…..Mulans stared at Pang with wide open eyes.

*Could this be happening? Did he mean it? how could he want to marry her so soon?* she thought.

The moon framed Shang's head making him appear buffer and twice as innocent than normal.

"Mulan," Shang began, "Marry me, please"

"I can't" Mulan said.

Shang looked at her heartbroken. His small black eyes grew large and watery as if he were going to cry.

"W-Why" he said.

Shang stumbled over the words. He found it hard to breathe because he was trying to hold in his tears.

"My father, he wouldn't accept it." She began.

Shang looked at Mulan sadly. He knew that her father would have a long time letting go.

"Mulan! Mulan! Don't be so rude to my future son-in-law by leaving him out there" Her father teased.

Mulan smiled at Shang. Shang raised to his feet and Mulan kneeled. She grabbed his hand and moved it over her left breast. Shang felt her heart beat underneath her skin.

"Shang," Mulan began, "Will you marry me?"………