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Naruto hummed a quiet tune as he sat in the middle of an abandoned street in Seireitei. He remained there quietly until he felt three figures blur into existence behind him.

"Well, isn't this quite the reunion? My three old students, two now lieutenants, one a captain, and lil old me. How've you guys been anyway?"

Toshiro unsheathed his zanpakuto and spoke in a trembling voice. "Why? Why, Nii-san? Why did you become a traitor? Why did you abandon Seireitei? And why did you abandon us? "

Naruto sighed. "I didn't want to, Shiro-chan. My hand was forced. Believe me, if I had a choice, I wouldn't have left."

Toshiro growled. "Everyone has a choice! You taught us that yourself! So don't be a fucking hypocrite and tell us the truth."

"I…" Naruto looked away. "I can't."

Toshiro growled. "Then I'll just beat it out of you! Soten Ni Zase, Hyorinmaru! (Sit upon the frozen havens, Ice Ring) " He then sent a Chinese ice dragon at Naruto who leapt out of the way hastily before pulling his sword, stabbing it into the building that he had leapt onto before using it as a slingshot to hastily leap out of the way before resuming his dodging of the multiple ice dragons Toshiro had sent at him. Naruto was hit by a Chinese dragon, causing Toshiro to lower his sword before he felt a cut across his back, courtesy of Naruto's sword. Gritting his teeth, Toshiro turned around, swinging his sword in a massive arc, though he hit nothing but air.

"What was the first thing I taught you? Never let your guards down, for you're always at your most vulnerable when you think the enemy is defeated."

Toshiro ignored his mentor's taunt and gripped his zanpakuto tighter and unleashed another wave of ice at the cheery former 10th squad captain. He then leaped out of the way, gracefully dodging multiple ice dragons before he was interrupted by a Sokatsui spell almost colliding with him. He turned around at the source to see Momo with her left hand outstretched and her right hand resting on her blade's hilt.

Momo gripped her zanpakuto tightly. "I don't want to fight you, Naruto-kun, but if I have to fight you to know the answer as to why you left, I will!" She finished declaring before unsheathing her katana fully. "Hajike, Tobiume (Snap, Flying Plum Tree)!" She launched a fireball at Naruto, who had just landed on a building. His eyes widened before his hand shot forward, shouting out "Hado no Ichi: Sho (Hado# 1: Thrust)!" The Kido (Demon way) destroyed the fireball, through it revealed a Hado no San ju Ichi: Shakkaho (Hado#31: Red Fire Cannon) causing his eyes to widen. As he leaped out of the way, he had to dodge multiple Chinese ice dragons, kido spells and the occasional fireball or two. He could have beaten them easily with Shikai, but he didn't want to hurt them, and he was also curious on how much they had grown. What he did not expect was a beam of white lightning to shoot in front of him. When he turned to see its origin, he saw Rangiku's blade pointed at him.

She gripped her blade tightly. "Naruto, you're the one who took in me and Gin from the Rukongai district and saved us from starving. You always taught us not to bear our burdens alone and to share our burdens with you when we were depressed. Now you won't let us do the same, so we'll have to force you to listen! Unare, Haineko! (Growl, Ash Cat)" The blade scattered into ash, leaving only the hilt in her hand.

Seeing Rangiku swinging the hilt down, Naruto widened his eyes as a wave of ash flew towards him. He leaped out of the way before dodging and slashing an ice dragon which headed his own way. As he cut clean through the ice dragon, he leaped out of the way before sending a well aimed Bakudo no Ichi. Sai (Bakudo#1. Restrain) that was countered by a Sho spell. He held out his left hand and shouted out a Kido spell. "Hado no yon-." He was interrupted by Momo's shout of "Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six! Bakudo no Roku ju ichi. Rikujokoro! (Bakudo# 61: Six Rods Prison of Light)" He was paralysed by six independent beams of light. His body then continued to freeze as piles of ash landed on his skin in many different places. He smiled. "You've improved, haven't you?"

Rangiku raised the hilt of her blade threateningly. "No sudden movements, or…" She trailed off and sliced a little bit of skin using the ash that landed on his neck to illustrate her threat.

Now that Naruto was restrained, they all stood in front of him, glaring at him. Toshiro spoke up first. "We want answers."

"Haven't you passed your exams already, shrimp?" His eyebrow twitched No matter what, his older brother figure/idol/sensei could always get on his nerves. "Don't try and stall for time to build up reiatsu for a Kido spell, Nii-san. Or else… Rangiku, show him." She nodded as she moved some of the ash she had on his body to his man hood. His face had a look of almost comical horror on it that would have been funny under different circumstances. "No, not that, I'll do anything, please just don't do it!" He almost yelled.

"Then tell us the truth!" Toshiro yelled in his face. Naruto looked at them for a moment before sighing and speaking up in a remorseful tone that was extremely uncharacteristic of him. "I guess there's no getting around it then." He struggled slightly before breaking the restraints for his right arm. They were tense in the event that he attacked them but instead he simply put his hand up to his face as an ominous aura descended upon them. Suddenly, he ripped away from his face his hand and revealed a hollow's mask.

