Marion didn't know how to think. She had become used to live with Walter, lady of the house with no man at her side. She had under all this years hoped to see Robert return home. When Robin Longstride came to deliver the message, she knew there was no reason to hope. Her mother had been overjoyed when the proposal came. She was 25 by then. Her mother had gladly welcomed Robert and Walter had been very affectionate toward her. Now Robert's sweet face started to blur and his appearance a simple shadow. She had no time to learn his weaknesses because he had been so sweet and gentle toward her. The week they spent together was like a happy pink cloud. She didn't know if he had been greedy or maybe jealous. At least, she had good memories of him.

But Robin had arrived and provoked a cataclysm at Peper Harrow. Walter had made him the most outrageous offer and he was now living comfortably under the affectionate eye of Walter. She had to share her bedchamber with him. He was rude, selfish and too attractive. She had discovered he had some good qualities. He had, she presumed, stolen the corn bound to York and planted on the fields. For that, she was eternally grateful. She remembered the day the orphans caught him in the forest. His look of surprise and amazement when he saw her among the kids made her almost laugh. She felt wonderful when she joked and mocked Robin. She had the power now and he could lie on the wet ground. He was a man of words and Loop, a confident young man, had dropped his pride manner and accepted Robin's offer. She felt a sentiment of…pride. Yes, she was pride of him.

After the episode in the greenwood, she saw him with new eyes. She also began to feel something new for him, an elegant sensation in her heart. There was no denying that she started to like him. It was something she hadn't felt since Robert and maybe stronger. She felt shy in his presence even her words spoke different. She didn't see him after that as they were preparing for the banquet. When a banquet was made, the entire village gathered to help and to join. She dressed in a black dress with flower motive. She put pearls to her ears, given by Robert at their wedding. The lively music ended and the musicians played a slower melody. Marion was curious to know if Robin could dance. After all, dancing was not the same as fighting. It was an occasion to get to know Robin and she enjoyed to be near him and to talk to him. He had always something clever to say and he could make her laugh. She walked slowly with a small smile to where Robin sat. He turned around and he looked at her with surprise. She reached out her hand to show that she wanted to dance with him. He took her hand and led her to the circle with dancers.

Not far from there, the sheriff was observing the couple in dislike. Or more exactly, he was starring angrily at Robin. He had hoped to invite Marion to dance but he had lost his chance. He looked away and took more wine. Marion kneeled deeply and Robin bowed, as it was the custom. Robin elevated his eyes to meet hers. Still with gazing in her eyes, he took a step closer to her and so did she. Marion was so close to him that she could feel the strength and warm coming from his body. He was magnificent and had this power of him that didn't left unnoticed. She had remarked that the day when she had to help him undress. His large shoulders and imposing muscles made him a very dangerous man. She smelled an odour of forest and burned wood coming from him. She flushed deeply, partially disguised by the fire. She turned around him slowly as he did the same to her. They turned each other in a circle and were back to their former places. She took one step closer and he did the same. They joined their hands before them and stepped back. Robin looked at her in surprise again, like it was the first time he saw her. Robin couldn't account for the new emotion that rushed over him. He had never looked at any woman in that way. He started to feel intimated. Marion had shown that she was a strong woman, who knew her ways. The simplest contact with made his heart jump. But he didn't know if she was still in love with her husband or if he had the chance. After all, they had been pretending to be wife and husband. Marion could not understand his look; he seemed to use that look often. She was still confused and wondered if she really could make such impressions on a man. Robert never used the look. He was gentler. But Robin's eyes were passionate even thought he radiated calm and indifference. They took one step closer again and he was so close, he could almost kiss her. The idea made her body shiver. How would the kiss be like? She couldn't let him do that. They were dancing in front of the village and she couldn't imagine how everybody will whisper about them. Instead, he did nothing and put his lips against her forehead, like he was going to kiss her. It was the most intimidate gesture he had made. They danced like this one more minute and then parted. Marion went to cool her flushed cheeks and Robin went to see his friends.