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~*Other Half*~

He was soft (lips and hair) and hard (everywhere else), and smelled like love and sex and sunshine and boy. I couldn't stop kissing him, touching him, trying to absorb him because there was no such thing as close enough.

I'd never believed that a woman needed a man to complete her, to validate her worth as a person, but I knew without a doubt that Edward was my other half. That I'd been missing something, without even realizing it, until he came into my life. He was everything I'd ever wanted in a man (smart and funny and romantic) and nothing I didn't (arrogant and controlling and dull).

Everything he said and did was with me in mind. Even now, half-crazed with want, he was more focused on me than his own pleasure. He worshipped me with hands and mouth, and it was at once too much and not enough.

His teeth gently nipped at the soft, pale skin of my thighs. His lips kissed and suckled until he marked me visibly as his. And his tongue...his tongue tasted the wet silk of my sex, and all I could do was scream his name as I shattered.


As I came down from my climax, he worked his way back up my body, his weeping erection rubbing against my leg. With an almost feral growl, I pushed him onto his back and grasped him in my hand. His hips bucked off the bed as I rubbed his glistening tip with my thumb. After only a couple of strokes, I couldn't wait any longer and took him into my mouth. I scraped gently up and down his length with my teeth, feeling my desire grow as he moaned. I swirled my tongue around his head, dipping into the slit before starting all over again.

My whole world narrowed to the man beneath me. His scent (a heady combination of his soap, detergent, cologne, and just him), the feel of velvet-covered steel on my tongue, the pleasure-pain of his hands grasping my hair (harder, please!). Eyes closed, head thrashing, fingers clenching and pulling - he was completely lost in the moment. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life and the overwhelming rush of emotions brought tears to my eyes.

The moment didn't call for words, so I concentrated on showing him how much I loved him. I wanted - needed - him to feel the same way he made me feel. Loved. Desired. Cherished. With that in mind, I set about bringing him to his release.

I nipped gently with my teeth. I stroked with my hands and tongue, all the while listening to the moans and gasps that fell from his lips. He came at last, calling out my name, as I swallowed around him.

Blue-green eyes met brown, and we spoke as one, "I love you."