Toshiro was the first to recover from his shock. "I-impossible! That's a hollow's mask! How could you have one, and why does your reiatsu feel like a hollow's?"

Naruto sighed and spoke up in a tone that had a slight echo to it. "This is why I didn't want to tell you. I had this power forced onto myself, along with eight others by Aizen."

"That's impossible!" Interrupted Momo. "Aizen-taicho wouldn't do that! He's a good man!"

Naruto sighed. "Then can you please tell me what the true ability of his zanpakuto is?"

Momo was stunned by that question. "W-well, his ability is to disrupt the water vapors in the air and creates an illusion." Naruto shook his head incredulously. "That's what he told you? That's so false. The true ability of his Zanpakuto is complete hypnosis; the ability to control all five senses and projects a perfect illusion. Also, the only way to escape it after you have seen his blade is to touch it in its sealed form."

Momo shook her head in denial, furiously trying to suppress tears that were threatening to spill. "You're lying! You're lying! Aizen-taicho would never do that!" He sighed. "I guess I'll just have to show you. Come here." He motioned his right hand in a 'come here' motion. Hesitantly, she walked up to him. He placed an index finger on her forehead. "Bakudo no Hachi Ju Hachi. Kako no Suna! (Hado# of the past)" As he finished, Momo fell down, her eyes glowing. Before she could collapse completely, Naruto caught her by her arm.

Toshiro instantly had his blade to Naruto's neck. "What did you do to her?" Naruto sighed. "Don't worry, I didn't do anything, it was just a kido spell to show her my memories. Now if you don't mind, could you release me from this iced thingy? It's starting to get really annoying because it's melting, and it's getting the ash into unpleasant places, if you know what I mean…" Toshiro cocked his head in confusion before blushing in embarrassment. "Ero-Nii-san. He murmured in annoyance and he resealed his blade, causing all the ice and water to disappear, while his lieutenant followed suit.

When Momo woke from her trance, she was visibly shaken as she fell to her knees. Naruto frowned. He feared this reaction from her; after all she just saw through his eyes what Aizen had just did to him, the Vizard, Kisuke and the rest of them. Her second idol in her life had been revealed as nothing more than a manipulative bastard. She collapsed in a heap.

Momo was crying. She hadn't really cried before, but she couldn't help it. She didn't want to believe that all she just saw, but she knew it was true. Naruto had never been one to manipulate people and even if that wasn't the case, that Bakudo was famous for being one of the forbidden kido that could manipulate space-time, so it couldn't have been false, so there left only one conclusion.

Aizen was going to betray them.

As she collapsed to her knees, sobbing, Naruto wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear. "It's ok, Momo-chan. I won't leave you again. I promise you I'll always be there for you." She sobbed silently into his chest.

Toshiro groaned. "Could you two get a room?" Naruto glared at him, shutting the shorter white head up.

After releasing her from his embrace, he motioned for them to sit down. "You three had better be ready. My sources tell me that Aizen will be making his move soon. I don't know the specifics yet, but I can tell you it involves the execution of Rukia Kuchiki." His three students nodded.

"One more thing, do not, and I mean DO NOT try to engage Aizen on your own under any circumstances. His Zanpakuto is ridiculously overpowered and you may be under its influence without even knowing it." When they nodded, he sighed. "I have to go now, but don't worry. Even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return." Toshiro shook his head. "You and your LOVELESS." Naruto smirked. "What can I say asides the fact that it's awesome?" Rangiku face-palmed while Momo giggled and Toshiro sweatdropped. Naruto smiled and stood up. "I will be back. Don't worry." He turned his head sideways and flashed a cheesy grin before disappearing into thin air. Toshiro shook his head and grumbled. "Nii-san is such a show-off. Come on Matsumoto, Momo, let's go." With that he vanished in a shunpo step, followed shortly by his lieutenant and Momo, who spared a short glance at the spot Naruto was standing at before doing likewise, leaving nothing to indicate that a battle had taken place there.


Naruto landed softly and gracefully on his feet after using his shunpo to evade some shinigami who had nearly seen him. Putting his hands in his pockets, he continued walking forward until he reached the First Division's office. With a quick shunpo, he had reached the inside of the Captain-Commander's office before breaking out into a big grin. Pulling out a chair, he plopped down in the chair and sighed. "Well, well, Genryusai, after all these years… It's been a long time, hasn't it?" The old Captain-Commander showed no signs of shock, simply turning around his chair, which was facing the window. "Indeed, it has, old friend." He turned around his chair revealing his half lidded eyes and a standard captain's uniform. "What brings you back to Seireitei? I seriously doubt the fact that your return coincided with the arrival of the Ryoka is a coincidence." Naruto smirked.

"I came for many different reasons. One of which is to warn you of the presence of a traitor in the midst of your ranks, one who is also the one who is responsible for my own betrayal, as well as that of twelve other shinigami, and the framing of Urahara Kisuke." Yammamoto's eyes shot wide open.

"What you are suggesting is very serious, Naruto. You know full well even if you should tell me the captain's name, I would not be able to take any actions without any proof."

Naruto nodded. "Either way, it would be too late. The last stages of his plan are already in action. Trying to corner him, even with evidence would be like trying to corner a hungry tiger while dangling a slice of raw meat in his face."

