before he felt the burst of reiatsu, before allowing a smile to crawl onto his face as he moved the opposing pawn onto his end of the chess, switching it with a queen.

"And that concludes the return of the queen to the board. Finally, a threat to my plans, a vessel I can test myself against: Namikaze Naruto."


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