The beginning of a series of one or two-shot fics centered around Magnus and Alec. I have a chart set up for 100 of these little suckers, but we'll see how far I get before I give up. No chapters are related to one another unless stated at the beginning of the chapter. Thank you and enjoy :3

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There are a lot of different blues. There are the blues in the sky and in the ocean. There are the blues of different types of flowers. And there are the blues that are almost green. But, no blue would ever-could ever match up to the blue that was Alec's eyes. Magnus had been around for centuries; he knew that this was a rock solid fact. Or maybe he was a little biased. Okay, a lot biased. But, damn…

"You're staring again."

Magnus was broken out of his thoughts by the sound of the voice belonging to the very person who had yet again captured them, bringing him back to the world where he was laying with Alec on the couch. "Sorry, darling," he said. "Maybe if you weren't so gorgeous, I wouldn't stare at you all the time."

Alec's face turned from its normally pale shade to a sort of reddish pink. "I'm not…" he started to protest, but it died on his lips. No matter how many times he said it, Magnus just never got it through his head, so why bother anymore.

Magnus gave the Nephilim a small smile. "Accept the facts. You are attractive, Alexander Lightwood. You and your spectacular eyes."

Alec let out a swiftly chuckle. "Sometimes, Magnus, I feel like the only reason you love me is because I have nice eyes. Or so you say they are anyway. I don't think they're anything special."

"I do love you for your eyes, love," Magnus said, noticing that Alec's brow scrunched up before he finished what he was saying. "But, they are only one of the hundreds of reasons why I love you."

Alec almost smiled, but he was more embarrassed and so hid his face into Magnus's shoulder, no longer looking up at the warlock's face as he leaned against him. "There can't be hundreds of reasons," he muttered into the shoulder, which muffled his voice so much that Magnus almost didn't hear.

"Sure there can. And there are."

He reached up and began to run his fingers through Alec's hair. They stayed just like for a long while and Magnus was almost positive that Alec had fallen asleep. He shifted them both into a new position, getting ready to carry Alec into the bedroom rather than wake him up. Standing up, Magnus stood in place for a moment, relishing in the return of feeling to his legs from sitting so long then he start the careful trek to his bed, Alec never once stirring.

Reaching the room, Magnus gently laid him down on the bed, vaguely wondering if he should tell Isabelle to not expect her brother home soon. Probably. He'd text her once Alec was settled.

Magnus moved so that he could put the cover over Alec, when the much younger boy made one of those sounds people make when they're waking up and just a sliver of one gorgeous blue eye opened up. It caused Magnus to smile for a second before he said softly, "Go back to sleep."


"Sleep, Alexander. I'll tell Isabelle you're here so no one will worry."

This, seeming to appease the Lightwood, caused Alec to close his eyes completely again and in moments his breathing evened out again to that of sleep and Magnus knew he was off to dreamland again. Silently, he pulled the blanket over Alec before, not yet ready to sleep himself, heading back to the living room.

Not even an hour later, Magnus was passed out asleep on the couch with Chairman Meow curled in the nook of his left elbow, television still playing whatever it is that he had been watching. He had also forgotten to text Isabelle.

Usually, Alec woke up first when he was over at Magnus's, and today was no exception to that sort of rule. Almost exactly eight hours after he'd fallen asleep, he was beginning to wake up. Upon cracking open his eyes ever so slightly, he was momentarily disoriented as to what his location was, but it all made sense a moment later when his brain finally caught up and reminded him he's fallen asleep in Magnus's arms and so was probably at Magnus's. Alec stretched his arms over his head for a moment, a second question coming to mind. Where was the warlock?

Sitting up and giving himself worse bed-head than he already had, Alec decided to search. It was unusually for him to wake up by himself if he stayed over. Vaguely, he remembered waking up for a moment the night before, but anything said or done then was all a weird mumbled mess in his mind.

Getting up, Alec started to wonder around the flat in search of his boyfriend. It didn't take much time at all, and soon he found that Magnus was just sleeping on the couch. He didn't look very comfortable, sprawled out on the thing. Alec chuckled for a second before padding over the floor to wake Magnus up.

"Magnus," he said not too loudly, but not in a whisper either as he shook Magnus's shoulder. "Wake up."

The warlock on the couch muttered something Alec didn't catch before attempted to roll over and successfully rolling off the couch. Alec laughed; Magnus swore loudly. Afterwards though, Alec felt bad about laughing and crouched down to make sure Magnus was okay. "Magnus…?"

Magnus rolled over to his back, having halfway landed on his side when he felt and was now looking directly up at Alec's face. "Good morning, darling," he said, a smile crossing his face.

"Are you okay?" Alec asked.

The warlock nodded, sitting up from where he was laying, nearly head butting Alec in the process. "I'm perfectly alright."

And, he was.

And, he would always be.

As long as he had Alec's gorgeous blue eyes to wake up to- as long as he had Alec to wake up to- no matter if he rolled off the couch or not, Magnus would always be alright.

Even if he was pretty sure he was about to die for forgetting to let Alec's family know where Alec was.

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