Yammamoto scowled. "To think that a traitor has hidden himself in our midst and evaded capture for so long…" He shook his head. "May I know who this traitor is?" Naruto sighed. "He is Aizen Sosuke, and I have a feeling you and I both know what he's after." Yammamoto's eyes widened.

"The Oken? He would kill a hundred thousand human souls, just to forge a key?" Naruto nodded his head grimly. Yammamoto slumped in his chair. "This is beyond anything I could have imagined." Naruto sighed. "Don't try to engage him alone I don't doubt your abilities, Genryusai, but his zanpakuto's ability is very formidable. We were all under it when we saw his Shikai. In fact the only one who could stand a chance is Kurosaki Ichigo because of his lack of exposure to his Shikai and you are the only one who could match him in raw power."

Yammamoto nodded. Seeing that, Naruto sighed. "Good. Another thing, Aizen's plan is already set into motion, so be prepared for unusual things to happen these few days. I can't say what the specifics of his plan are, but I can tell you that it will involve Hueco Mundo and an army of extra powerful Arrancars, Hollows who have removed their masks. These notes," He paused, reaching into his coat before pulling out a large bunch of files. "Will tell you exactly what you're up against. Also, Genryusai." That interrupted the old Captain-Commander. "You might want to revoke the 'wanted fugitives' status for the 12 other shinigami and myself. Seireitei will need all the help it can get to survive this and to rebuild it, if it's still standing by the time this is all over." He then vanished into the air, leaving the old Captain-Commander to his thoughts.


Naruto smirked as he saw Ichigo defeat Abarai Renji with a well hidden Getsuga Tensho attack. The kid definitely had come a long way to be able to defeat a lieutenant level shinigami in ten days when he could barely stand up to a captain just a week ago.

He sighed. He still had a long way to go though. He would be devastated by any captain using Bankai, and then he would have nothing to counter that unless they taught him Bankai or something of similar power.

He grinned. Teach him Bankai? That was an idea. He wondered if Yoruichi still had those Bankai training dolls. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice Yoruichi shunpo next to him in her cat form. "A penny for your thoughts?"

Naruto masked his surprise as sighed. "Aizen's gonna be making his move soon, and we'll have to be training the kid soon if we want to win this war." Yoruichi the cat tilted her head. "What are you suggesting?"

Naruto smirked. "Bankai, of course." Yoruichi shook her head. "Leave it to you to come up with a crazy idea that actually makes sense." Naruto smirked and gave a mock bow. "I'm confident he'll be able to do it. He's just that kind of guy who will do anything to save his friends." Yoruichi smirked.

"Like you?" Naruto stayed silent, letting the wind comb through his hair and his cloak. "I have to go. It's getting late anyway. Be ready to have to save his ass though. If I know the Gotei 13 as well as I do, Kenpachi will be challenging him soon enough." When he saw Yoruichi nod her head, he sighed. "I have to go. Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess, we seek it thus, and take it to the sky, ripples form on the water's surface, the wandering soul knows no rest." Yoruichi shook her head. "When are you gonna stop quoting LOVELESS every second of the day?" Naruto smirked. "When are you gonna stop enjoying transforming in front of people stark naked?" Yoruichi shook her head at the rhetorical question. "Good point. See you later, Naruto." Naruto waved his hand while facing away before vanishing in a shunpo.

Yoruichi sighed. "He's the one man who is faster than me, Shunshin Yoruichi in shunpo, the Hirashin, the Flying Thunder God, Namikaze Naruto."


Naruto landed softly on his feet as he used shunpo to try and evade his pursuers that had managed to sense him somehow. Well, they were from the Omniktsudo after all; they probably were adept enough in sensing reiatsu. As he righted himself, he sighed as he saw them blurring into existence around him. Well, he mused to himself, might as well introduce myself now. His lips twitched as they drew their blades. "Surrender now, Ryoka, and perhaps we won't injure you too much." Naruto stared at them for a moment before starting to snicker

That snicker turned to a chuckle.

That chuckle turned into a full-blown laughter. The shinigami scowled. "What's so funny, Ryoka scumbag?" Naruto shook his head. "You think that you," he gestured to the shinigami around him. "Can defeat me? You must be joking." One of the more arrogant shinigami growled. "Don't underestimate us! Your arrogance will be your downfall!" Naruto snorted. "Your weakness will be your downfall." One of the arrogant ones gave a yell and rushed him.

Naruto allowed a dark smirk to cross his face before he vanished in a shunpo. A second later he reappeared behind the foolish shinigami with his sword drawn. A gush of blood sprouted from his chest as a deep gash appeared across it, sending him to his knees. Pointing his sword at the rest of them, he twirled his sword thrice before smirking. "Who's next?"

The lead shinigami took a few steps back before yelling. "Don't worry, if we all attack him at the same time, we can win!" They nodded and charged. Naruto laughed. "This will be a good work out! Finally, I've been dying to use this for ages! Kami no ikari o tokihanatsu, Tenraibesshi! (Unleash the rage of the gods, Divine Special Messenger)."

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