AN: Written for the 'Dangerous Situation' challenge by Griffenesque on HPFC I was told that I could heap a plethora of misfortune upon my MC and I suppose I did. This drabble doesn't really go anywhere, just something to ponder upon…or to pass the time with…


Peter Pettigrew was in the dark. Constantly.

When he was a child his parents didn't tell him anything.

When he was at school he was always the Marauder that was last to know the plans.

When he was finally sick of it all and joined the Dark Lord he wasn't informed of anything.

Every new day was an unfamiliar landscape. Every corner turned throughout his life posed new challenges. Peter Pettigrew was incapable and without initiative. He was scared.


Everyone was drawn to Voldemort for a reason.

Now though, the darkness was literal. He couldn't see past the end of his nose. Actually, damn it all to hell, he couldn't even see that far. Peter Pettigrew was lying on his back. He could feel it; there was a damp, dank smell in the air and a weak, mewling sound coming from nearby.

He was transforming into his rat form, hoping he would be able to see better, but it was no better as rats see things with less clarity than humans and there wasn't even any ultra violet light for him to distinguish anything. He began to edge forwards until he promptly fell into a lake.

Well, that was just what he needed.

He managed to escape the lake, rats were particularly good swimmers, Peter lay panting on the banks breathing in and out. How, he hated the strange lands his Dark Lord bid him visit. How he hated what Rodolphous and Bellatrix could do to him at night, when he couldn't see.

Here he was trying to find a traitor…in the dark…and he couldn't fail…could he?

If he did the Dark Lord would promptly place him in a deep, dark cell andcrushwhat little, remaining strength he had left.

Picking up his limp body Peter stumbled forward until he f e l l over a stone and hit his head. Damn stone, it simply wanted for his soaking wet, aching body to fall over. How he hated the Dark Lord's missions. Scrabbling around, searching for an elusive potion ingredient. IN THE DARK?

Thankfully, he was too far away from his master for his thoughts to be read. Peter wondered how he managed that anyway? Perhaps, he was particularly good at reading facial expressions.

It was evident that Peter was in the dark about occlumency as well.


Oh dear, the Dark Lord was here, where nobody due to the veil of darkness, would hear him scream.