Calvin and Hobbes: World Tours

Disclaimer: I do not own Calvin, Hobbes, or any other of the C+H characters. They belong to Bill Watterson.

"Well, hey y'all, I hope you haven't given up on WG yet because I am taking over for her for this story. (I got permission from her myself.)" I typed.

"Yes, and it seems like we'll be traveling around the world in this one…" WG types, putting a fake smile on her face.

"Yes, it seems so, and to keep it simple, we'll be traveling as a big group." I state, making it clear.

"I just hope people don't get foreign people to hate us too…. Especially Diabowserker." WG types, remembering the past stories.

"Yes. Just remember one word; Antarctica." I state, typing.

"Yes, I will. O.o" WG frowns, typing.

"Well, guys, if you REVIEW, you get to be part of this exclusive and exotic tour. Trust me; you won't want to miss it!" I emphasized, typing.

"Yes, it's going to be fun with us!" Calvin and Hobbes yelled from behind me.

"Ok… right." I typed.

"Bye for now!" WG and I typed, shutting our computers down.

*screen fades to black*